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Affordable Legal Help Complaints & Reviews

Affordable Legal Help / This place was definately A SCAM !!!


We need everyone to send information to Aj Rotella ...they are investigation this co... Edward Maddison AKA Edward Herzstock needs to be stopped this punk is only 24 years old and has taken advantage of all of us please help the sheriffs department get him he will do it again...Ms. Jenkins, Ms. Glessner, and Ms. Wiechec: Thank you all for the recent emails regarding the Affordable Legal Help company and your suspicion that they may be operating a fraudulent business. I can sense and understand the frustration that you have with the process and the lack of assistance that you have received...

Affordable Legal Help / Scammed !!!


Thank you all for the recent emails regarding the Affordable Legal Help company and your suspicion that they may be operating a fraudulent business. I can sense and understand the frustration that you have with the process and the lack of assistance that you have received from the various agencies that you have contacted in the past. As you are now contacting the City of Santa Clarita and its Sheriff's station, please know that we will do review this matter and see if resources can be found or applied to resolve the problem. As I mentioned on the telephone to you, what I need to begin...

Affordable Legal Help - California, Valencia / they steal your money


you call them and describe your legal matter and they promise you the world. they took my 1500.00 by credit card right away and said they would start my case and get back to me with info. no one calls back and than they don't answer phone calls or emails. when you finally do get a hold of someone they give all kinds of excuses (apparentally everyone gets sick around there ALOT) you than request a refund and get nothing. this goes on for months and nothing is resolved. no services are performed(i mean nothing) and they keep your money.

Affordable Legal Help - California, Valencia / The Truth about this company


Setting the record strait is the most important step is resolving the issues some of the clients of Affordable Legal Help have incurred. The individuals who have already been refunded in full or partially have not been refunded because of their complaints, they have not been refunded because of their comments about this company ...they have been refunded because this company genuinely wants to refund a customer whom has not gotten the experience they expected. Each and every issue has been used as constructive feedback to help create and promote a better service, and the clients who are...

Affordable Legal Help - California, Valencia / Affordable legal Lack Of Concern For Clients


Well I wanted to post a positive response on here about this legal group, as they did file the first set of divorce paperwork for my son, but not now as it's in limbo again. This has been the most awful experience for My Son that I could ever imagine for him. A divorce and lack of visitation for his Son and My grandson is hard enough. But when you are on a limit income and people like this take advantage of this situation is just wrong. Ed Maddison and Nicole will not response to us at all now, and I know its because we have been angry with the lack of there communication and following...

Affordable Legal Help - California / Rated with a &F& by the BBB


I have been waiting for my refund since being notified by Edward Maddison on December 17th, 2009 per my previous complaint that I registered on this site during the first week of January. I hired this group in Septmeber 2009. Since then a gentleman by the name of Paul Kim was hired in as a person who was to help clean up the mess that Affordable Legal Help had created. He was very ambitious in stating that I would find that my situation would improve and that I would get the money promised to my by ALH. Also received apology emails from a Nicole Smith and another paralegal assuring me that my...

Affordable Legal Help - California, Santa Barbara / business and credit card fraud


I hired these scam artists back in Aug 18, 2009 and paid the first half of 745 then in nov 5, 2009 paid the other half. between the aug and nov they did nothing and barely communicated with me and then only after i called and email with half threats did i get any response and still nothing forthwith but on good promises i still paid the rest of my dues in nov and since then all communication has been zip. no calls no emails nothing. i call constantly and email constantly but to no avail. These guys promise so much but did nothing but take my money. no documents written for me for court, no...

Affordable Legal Help / fraud scam


This group is a NIGHTMARE!! DO NOT USE THEM!! Nicole, you have claimed that we have been refunded in full. Funny, when I got my local police involved the TRUTH finally comes out that we infact have not been refunded. You have been LYING TO US SINCE NOVEMEBER OF 2009? What is ethical and legitimate about that? Your company took our money, did nothing for us and has not refunded us (to say the least). Edward Madison who me or my husband have never talked to EVEN HAD THE GUTS TO LIE to my local police department stating that he has spoken with James and I, which he NEVER has. I just keep...

Affordable Legal Help - California, Valencia / Legal Scam


Man oh Man, I was looking up Edward Maddison name, as he was presented to my son as a Attorney that represents Affordable law and will represent him. I feel awful as I found this group for my son, online it says its a father's advocate group, which I thought what better people to represent my Son, Read there Ad, AFFORDABLE, SOMETIMES FREE, LOW COST.I was even told when my Son give them $400 dollars that, "well that isn't very much money to do anything with. Well they got $700 out of us. WHAT A JOKE! My Son is going through a terrible divorce and custody over his son whom he...

Affordable Legal Help - California, Valencia / Refund


I first retained the services of the Affordable Legal Group as of the 15th of September of 2009. My goal was to get to have my children more than I was afforded by the current legal system in Virginia which is not father friendly. I spoke with and emailed back and forth to Alexander Brooks who stated that the advantages of the Affordable Legal Group far outweighed anything that I could get from an attorney in VA due to the fact they were a large organization dedicated to advocating for Father's Rites. Mr. Brooks went on to say that I could expect the Affordable Legal Group to work...

Affordable Legal Help - California, VALENCIA OR SANTA BARBARA / INTERNET FRAUD


AFFORDABLE LEGAL HELP IN A NUTSHELL!!! A crime in which the perpetrator develops a scheme using one or more elements of the Internet to deprive a person of property or any interest, estate, or right by a false representation of a matter of fact, whether by providing misleading information or by concealment of information. As increasing numbers of businesses and consumers rely on the Internet and other forms of electronic communication to conduct transactions; illegal activity using the very same media is similarly on the rise. Fraudulent schemes conducted via the Internet are generally...

Affordable Legal Help - California, Valencia / Fraud


AFFORDABLE LEGAL HELP: MY SUGGESTIONS CONCERNING AFFORDABLE LEGAL HELP ARE AS FOLLOWS. Go to this website and report your complaint to the FBI. The address is as follows. FYI. You can be a third party ( such as myself ) and file a complaint with the FBI. Second report ALH to the BBB in Santa Barbara. Remember that STRENGTH LIES IN NUMBERS and to STOP this WE MUST BAND TOGETHER!!!

Affordable Legal Help - California, Valencia / Legal Services


I signed the agreement on 11/19/09 and have yet to have anyone "do" anything on my case. They have missed one court date, there are two more scheduled in January and all I receive is "I promise someone will get back to you". Under NO circumstances should anyone retain this law group with the intention of receiving anything. They will "act" and have you believe as if they will help you with your case, have knowledge, but so far, all I have received is the run around. Constant promises without any follow through. My guess is that they will put you off for as long as you will take it in hope...

Affordable Legal Help - California / Dissatisfied


To whom it may concern, September 20, 2009 I hired this company, Affordable Legal Help, on July the 12, 2009 to help in a custody situation. They were our only option at the time. In the 8 week time frame, the experience was terrible and nothing was done or resolved. They did not communicate with us at all, we were never kept updated on what was going on with our case. The only time we heard from them was when I would call and try to get some information. I would call and get the run around from who ever answered the phone they would tell me that someone would call me back and they never...