Auto One Warranty Complaints & Reviews

Auto One Warranty - California, Irvine / Can't get my refund of $1844.00


Last December, 2009 I purchased an extended auto warranty contract in the amount of $1844.00. After reading the contract and the many complaints registered online, I wrote a letter of cancellation and requesting my money refunded. I followed their procedure to cancel. I called them and they indicated they received the letter and it was in process. I have called numerous times since and still get the same response. That has now been over 10 weeks since they received my letter. Cany you help? This company should be put out of business! Thank you Don Renschler Caldwell, Idaho [protected]

Auto One Warranty - California, Irvine / Refund Promised, Never Received


In September, 2009, they misrepresented themselves as being a GMC auto warranty company. When I received their plan, I discovered they were not representing GMC. They agreed to refund my $295., I sent the proper request by mail and fax. Everytime I contacted them, the refund would be done in two weeks. All they were doing was putting me off for the 60 day limit that the bank has to dispute a charge. Now, they don't answer the phone, they send me directly to a voice mailbox that is full and hangs up. Beware!

Auto One Warranty - California, Irvine / Long time to receive refund


I gave 475 dollars and within the 30 period I cancelled. That was in November of 2009. To this day I haven't received a refund yet. I was first pushed to the voicemail that everyone else has spoken of that is full. Then spoke with representatives starting in December. Dave, Chris, Lebron, Crystal, Michael, and now Kenny who all claim they are a floor manager and that there is noone else you can speak with. Have been told that is was processing and now it was approved and should have in 2-3 weeks. It's now 3 months and still no refund. I think everyone having this problem should...

Auto One Warranty - California / Palicy Cancelled


I had this problem also, had beeb calling to 1-[protected]. cancelled my warranty with Auto One Warranty less than 90 days from purchasing it and the company has yet to give me my refund that is owed. (I have been waiting 8 months) My warranty was through Guardian but Auto One Warranty I was told handles their payments for them. Guardian says they cannot help me since they do not handle the payment portion and Ryan at Auto One Warranty said several times that my refund was being deposited and would give dates but it never happened. First I was told 10-12 weeks. Then 16-20 weeks. Well it...

Auto One Warranty - California, Irvine / non Refund of money paid


We took out this policy on July 10 2009 and we canceled it 30 days later. We were told we had 6o days to cancel. We received a letter from American Auto shield saying that our policy was canceled and to contact Auto One for a refund. We have called them in Aug and was told we would have a check in thirty days. No check. Talked to Lozan end of Sept we were to have a check two weeks. No check. Sent copies of letter requesting cancellation on Oct 9 2009. Oct 28 2009 called talked to michael. Said worst scenerio would have a check in two weeks. No check. Have called in Nov, Dec, and now its Jan we...

Auto One Warranty - California, Irvine / Policy Coverage/Claim Process


My husband purchased this warranty for an old minivan we own and he passed away last year. When I called to inform them that I need assistance since the vehicle has transmission problems, they advised me that they cannot help me unless I pay $50.00 to transfer the policy to my name. I immediately sent the payment as I don't have any other vehicle to use to go to work. While waiting, I had to rent a car. My auto insurance does not cover car rentals for repairs. I called the New Jersey office whom I sent my transfer payment to verify if they had received my paperwork. They told me to call...

Auto One Warranty - California, Irvine / Failure to repair or refund money


I was charged 400% more than what my $500.00 Dollar 1993 Ford Taurus was whorth. I was told on the phone, at time of purchase, that they would cover upto $2000.00 for transmissin repairs and up to $3500.00 for in engine repairs and ect. bumper to bumper repairs. I told them that the car's transmision burnedup. I was on a trip from Arkansas to California. In Texas the car brockdown. I had to buy another used car to complete my trip. Two later, now 4/30/09 they said they would do the rpairs after I made one more payment to them this day. I did. On 5/1/09 the claims department to me that the...

Auto One Warranty - California, Irvine / Refusal to provide service


They called me and advised that they were affiliated with my current dealers warranty and offered a 5yr warranty which I have been paying since 7/2/2017. Now they claim they will not replace the part because normal wear and tear of the parts component has caused the problem. I believe that they use all kinds of excptions which totally negates any benefit of the policy. I am disabled and on a limited income and I took them at their word and believed that I was protecting my vehicle which is so essential in transporting me to my medical appointments. Now I am paying for a service which is totally worthless.. Madeline Deya, 8910 Covered Bridge Ct. Tampa FL. 333634 tel: [protected]; cell [protected]

Auto One Warranty / Scam and cheating


In October 2008 I purchased an auto one warranty. Within 12 hours I called to cancel and was told I needed to do this by mail, which I did. I was then told I had to wait 10 to 12 weeks for a refund. In Dec. 2008 I was given a date of Jan. 5, 2009 that I would receive my refund. I was then given a date of Feb. 10, 2009. I am given new dates each time I call but never given a refund. I'm told that they are backlogged for refunds, yet they seem to have enough time to input the next expected refund dates. I've also been told that the refund department is having phone problems and I can...

Auto One Warranty - California, Irvine / Fraud and scammed...unprofessional customer service rep.


unfortunately i (along w/ my spouse) are victims of this so-called auto warranty company. we have thrown over a thousand dollars to auto one warranty...i just wish we discovered their scam sooner. i spoke to an individual by the name of troy, he posted a complaint and his number. he use to work w/ A1W but quit after realizing how the company robbed people. Here's the link: Being in the military, I am going to seek legal advice from the base legal office. I may even write my cancellation request on a...

Auto One Warranty - Texas, Dallas / Class Action Law Suit


We have recently incountered the very shady dealing of this company that goes by the name Auto One Warranty but there are intermediaries and departments that you can ot talk to ect, and so on. You have all heard the same stories and we have a client that is owed over 2200.00 she has been waiting so long and calling over and over again to the same lies everyone else has recieved. We have sent certified letters to the addresses listed and they all come back undeliverable. We have determined at this point that we are going to have to file a law suit against them in order to get anywhere and...

Auto One Warranty - California, Irvine / Rip Off Cheating Company


If you looking for a extended coverage for your new vehicule please for God seek do not deal with auto one warranty i been rip off cheated until now iam planning to take a legal action again them for them to stop making they living off inoncent soul. The will be out of business soon honnesty is the key off everything God bless all

Auto One Warranty - Nebraska, Grand Island / refund


I cancelled my policy the beginning of September. After receiving their cancellation letter which states that I am entitled to a refund if I requested it. I called Auto One and was told I would be getting a pro-rated refund of $253. I was told to call back in 6 weeks which I did and was told the money would be in my checking account on November 28, 2008. Surprisingly it was not and I was able to talk to Ryan and he assured me that my money would be in my account on December 15th. Surprisingly it was not. I have repeatedly left messages with Ryan which he has not returned. Buyers BEWARE of this company!!!

Auto One Warranty - California, Irvine / Fraud and cheating


I'm entitled to a FULL REFUND from auto one warranty specialist and their Representative has acknowledged this. Ryan will not return my phone calls. His mailbox is always full and when you try to speak with someone else they say Ryan's the only one who can help you and when you explain he will not return phone calls they say there is nothing they can do. I have been waiting for 6+ months and I'm told that my refund with the exact amount due will be 1/2 by check and 1/2 by mail. When I canceled my account, I clearly stated by FAX that they may not deduct funds from my account and...

Auto One Warranty - California, Irvine / Horrible Customer Service/Specialists


A friend of mine had money deducted from her account by this company, was given warranty information on a car that she no longer possessed, was hung-up on by VARIOUS customer service representatives, and after two months of hassels has not yet received her refunded monies from this company. Specialists can only be reached when you have no issues with the company. The moment that something goes wrong, your tranferred to voicemails, which in normal cases would be fine, if everyones voicemail box wasn't full!! This company needs some serious customer service help!!