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American Family Fitness Complaints & Reviews

American Family Fitness - Virginia, Richmond / membership


DO NOT JOIN AMERICANFAMILY FITNESS!!! the contract you sign up for is horrible. I went in requsting a one year contract and the rep filled it out and as she filled it out she was explaining what each line was...Come to find out she signed me up for 3 years!!! she did this bc they are commission and she made a killing...yes i am a complete fool for not reading over every page if the contract but once its done its done...the reps at the facility arent helpful, managment there are jokes...and if you ever have to go through their payment groupf NATIONAL FITNESS SERVICES, then GOOD LUCK...biggest...

American Family Fitness / Awful place


My employer used to have payroll deduction for American Family Fitness memberships. After enough complaints they canceled the relationship. Somehow the payroll deductions continued. When we caught it several months had passed. There were many of us who had already given the gym credit card information and they were already billing our credit cards, too! They were double dipping and when we alerted them of this they refused to refund the money saying we should have paid better attention! They they refused to cancel the membership until the contract was up even though we were justifiably angry and...