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Avalon AGP Pellet Stove Complaints & Reviews

Avalon AGP Pellet Stove / replacement parts and noise

Oct 30, 2014

Travis Industries, manufacturer of the Avalon AGP pellet stove, refuses to sell any replacement parts on line. While cleaning our stove as part of regular maintenance, my husband accidentally tore the fragile aluminum foil flex hose on the outside air intake. Travis Industries requires replacement parts to be purchased from their dealers, but the dealer who sold us the stove does not sell this part. 2-inch diameter flex hose is almost impossible to find, and an internet search revealed that other owners of our stove had to crimp larger hoses to fit. I wrote to Travis Industries, and they...

Avalon AGP Pellet Stove / Unreliable Pellet Stove

Jan 31, 2014

We purchased a AGP Avalon pellet stove around the Thanksgiving 2013 time frame from a dealer in Bowling Green KY, the stove worked fine for about two weeks or so then began shutting down every 3-4 days and progressively got worse. I contacted the dealer right away and they just were not sure what to do other than talk with service folks back in Washington. Unfortunately their (the dealer) response time leaves a lot to be desired, it is now February 1st and the stove is still not reliable, it was worked on for the first time two days ago without success. The dealer is small and has no parts and...