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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Pampa, Texas

Domino's Pizza / service

He on Feb 9, 2018

They refused to take my order as they said they were short handed and had a very large order, 9 pizzas ahead of me. And yet each time I called 4 times, someone different answered the phone and put me on hold. 30 min. later i told them NOT to put me on hold and all I wanted was a pizza...

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen / service at 2201 paramount, amarillo tx,79109

Jsholdaway on Nov 15, 2017

I live in Pampa Tx and I like to always grab some chicken to take back home with me! Well the first time I went there, I was asked for Mild and got home, 60 miles away, and it has Spicy!! Well, I had to throw it out cause I just can't eat it like that!! So thanks for reading the order and...

Domino's Pizza / customer service

etaylor93 on Aug 5, 2017

I asked for cheese and peppers upon delivery. I was told they weren't allowed to carry them. I thought this was pretty silly considering they deliver pizza?? Called the local store back to ask why. Was hung up on. Asked for a manager and was told I was speaking with the assistant...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / employees were rude and high

Lena Martin on Jul 18, 2017

I visited KFC last week and two of your employees smelled like marijuana. I also overheard them speaking about the fact that they were high on "pot". Normally I would just get my food and be on my way, but these employees were also very rude. The names of the employees are Reyna and...

Long John Silvers / close of business

Chris S 49 on Dec 2, 2014

The long john silvers in pampa, texas has closed its doors.. I think it is a shame that the doors have closed. This ljs has been open about 35 years. I know for fact.. But u need to tear it down and build a new one. Suggestion: a & w rootbeer// ljs... Over the past 10 years it hasn't been...

La Raza / unfair work enviroment and work hours

unkind on May 17, 2013

Some employees get by with not wearing dress code which is black slack and black shoes. Only.a couple of employees will be told they have to wear to right dress clothes but some won't get in trouble for wearing black jeans, white shoes, or red and white shoes and not made to wear what...

CEFCO / Employees

LindseyValdez on Oct 12, 2012

I stood in line for half an hour and when I get to the register the cashier tells me she can't ring up my items cuz their closed. I asked what time they close and she said twelve and it was 11:30. I told her the time and she said she already closed the register. And she said no...

fuel / declined check

On [protected] my husband and I had to make a 46 mile trip to pick up some parts and as usual (an had done so many times before), we filled up with gas and when he went to pay by check; our check was declined ao the clerk called our bank to clear the check. We had ample funds in our account and...

County Imports / not doing what they promised

In Dec. 2009, we purchased 11 ATV's & motorcycles from County Imports. After 2 weeks we needed to purchase the complete plastic's for one of the ATV's. Justin was our salesperson. We were told by Justin that he could get the plastics or any part that we might need at any...

Long John Silver / hours and attitude

12/07/09 went to drive thru window at 10:48 am then by my cell phone 11:00 am. the sign states hours are 10:30 am . the manager came to window and said it would be 3 more minutes before they were open. I said the sign says 10:30 am. He said the hours had changed . I asked why the sign...