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Armondo Montelongo Complaints & Reviews

Armondo Montelongo / Armondo Montelongo

Jun 28, 2011

There is a new add running on TV in the state of NJ by Armando Montelongo stating that you may attend a free seminar where you will be taught how to make big money with no money down in real estate even in this economy. $40000 plus is what they are trying to scam you from. First off the initial seminar consist of outdated material. Second the next seminar weekend where you are promised the real answers us $1500. Please don't waste your time it's just a more indebt review of outdated numbers and a pitch for the big setup for going in debt for $40000 at least. They want you to invest...

Armondo Montelongo - Texas, San Antonio / Fraud and scam


I would like to start of by saying I was a huge fan of Armondo but after this I will never support anything he does. My wife purchased the Flip and Grow Rich book for me as a Christmas gift. The people working for Armondo kept calling prior to Christmas trying to get the confirmation my wife would sign up for the Free?? 30 day trial of the help line. She repeatedly told them this was a Christmas gift and quit calling until after Christmas so they could talk with me her husband. They Kept calling? The book arrived around the 20th, I opened it the 25th and sure enough the 15th of January they charged...