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Amoz-Lamb Construction Complaints & Reviews

Amoz-Lamb Construction - Kentucky, Water Valley / inferior construction


Lamb Bros./Lambs Const. did a roofing for me... They charged me for materials and work that were not used, the roof leaked worse that it did before they started. another contractor, my Lawer and an insurance adjuster. Could'nt believe the lousy job. After many attempts to get them to correct their incompetantancy I've been forced to use legal means. I do'nt expect to ever get satisfation, but I hope to save other unexpecting consumers from being ripped off by them.

Amoz-Lamb Construction / Buyer really beware!


Amoz and Thomas Lamb (owners) of Amoz-Lamb construction (Lambs Construction) are constantly cutting corners. Their work is sub-standard. I have pictures to show their shoddy work... While I do not blame the workers, I do hold Amoz and Thomas responsible. They have not followed our signed contract nor have they come close to following prescribed building codes. Unfortunately, from the beginning of construction, I have had to constantly call Amoz-Lamb Construction back to correct substandard construction practices (see pictures). Numerous times they would have to come back two and three times to...