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Adison High School Complaints & Reviews

Adison High School / adison high school

Oct 30, 2018

They are not accredited at all. Lies Lies Lies.. I got their diploma so I could go to technical college and they said it was not accredited and the Us Department of Education would not accept it . Waste of money. I want a refund. Very displeased. Why lie to people about being accredited? Very phony. All this Adison High School does is cheat people out of their money. I want my money back.

Adison High School / diploma

Oct 8, 2018

I was 16 when I attended here thinking it was a legit school I took the test paid 300+ for my diploma and tried to get in college the army and ect it took a my child hood away because it's not worth it I make little to nothing now so I can't even afford to pay and get my GED when I want the honor of saying I graduated from high school .. it's the worst feeling not ever being able to finish college because I have a fraudulent diploma . A few years after they called me and wanted me to pay more money to get the diploma accredited . Now I'm blocked because I got on them about there fraudulent...

Adison High School - Texas, texas city / is a fraud school

Apr 4, 2014

I call. Today to adison high school because I was trying to enroll in collegue today at the collegue they told me that I was not found in the schools grad list and asked me to contact the school over and ask for a transcript when I called to adison high school they told me that "my diploma was cancelled due to I did not legalize it" and I was lika hu??? I asked them how was that possible and they told me that it was the new policy pf the school that if you dont legalize it it would get cancelled and they asked me to buya new diploma I got so mad and told them that I was not gonna buy a new...

Adison High School / scam diploma worth nothing not even the paper it was wrote on

Apr 28, 2011

I graduate from Adison High School in 2008. Hoping to go to college so I could make a better life for me and my family . Only to find out that no college accpects them. Talked to a couple of people there with not much success . I really wish I knew all this about them before I enrolled and paid the money for it. I have had colleges actually let me enroll just to tell me when I am almost done with my first term that they don't accept my high school diploma and kicked me out and to call them after I get my GED. I am a working mom of 6 children all I wanted to do is try to get an education so I could get a better life for my family and me.

Adison High School - Texas / scam/fraud

Mar 31, 2011

I received my"high school diploma" from Adison High School in 2007. Recently I applied for a Government job and was rejected to attend Police Academy due to my "diploma" not being legit or accredited. I called Adison High School and was hung up on, cursed at and they would never give me a legitiment fax number, address or anything to provide for my employer. I am here to let everyone know, DO NOT...I repeat myself, DO NOT...fall into this scam. I am now a single mother with no job because these people have no care for humanity or the fact that they are taking people's hard earned money...

Adison High School - Texas, Houston / high school demplo


yes i have filed a complate with the fbi but everboedy on here needs to fille a complant with the fbi so they can open the case up this school is a scam

Adison High School / scam


Hi my name is Shante and Im here to tell everybody about Adison High School. That school is full of ###. They are scamers. They sent me a bunch junk from them after i paid 300.00 dollars for my diploma. I can't get in any online colleges and i am so pissed. I was reading other people on here talking about Adison High School and how they ###ed over them to. I think we need to take action as soon as possible.

Adison High School - New York, Schenectady / high school diploma


i took my high school diploma online and i went to a collage and they told me that this diploma wasnt a crident diploma that it was a scam now iam trying to call the school and its going it a cell phone voice mail

Adison High School - Nevada, North Las Vegas / online diplomas


In April 2009 my Daughter and I both were able to get our High School Diplomas through Adison High School Online. We had asked them continually if they were accredited so that my daughter could enter the Air force and I could go to college they repeatedly told us that they were and if there were any questions to feel free to call them we called them once after my daughters recruiter said that she couldn’t use that diploma to get into the Military they then asked for the military to call them in which they were told them that it was up top them to use the diploma. I called them again...

Adison High School - Florida / high school diploma scam


Adison High School is a scam, if you fail the test they will allow you re-take the test again and give the correct answers. It's to good to be true. The so called consular will call you to try attempt to collect a payment I knew its was a scam any one can have a 1800 number so please be aware. If you are seeking your diploma its best for you to go to a local college in your area like I'm going to do. Good Luck

Adison High School - North Carolina / adison high school diploma


I have been trying to get a refund on my daughter diploma for 5 weeks. They keep telling me that it is being refunded into my bank account and it isnt. I call back and they tell me that I didnt give them correct onformation, I gave it again and they said it was being put back, This has went on for several weeks now and I still havent recieved any money back, The diplomas are worthless. The community college in my town sent them a letter telling them that it is not acceptable. Please do not use this place, It is a fraud...

Adison High School - California / fraud


Adison high school oline diplomas are a fraud. They won't give you an address and they charge 299.00 for a diploma that isn't worth 1 cent. They send fraudulant papers and diploma. When you call to talk to someone about it they won't let you talk and hang up. They will say anything about their diplomas to sell them. You can't use them for military, colleges or even jobs, but they will assure you that you can all they need is someone to call and they will verify that it is good, but it actually isn't. We are trying to get help to get these people out of business so if anyone has any information please complain on this site. They give a false address so we could sire use some help.