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Alliance For Affordable Services Complaints & Reviews

Alliance For Affordable Services / Membership Dues

Jun 13, 2014

We signed up for quasi-health insurance thru Mid-West in December of 2005, when my husband owned a small family business & the small business I worked had exorbitant health insurance rates. I got a new job at a bigger company in Feb 2007, with more reasonable health insurance rates, and we cancelled our insurance with Mid-West. Unbeknown to us, there was an additional fee for "membership" with Alliance at $40/month. I was just going thru our bank records again, and asked my husband what this $40/month charge was for membership dues from Alliance. He had no idea. I called my back & they...

Alliance For Affordable Services - Texas, Dallas / Deceptive, Hard To Reach, Hard To Cancel

Oct 18, 2012

Beware of this company. You have to join Alliance For Affordable Services itself, before you can "save money" on any of the services they promote. They appear to provide no services themselves - they just refer you to 3rd parties where you buy the service. I bought health insurance which was terrible and I cancelled quickly (be very, very cautious about buying any 3rd part service). However, Alliance For Affordable Services continued to bill me monthly, even after I had cancelled the health insurance. On my monthly bank statement they provide virtually no information on who they are - credible...

Alliance For Affordable Services - California, All Cities nation wide / Bait and Switch


Classic Bait and switch. They offer two tiers fo service: 1) the Basic @ $10.00 a month, the other is called the Value program and it is $40.00 a month. The Value program offers everything the Basic one does, plus a lot more. The two services are laid out in detail. BUT, if you buy the Basic service, you must pay another fee ($199.99 for the legal aid) for many of the services individually after you are already a member - thus making it not cost effective to be a member. I called and asked what the deal was. I was on the phone over and hour with them, 28 minutes just waiting to talk to someone...

Alliance For Affordable Services / Scamming both customers and job seekers


Due to some admittedly questionable decisions on my part coupled with the economic downturn that has occurred I have been out of full-time work since November 15th, 2008. In that time, and part of the reason why I am out of full-time work, I have been working part-time. However; as almost anyone realizes these days that is not enough to provide any sort of living. In the almost full three months since I have been out of full-time work I have sent out multiple, on average six, resumes a day. This of course is assuming that there are any job leads either online or in my local newspaper. The number...

Alliance For Affordable Services - Texas, Dallas / Scam and lies


I obtained health insurance several years ago through a company called Midwestern or something. As a part of the application process I was asked to sign many many forms. One of the forms was an application for Alliance for Affordable Services. Very little if anything was said about this except that you have to sign this one to be eligible for the insurance. We called later to cancel the insurance and did not know to cancel this "Alliance" membership. They have been deducting $19.95 from my checking account for years! After hours searching on the internet and many calls to different Alliance...