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America's Service Station Complaints & Reviews

America's Service Station - Georgia, Norcross / Ripping off the public with non-needed repairs


I had just had my Ford Explorer given the 70, 000 service check at my local Ford Dealership and I received an excellent report with no problems found. I stopped by America's Service Station in Norcross, GA to get an oil change the next day. After a 10 minute wait, the Service Manager came out and said that my Explorer was in "terrible shape"! "The rear main engine seal is leaking, and the wheel bearings on the front are bad, and the brakes are shot, and the tires are terrible and the power steering leaks". He went on to say that he could give me a good deal and fix it all for just $1000.00! I asked...

America's Service Station - Georgia / Oil Change?


It's been a couple of years ago...but still valid in the way they do business. I took my Toyota in for an oil change. I was told by the eager mechanic I had 3 oil leaks. and I needed it fixed right away. They wanted $1500 for repairs (new oil pan, oil pump and whatnot). I said NO way. I called the Toyota dealer and they said to bring it right over. It was the "O" ring and that was all. It cost $50. I will never darken the door of an America's Service Station again. I'm submitting this because my husband just dealt with them and they basically did the same thing to him. Our family is DONE with this shop.

America's Service Station / Overcharged


I needed a part replaced for my car and was told it was $403 and needed it right away. I was later told by another dealership that I paid way too much for the part so I researched the part directly from Toyota and was told the part only costs $173. When I called America's Service Station, they could not tell me what part was used in my car but he believes it was from Toyota and that it came from their warehouse. The manager and owner cannot justify the cost and told me that I was out of luck since I already paid for the part. Do not ever go to America's Service Station as they continue to lie and overcharge for parts and do not know where they came from.

America's Service Station - Georgia, Norcross / Ripoff/Customer Service

On Wednesday 9/24 I limped into the America's Service Station in Norcross, Ga. as I was having trouble keeping my car running. I knew it wouldn't make it home. I checked the car in and told them what it was doing and also what repairs and maintenance I had done to the car in recent months, Fuel filter, pressure regulator, and fuel pump. Just to give them a background on recent repairs and maint. At that point I left. Later that day I was called back and told that they thought it was bad gas. I told them I had been driving on that gas for 2 weeks and over 100 miles so I didn't...

America's Service Station / Bad Price Quotes

My 1990 Honda Accord overheated on the highway, since they were the closet I brought my car to them. What a mistake they tried to over charge me by $300+ dollars. I decided to go get the parts they need at a local NAPA and eventually talked them down on their price. My expertise with unscrupulous companies is to always call someone else for a quote. This Company should be ashamed of it's practices, that is to get all they can from customers. STAY AWAY FROM AMERICA'S SERVICE STAION - CLASS A RIPOFF!!!

America's Service Station - Georgia, Canton / Awful Service!


Around the first of last month, I took my car, a 2002 Jeep Liberty to America's Service Station located at 3610 Marietta Highway, Canton, Ga. to have the head gaskets replaced. At that time, the manager of the facility told me that it was useless to repair a Jeep since they were no good. I explained to him that this vehicle was a business vehicle and that it had been rigorously kept up and that I needed it back ASAP. They kept the car over a week and each time I called to check on its progress, the manager was rude and sarcastic with me. Also, he never once offered to supply me with a...

America's Service Station - Georgia, Lawrenceville / Terrible experience!


After taking my car to this facility for overheating, I was told that I needed a new water pump and to replace the timing belt at the same time. I agreed. Since the car had high miles on it I also elected at my choosing to replace the radiator. I purchased an aftermarket radiator and delivered it to the shop. Three years later and I am replacing the engine. Upon removing the radiator for the engine replacement I noticed that it was a Mopar factory equip radiator. This shop did not replace the radiator, however kept the new radiator and charged me the labor to replace it. I would not trust them with nothing.

America's Service Station - Georgia, Canton / Terrible service!


Took my car to the America's Service Station in Canton for an oil change and tire rotation. Marked one of the tires because it has a slow leak and I wanted to make sure I knew which one it was after the rotation. I was told that my vehicle was ready but after looking for the marked tire I found that it was still in the original place. I explained to the man at the counter that my vehicle was not done and that I needed my tires rotated (as requested) and that it was something that I paid for. He told me I had not paid for the tire rotation because that is considered a courtesy. A courtesy...