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Atlanta Cattle Exchange Complaints & Reviews

Atlanta Cattle Exchange - Texas / Poor Quality

Nov 11, 2011

Just ate the last peice of meat they sold me most was gound up including the filets and made bad burgers out of it or gave to dogs DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE nasty meat, tough, how they stay in business God only knows gave my phone so maybe one will call me I have not cussed anyone in a long time would love me guys if you dare and I will give you address so we can "really" chat. Their product is garbage dogs did not eat all of it either.

Atlanta Cattle Exchange - Georgia, Riverdale / Poor Product/Poor Service

Aug 18, 2011

STAW AWAY FROM THESE IDIOTS!!! Yes, I got suckered by one of their door to door salemen. $451 later, I had a freezer full of meat that was simply "horrible". Lobster claw meat was black and putrid. Bacon wrapped filets were like trying to eat shoe leather. so much gristle. Shrimp were tough and chewy. But trying to communicate with these idiots was the worst part. They simply would not return my calls. Every time I did manage to reach someone, they would give me someone else's name, with a promise of a call back, which never came. PLEASE, let my loss be your gain. If you want steak...

Atlanta Cattle Exchange - Mississippi / False Information by Rep.


The salesman lied told me that I could post date 2 checks to purchase 100.00 worth meat. They were post dated for Oct. 12th & Oct. 19th. They cashed both checks on Oct. 7th causing my bank account to be overdrawn. Thank you Nathan that sells in Mississippi for the cattle exchange. Maybe this company should re train their employees to not scam customers. I had several people that was going to buy from the company. Needless to say they won't be now. I understand they salesman trying to make his commission, but to put my family in a financial bind so he could collect his commission faster...

Atlanta Cattle Exchange - Georgia / High pressure sales /poor product


Do NOT fall for this company's sales' pitch and poor quality product. Unfortunately I felt sorry for the sales guy who convinced me that I was getting a great deal and that he'd done business with lots of folks in the neighborhood. The quality of the meat was poor and they would not return my calls to honor their "guarantee". I had to stop payment on my check and they sicced a collections company on me. Beware!

Atlanta Cattle Exchange - Georgia / beware!


Do not entertain the thought of trying this company. I was solicited by a business man representing this company - very nice guy - sought out my house after seeing all the kids/toys in my yard - and open garage door! Smart business guy. :) Asked me what kind of meat I buy- how much I spend on it, etc... compared their meats to the organic, free range meats I buy and also said their ground beef was sirloin. Each piece of meat is vacuum packed and frozen. The burger patties are in 1/2 lb burgers but vacuumed together two in a pack for a convenient 1 lb of meat. -- this is how it was marketed to...

Atlanta Cattle Exchange - Georgia, Cumming / Do not work for or purchase from them.


This is a company I made the mistake of Contracting with. They advertise jobs and salaries falsely almost daily. I worked with them in Cumming, GA for a short period of two weeks, and canceled my contract after some of the tactics I learned about. This company routinely hires manager's and route sales driver's with criminal backgrounds, drug and alcohol problems, etc. I say this because during training, almost daily, their driver's would show up for work either still stoned, drunk, or hung over from the previous night. There is ZERO background checks on employee's and no drug...

Atlanta Cattle Exchange - North Carolina / send check for meat through 5 times


We bought a meat package, at the end of the day. My husband wasn't home and the sales man said he had already talked to him and that my husband want to buy some meat. He would hold the check until my pay day, which he knew. He said he would hold it until at least three days past. So my husband came home and we did get the meat. However, much to our surprize, two days later, our check went through the bank. Our bank didn't pay, so the check was returned. We received a letter from the cattle exchange, "manager/vice president", saying we owed this amount. My husband called and made...

Atlanta Cattle Exchange - Georgia, Cumming / Door-to-door meat sellers rip off!


On Dec. 6, a pair of men drove up to my house and offered to sell me frozen, vacuum-packed meat at a "real bargain", 40% off retail! I went out to look at their wares, and they had cases of meat, chicken, pork and seafood. The product looked very nice, vacuum packed. They said they had a satisfaction guarantee, and would make me a great deal on the meat, since it was the end of the day and they wanted to get home. I ended up buying one case of steak and one case of mixed chicken/pork. The total cost was over $450. One of the men carried the food up to our front deck while I paid the other...