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Jun 16, 2017

they advertised heavily as the online ad clicking payment site. i joined them almost one year back and according to their site instructions, once you reach $1999 on your account by clicking their ads you can request to withdraw the money which is in your account and also they mentioned that the money will reach us within 45 days. my account was reach more than 3500 dollars ($3749 as at today 17/June/2017) and I made a request for a withdrawal. so far I didn't receive a single penny from them which they owe me and my request is 108 days old today. Now I doubt them as a scam online site and they made millions because of us. - Florida, Interlachen / Payment owed to me

May 11, 2012

I have been reading email for this company for a long time. A friend turned me on to them said they did pay. When I first signed up I read all the fine print because alot of them want half of what you earn in return for them paying you. There was none of that, not one penny mentioned! After months of reading their email I finally reached my amount to cash out. I receive an email that I have to come up with 50.00 for them to pay me. In the mean time they mark my account paid! That was last October 2011. I have sent money requests through the site as well as my paypal and NO response ever! That...