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AWW Food Lovers System Complaints & Reviews

AWW Food Lovers System / Weight loss system

Aug 04, 2016

Today is 08/04/16 & I just opened our previous bank statement to find that our paid off credit card account had new charges on it. The charges were from AWW FOOD LOVERS SYSTEM. Transaction date was 07/18/16 & we also found out that there was another transaction in April for the same amount of $64.87. There is no way we could have made the July charge because we cut up our cards in May when we paid off the account. I overlooked the April charge because I just wanted to get the card paid off. Hopefully, our previous bank 's fraud department will find out who was behind all of this and straighten this out.

AWW Food Lovers System - California, Sherman Oaks / Overcharging and dishonesty

Aug 26, 2014

I saw T.V. infomercial for Food Lovers Fat Loss System for "Six easy payments of $19.99". I called the number and ordered it. The salesperson kept trying (for at least 30 minutes), to get me to order a long list of other products, to which I refused and kept telling them, "I just want the Food Lovers Fat Loss System for six easy payments of 19.99 which you advertised on T.V." The commercial was still on the air. I told the salesperson I didn't appreciate them keeping on the phone for over 30 minutes, and please just let me order the "Food Lovers Fat Loss System for six easy payments of...