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Jan 25, 2016

I warn all who play on this site NEVER play for real money!! I have played Backgammon for over 15 years. I play on Both for IPhone or Android and via PC (non Mac). First and foremost Backgammon is a game of strategy and luck. Yet EVERY seasoned player knows that statistically you will lose some games you should have one, and win games you should have lost. I have done a complete statistical analysis of each respective website. Playing approximately 1, 500 games on each website. BackgammonMasters is clearly a bogus site. Having "literally" tracked my... / Unfair dice roll and suspicious PC activity

Oct 04, 2015

There is something obviously wrong with backgammonMasters. It's a shame to make such a great game into a exploit. Perhaps programmers who read this and can help out us "mortals", lets us know if our computers is being compromised at least. Is their gammon applet a "tojan horse", in the sense it can infiltrate, or allow someone with IT knowledge to use the applet to their advantage? It may not be the owners, but some smart cookie out there that may know how to and use the applet to exploit. I was playing and suddenly my game was trying to log in. I rebooted the computer, and still could not log... / Email address's false, no contact available

Jan 11, 2012

I have been dealing/playing with a site called and have run across a few details that a site that offers people to play for real money should be investigated, when I tried to email them all I get is, this site is not valid or some thing to that affect, all the emails comer back to me, I cannot get in touch with them. Now my concern is if people are playing for money, and they win how do they collect, all the email address"s do not work, that would probably come under the fraudlient advertising act, or something. Real money games are suppose to be regulated one would think, otherwise anyone could start up a fradulient game site with false credentials. Please look into this scam