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Aerosoles Complaints & Reviews

Aerosoles / redwood

Jun 30, 2018

Such a disappointment ; I am living abroad, due to my size I had to buy online REDWOOD Navy FROM USA WEBSITE via my friend.When those pairs are reached me I had a sudden happiness and I ended up really dissapointed.Because those pair of shoes didnt look alike at all; I mean one is wider and the window is smaller; the other is tighter and also more enclosed.I need to find a shoemaker now And not sure they can fix it.Thank but no thanks.Such a ...

Aerosoles / shoes

Jul 5, 2017

Aerosoles cut off the first letter and number on my address label, so shoes that were to be delivered to 218 Xyz Street showed delivery to 18 Xyz Street. UPS wouldn't/couldn't deliver and turned it over to the US postal service who looked into it, delivered it, and charged us $8.50. (Understandable.) Box shows postage due amount, but Aerosoles won't even consider a refund without a receipt, which my husband didn't know he had to get. (Why would he?) Extra charge was Aerosole's fault (wrong address on label) but they won't even consider the refund. My last order with them!!!

Aerosoles / Online order cancellation

Sep 16, 2014

I am extremely irritated with Aerosoles online purchases. I made a online purchase this morning (around 9:30 AM) and realized I placed the order for wrong shoe sizes. I called the customer service unit around 4:00 PM to cancel or update my order for the correct sizes. I was told my the representative that no changes can be made on my order, even though it has been less than 8 hours from the time of purchase. I was told that I only had two options: accept the package and then resend it in for a refund, and wait the customary two weeks for return processing, or refuse the package and hope that...

Aerosoles / deceptive return policy

Mar 20, 2013

Return policy on Web site clearly states in red letters that “clearance items” priced at $29.99 or less will not receive a refund. This policy is the reason I do not order clearance items from Aerosoles. But the horribly uncomfortable shoes I ordered on sale will not be refunded because they are on sale for $19.99. Clearance items are clearly marked on their site and the shoes I bought are not on clearance. I will never shop Aerosoles again online or in any store and I will do my best to educate the public about these deceptive practices. I have worked in retail so I know that sale...

Aerosoles / REFUND

Mar 13, 2013

I order boots from aerosoles and returned them using federal express, they received the return on 2/13/13, they are not disputing that they got the package but I have been getting the run around for an entire month regarding my refund. Although I paid with a credt card they claim a check was mailed on 2/25/13, when I never received the check and called back they said the check was mailed on 3/1/13. I never got the check and called back and was told the check was mailed on 3/4/13 and that I should have it no later than 3/8/13. I called back today (3/13/13) because I never got the check and...

Aerosoles - New Jersey / Rewards program

Jan 19, 2012

I buy alot of shoes. Not just for myself but also for my three daughters. I joined Aerosoles "rewards" VIP program in October 2011 and quickly accrued purchases to earn certificates but Aerosoles has not given them to me. My telephone inquiries go unanswered. No response to emails either. I was told that certificates are issued quarterly but its been over four months. Now customer service ignores my inquiries and I have given up. Its not much of a Reward when the customer has to chase them for fulfilment. I'm getting off the mailing list and shopping elsewhere. Their product is cheaply made anyway. Perhaps made in China.

Aerosoles / Order not received

Dec 27, 2011

I placed an order with Aerosoles and the order never arrived. I contacted them several time via email and NEVER got a response, I finally spoke with a Customer Service Agent who apparently was very tired and who informed me that the order was returned because there was no one in my address (completely untrue as a relative is 7/7 in my house as she has mobility problems. I was never informed of this return, as per today the order info is still "shipped", and worst of all is that I was credited the amount of the order minus the shipping costs!!! I don't even have proof of the complete tracking of...

Aerosoles / Failure to receive shoes


On Nov. 9, 2008, I held my fifth Aerosoles Home Shoe Party since 2005. I enjoy having these parties, because it is a fun and relatively easy way for my friends and I to try and buy the Aerosoles shoes that we like so much. I hadn't had much difficulty in doing this until this year, when I booked a party to be hosted by employees of the Aerosoles store in the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY ([email protected]). In short, my party sold approximately $2, 000 worth of shoes in a 2-hour timespan on a Sunday afternoon, which, according to the salesperson, David, was much more than they...

Aerosoles - New Jersey, Edison / They refuse to honor their email and cancel the order.


I ordered a pair of boots from Aerosoles on their web site. Three days later I received an email: We regret to inform you that OVERRIDE BROWN LEATHER 9.5M in your recent order, confirmation number 060144920, is currently unavailable to be shipped to you, and it has been placed on backorder. If you prefer not to wait until we can fulfill your order, you can cancel this item by contacting customer service at customerservice AT, or by calling 1-800-798-9478. If the item is still not available to ship by 01/23/08, and we have not heard from you, the item will be cancelled...