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AcaiBurn Complaints & Reviews

AcaiBurn - New South Wales, Orange / debit transactions


To whom this may concern, RE: Joshua N Quilty debit transactions Please stop my debit transactions out of my account as i was only aware of this happening the once and you have a substancial amount of my moneys, if you do not cease these transactions i will be forced to take matters further, i would be embarresed if my company treated someone over seas this way. I WANT THIS TO STOP EFFECTIVELY IMMEDIATELY. PLEASE TAKE THIS AS A LAST WARNING. Josh N Quilty 229 March Street Orange. N.S.W 2800 Australia

AcaiBurn / Bad reaction - need refund

I have had a very bad adverse reaction to their product, AcaiBurn tablets. I have been unable to contact them, and I need to know how to cancel the sending of any more tablets, and also, I need to know how to return the unopened tablets for a refund. This seems to be a scam and everyone needs to know about it. I have tried calling the above address which is listed on the bottle of tablets. I called telephone info and got the above number for the address listed on the bottle. A man answered the phone and said there was no AcaiBurn there and that they had moved. He said the name of his business was Base Line Connection. Please let me know what action I can take. Thank you, Betty Yeary

AcaiBurn / money taken from my account

I purchased some dietary products over the internet and on checking my statement have found two amounts taken from my account one to LAGONDISSILUTION for the amount of £69.95p on the 19th October 2009 the second to Global Being for the amount of £75.05p on the 21st October 2009. I Have never purchased anything for these amounts and am submitting this complaint so as to get the monies refunded to my account as soon as possible! I am disgusted that companies such as yourself defraud unwitting people such as myself who is a 55yr old disabled woman living on a pension. I have contacted...

AcaiBurn - Idaho, DesMoines / Cancel your credit card before it is too late!

If you have just ordered this product, you probably do not realize it yet but you have been the victim of FRAUD. Just to let anyone who reads this know, the product alone sucks… And the cancellation phone numbers they give you are fake. Also the company that comes up on your credit card statement “VibrantBeauty” is not actually the company that charges you. Want proof? Just GOOGLE “Acai Burn” or go check out: Anyway, they are in hopes that you won’t figure out a way to cancel your order or even realize that there is a problem...

AcaiBurn / Beware!

I am an ex Local Billing Limited employee, the owners of,, and another sites with these fake diet products (colon cleanser, acai berry, resveratrol). They are operating using various companies: Viv3Labs for Europe, FMW Laboratories for US And, lately, to avoid the problems caused by the scam using Viv3Labs, they are using Trading Planet Ltd for Europe and Information Tech Systems LTd for US. Also, they are using PurpleSky LTD at Cyprus for Europe. Lately, they are using some companies opened to process credit...

AcaiBurn - New South Wales, Milperra / Continued supply after Free Sample

I saw an advertisement for AcaiBurn Tabs, a weight loss supplement, for which I only had to pay $4.95: postage and handling, for a free, trial bottle of 60, of these supplements, the trial bottle arrived after a few weeks, after a few days a pack containing THREE FURTHER bottles of 60 Tabs arrived by post, these further bottles were not ordered, and I believe that my Credit Card has been Attacked to further pay for these, as an Internet Scam. I did not order any further tables what’s so ever and did not give permission in any way or form to have any further moneys to be taken from my...

AcaiBurn - Queensland, Gold Coast / dietary supplement

Like many people who want to lose weight, I was suckered into taking part in " trial offer" SCAM SCAM SCAM, after being told I would be charged $4.99 for 14 day trial. I was after filling out my detail, I was being charged $ 17.99( I thought that's OK because of the exchange rate) . The next thing I know I am receiving emails saying that I am going to be charged $79.99, $85.99 and $97.95 and I hadn't even gotten the first shipment of pills. Naturally I was a little pissed of, Then after sending countless email saying cancel my subscription, membership, order. I received an email...

AcaiBurn - South Australia, Adelaide Metro Area / Taking unauthorised money from my credt card

29/07/2009 onv/weightloss8009895907 gibraltar 7.14 usd 0.26 aud $9.01 03/07/2009 webaccess 180-0686513 3.24 usd 0.12 aud $4.15 14/05/2009 cw-membership 1800156711 9.95 usd 0.39 aud $13.52 05/05/2009 cw-web access 1800686513 4.95 usd 0.20 aud $7.02 I can only go back 120 days on my credit card statements so this could have been going on for awhile. I have not had time to check my statements due to my husband being hospitalised with a heart atack. I never requested membership or asked for access to whoever these people are? How do I stop these fraudsters from taking unauthorised money from my...

AcaiBurn - South Australia / rip off


acaiburn Free trial is a rip off its not free couse by the time u try it its going to cost u at least $300 + thats if u watch ur invoices .u cancel this and than u have to cancel that and than u ask if all has been canceled and than u have to cancel some more .0.5 cents, here $5.0 there before u knowe it ur in overdruft and u wander why? styay away from ACAIBURN FREE TRIAL couse its going to cost u .and the trouth is that if u want to lose weight its just what u eat its what ur r and of course u must be active.thats all.there is no magic

AcaiBurn / money deducted from my account

i also ordered the FREE trial, and apart from the money deducted from my account $14.95 plus the $20.00 fee for overseas shipments, they ahve continued to deduct money from my account. On the 5th July 2009, they deducted $NZ95.99 dollars. then on the 15th JUly 2009 they deducted a further $93.86. I have NOT recieved any more product for this money, and i simply do not understand how this qualifies as a free trial. I want my money back!

AcaiBurn - New South Wales / Don't panic - easy way out of acaiburn mess


Don"t panic - here is an easy way out!!! I panicked after I had signed up for the 'free' acaiburn promotion and then got to this site and realised so many people have had problems with having extra money taken out of their accounts. I realised there was obviously some small print I had not read! I thought I would have to cancel my credit card in order to keep them away from my money. I did however find an easier way to cancel my subscription with them: I live in australia and I called all the acaiburn company numbers I could find and none of them worked. I then wrote a letter to them asking...

AcaiBurn / Charged for Product, not delivered

I have been charged twice on my credit card 2 lots of 58.76USD and a membership fee for what I don't know. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY PRODUCT and I have been also charged for the currency conversion. I am confused. First it was a product that you could trial and it cost you the postage which was dearer than informed. I have a transaction on 24 June for $5.10NZ, 30 June for $92NZ, 7 July for $11.47NZ and again 10 July for $94.23NZ. I have nothing to show for these transactions which I never ordered. Could you please rectify this situation immediately, by re-imbursing me. My email is [email protected] and I will be wanting a response by Friday 30 July.

AcaiBurn / Acai Scam

My last order 7278194 was sent to me on the 25/05/2009 and you have taken money from my credit card account on 12/05/09 £20.41; 12/05/09 £6.78. 15/05/09 £0.67. 21/05/09 £4.62. 26/05/09 £38/05/09 for this order. It is a lot of money. I also want to know why money is taken out from my credit card account on 21/06/09 £2.03. 28/06/09 £4.45. 2/07/09 £36.77, when there is no order. I want this money back into my account as soon as possible. I also want you to close the account immediately, otherwise I have to take further action.

AcaiBurn / Scam


Misleading and deliberately confusing advertising on site shows a 14 day free trial of this product for the shipping charge of $4.95 however after you put in card details, and not until then, does it become clear you have just bought into a membership of somesort to allow this company to charge $59.90 for the pills they send out to you followed by them taking regular payments of this amount directly from your credit card at 30 day intervals. On reading this i immediately phoned and cancelled the product totally realising it was a scam. I was still billed for the shipping charge, which they had...

AcaiBurn / Unauthorized charges to credit cards


Anyone having trouble getting intouch with acaiburn should try this number 1-866-989-8945. I was able to get through to them and cancel my order. Make sure you get your cancellation #. Having trouble disputing charges on your credit card due to acaiburn, try calling the numbers next to the transactions and cancelling the services immediately. Then call your credit card to dispute the unauthorized charges. I was able to get this matter resolved in less than 2 weeks. It's a shame that this company just charges our credit cards without authorization of the amount and for what services. Beware of this fraud they are pulling on their customers.

AcaiBurn - South Australia / what u should do to stop futher charges from acaiburn..

ive ordered acaiburn product throught on 27th april 2009 and received on 13thmay 2009...a week after ive ordered the product i read lots of complaints about this company...i cancelled my order through the live chat ang get my cancellation number and rang the insider secret cancellation number and get the cancellation code for this package...however until right now im not able to contact the comprehensive Ebook for cancellation...ive tried many times and ask the live chat for the correct number but nothing seems i decided to cancel my debit card...and this is the best way...

AcaiBurn - Ontario / My way to get the refund, you should give it a try!!!


First of all, I want you guys who are reading this post to know that I am not a native English speaker. So please excuse my English if it's not perfect and please don't attack me because of that. 16 days after AcaiBurn received my return, I got my money back on my card. Here's my way that I want to share with those who are panic about their missing money and unsure if they can get their money back after sending back the product. When you find out there's some credit missing from your credit card, especially you have got charged for $59.95, $9.95 and $6.95, for sure your...

AcaiBurn - Ontario / Acaiburn

Hey guys, the response Posted: 2009-01-06 by Acaiburn is accurate based on the terms and conditions in their website. Most people (except the stupid ones) would not touch Acaiburn if they have read the terms and conditions. However, those who did not read are not necessarily stupid or fools as Acaiburn said. The fact is that most people are too trusting and they do not expect to be charged when they do not have the product or they not use the service. Those who made the mistake of not reading the terms and conditions are not stupid or fools. They just fell into a trap! The future complaint...

AcaiBurn - Illinois / Terms are very clear

The terms of acaiburn are very clear. I have noticed that all the people that are placing orders are not on the acaiburn website. If you fools would first read the terms before buying, you would be so smart. the offer is a 14 day trail offer and you will receive a 30 day supply of acaiburn. After the 14 days ends, then, you will be charged $59.95 the cost of the acaiburn. You will receive an autoship of acaiburn until you deceide to cancel the membership and you will be billed at the same price of $59.95 monthly. Very clear in the terms people. Learn to read before you get mad. Are you people...

AcaiBurn - Virginia / Fraud


I ordered a trial bottle for $3.95. When i got my bank statement they had charged my account $87.13. I have tried several times to e-mail their [email protected] and they say they will get back within 48-72 hours. Thas has been two weeks. I have emailed them again, no response. This is a scam. Dont give them any credit or bank information!!!