Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Newberry, South Carolina

James Hunt / inappropriate comments

Dec 31, 2018

James Hunt made several inappropriate comments to me and my wife in front of our family after a small disagreement about our order. He told me to [censored] myself, and he told my wife to be quiet along with other inappropriate comments. I don't think he is fit to be a manager or even a worker...

senn trucking / owners and dispatcher

Jul 29, 2011

they do not pay correctly...they skim mileage off of each run you make 200-400-up...then they don't pay you for the week that you work and say that they will give you credit and the following week they deduct 600 from your account..saying it was an advance...then you will find you...

State Farm / wouldn't replace air condition


been with state farm all together since 1979 car/home insurance may 05 2009 my a/c unit was hit by lightning had mr .wilson of wilson's refrigeration & air condition checked unit he quote a repair price to state farm told he could repair no guranatee because it was hit by lightning...