Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Manhattan, New York, United States

Shortline Coach USA / commuter bus

Nov 14, 2018

Coach USA driver vandalized personal property. 12:15 boarded the bus with a ticket that was already accepted and hole-punched by the driver. I had missed the 11:00pm which left early, and had to board this one. After accepting the ticket, the driver called port authority police to remove...

New York Sports Club [NYSC] / unethical behavior/ practices

Oct 02, 2018

I have been overcharged and the charge was WITHOUT my authorization. I noticed on October 1, 2018, that my AMEX was charged $29.99 instead of the usual $19.99 for my monthly membership fee. I immediately contacted your office (called the corporate number) and was told that the matter could only...

MTA / mta #7 bus driver did not stop at bus stop near 41st st, & 6th ave.

Jul 01, 2018

MTA #7 Bus Driver Did Not Stop At Bus Stop Near 41st St, & 6th Ave. July 1st, 9:40pm Scheduled Stop. The MTA #7 Bus, which was running late unloaded some passengers near 42nd on 7th Ave. Several people, including myself, were waiting patiently at the actual bus stop which is near 41st St...

Voa/Agenices / health reason

Jun 30, 2018

Manager Rasheen Now is helping the same old staff haunt me. This staff should have left with Chainefield. And this knew manager Rasheen, who is the same old workers that was here with manager Chainefield. This manager is allowing the same staff to enter apartment then steal my things . With out me being around. Then harrassing me about nothin

Forever 21 / days and time I am getting

Jun 17, 2018

To whom it may concern, My name is Luz Candelario and i work at the forever 21 in times square, my work number is 2137288. I just recently found out that i am pregnant and for the past 3 weeks my manager has used one week of me calling out against me so she may be allowed to only give me 2...

Dairy Queen / kicked out of restaurant for “pda”

Apr 03, 2018

I was casually getting food from DQ and sat down to eat, kissed my partner on the cheek and got asked to leave an employee. From the start, my partner and i felt strange, all the employees began to stare. Their attitudes were completely different towards customers purchasing food before...

ABSA Bank / inward transfer funds

Mar 29, 2018

I made Inward Transfer on 23 March 2018 to Absa and I confirmed ownership of funds and purpose for funds on 26 March 2018. Absa has not transfer the funds till today and attempts to call their two Inward Transfer numbers could not bear any fruit. I am voicing my frustration on Absa because...

The Westin Grand Central/ Housekeeping Director / what is taking marriott so long to come in and do their job

Mar 05, 2018

I've been working for the Westin grand central for almost 2 years, a little about me, for u to understand why I'm making Im this an issue, my grand ma work for the marriot for 27 years and as a kid I grew up wanting to work there because she came home with a smile every day . It's more to...

OroGold Cosmetics / aggressive promotion

Sep 10, 2017

September 10, 2017 around 5pm Manhattan around 57th street location The promoter aggressively tried to persuade me to buy their products (3 for 600$-ish) and when I said categorically "NO" the promoter insulted me of my abilities whether I can count since if I could then I already...

The Pennsylvania Hotel in Midtown New York / false advertisement, providing fake pictures of the facilities

Sep 03, 2017

I booked this hotel for two nights after viewing it over site. Please note This hotel is run down, outdated, dark, dirty, unsafe. Before entering the property you will be met by an overwhelmingly amount of tour agents along with freelancers hawking for their business, as you... / service

Aug 30, 2017

Today on 8/30/17 at 8:00pm I entered the store at 34st Herald sq. I was shopping at the men's department near the fitting room next to the shirts area. Before I even touched a shirt, I was approached by a dark skin lady with a short hair. With an attitude without even saying hello, she...

ETSY / suspension of more than 50, 000 shops

Jun 04, 2017

May 2017 - Etsy has suspended more than 50, 000 seller shops because they refused to sign for etsy pay (including sharing a great deal of personal financial information with etsy. At the same time these sellers have been suspended, etsy pay is not available to all countries who sell on...

Garo Kapikian, Lawyer / Lawyer

Mar 11, 2017

Garo Kapikian is a criminal, immigration and visa lawyer in New york and Manhattan. In 2014, He asked me for $12000 to represent me, but once I gave him the money told me he won't represent me and he will return the money. But he never returned the money! He stole $12, 000 from me! He is a...

MTA Bus Driver / out of service bus driver going through central park on 96th street

Feb 27, 2017

At 9:34 am this morning 2/27/17 I was driving through Central Park on the 96th Street thoroughfare and everyone knows it's a 2 lane street going into 5th Avenue, but also has a 3rd turning lane at the light. Bus #5947 was in the right lane of the thoroughfare and as I came along hi...

Taff Projects / Housing, waiting 8 days to plaster & spoke with the supervisor for plaster.

May 27, 2016

New york City Housing Taff Project : It has got so bad in here . I been waiting 8 days for them to come plaster my walls, the painter can't do his job until they complete the plastering. Ticket # in appt made 5/26 no one showed up ! Went to housing supervisor she was trying to help but...

Joshua B. Hyman, MD / Scammed

Apr 27, 2016

My consultation went well. Doctor hyman assured me in advance that abdominoplasty surgery will be $10, 000. I was paying 6, 000.00 for the cosmetic portion of my surgery, while my insurance payed for a panniculectomy. I spoke to his assistant and she sent me documentation on what consist...

It'sHot Jewellers / Diamond eternity ring

Feb 05, 2016

I bought an 4.58 ct, 18kt diamond eternity band for almost $4, 000 on sale. I purchased it online. I flew to NY to pick it up and was very disappointed. I told the manager on the spot, after paying off the balance of almost $4K. that I changed my mind as the stones were very tiny; they...

Talbots / clothing and customer service

Dec 05, 2015

i am a long time customer of Talbots. Today, I visited the 54th and Madison Avenue store in NY NY. I inquired about where the women's plus size department was. I was informed that the department was on one floor and clothing on sale was another floor. I went to the floor and wa...

TLC taxi & limousine commission / Scam

Jul 16, 2015

TLC ( taxi & limousine commission ) is scamming their own regulated drivers in a "operation" that is basically stealing money from decent hard working Citizens. Undercovers TLC agents pretend they are passengers in order to make For-hire black car drivers fall into The No soliciting or...

Fichman Financial Trust / Dishonest company, stolen money

Mar 01, 2014

I applied for the loan in the company Fichman Financial Trust. Their manager told me to provide the secure deposit, which was $500. After that I filled all required papers. They started to behave themselves very suspicious and started to communicate with me very rarely. So I called the...

Wendys / 44th and 3rd avenue

Oct 10, 2013

The managers are disrespectful, they would curse and then punish you if one curse word slips out of your mouth. The lemonade is made with tap water straight from the sink, there are roaches hidden through the cracks, they threw oil down the stairs damaging people things, and when you had a...

Led Lighting / open new led company

Jun 22, 2013

ike Sutton an other scan opening an other led company and going public with that he is ready to lunch and take more money from his investor he still own money to his ex employees from savwatt usa and still need to pay his payroll taxes to NY state and the federal government there more law...

Ardyss/ Order / I never picked up or received product

May 13, 2013

My name is Carla D Burgess I'm new in the company by way of introduction of an Ardyss team leader. to which I wont mention any names yet unfortunately i was unaware of the procedure that I needed to pick up my own orders because Katina never showed me that process however i am still...

United Healthcare / premium paid but no access

Feb 02, 2013

The COBRA renewal for 2013 came in the mail for both Medical and Dental. I mailed it back by Dec 18th, 2012 including the premium for coverage. Errors or omissions made by the company: 1. They enrolled me under a different coverage than I selected on the application 2. On all web-sites I am shown...

Burberry / customer service

Jul 28, 2012

Its customer service makes me feel very disappointed. Burberry is known as the famous beautiful coats in the world and it has a long stand in the fashion industry. Long stand in the fashion industry which also means it has a lot of experience in the customer service. However, last couple...

Psychic Gypsy Archie Kaslov of 668 6th ave, Ny NY / Lying Thieves & Scam Artists

Jul 10, 2012

These 2 Thieves have been in business way too long robbing people and scamming them out of their life savings. Just as many other Psychic Gypsy This Duo lives out of their shop along with their grown kids who have married and turned their wives into gypsies and have kids aswell who all...

Psychic Gypsy Candice Kaslov of 46 w21st street, Ny NY / Lying Thieves & Scam Artists

Jul 10, 2012

These 2 Thieves have been in business way too long robbing people and scamming them out of their life savings. Just as many other Psychic Gypsy This Duo lives out of their shop along with their grown kids who have married and turned their wives into gypsies and have kids aswell who all... / misleading info

Jul 05, 2012

Bookıng. com gave best price guarantee therefore I didnot check the other websites, but ### today they charged me thousand usd more I checked the other and as seen below for the hotel I booked eastgate tower neyyork and for the same perid 18-31 october they are all cheaper and I would save...

Boost Mobile / terrible service and support

Jun 13, 2012

Been with Boost for about 6 months now with a Samsung Android2.2. Reception has always been very spotty- in NYC, but I was living with that. Recently my voicemail became unreliable- people left messages but there was just blank air, then voicemail would not respond to keypad inputs, then...

Quadriga Art,Inc / Stole money from Veterans

May 19, 2012

Mark Schulhof Paola Schulhof and his family own Quadriga Art. Inc. they stole money from Disable Veteran groups. We gave money to charity Disable Veteran groups. they took over 56 million dollars. The Madoff of the charity business. Should be prosecuted.

WeddingWire / Lied about Leads and Fake Emails

Apr 04, 2012

For several years the has essentially been ripping people off by charging us every month for services that don’t delivered. As business owners the economy is very bad for all of us and they don’t a dam about. We need to do something about it; they are very...

Section 8 Hpd / Harrassment

Mar 28, 2012

I'm reaally tired of HPD harrassing me trying to take away my section 8 from me and my daughter they have sent me another letter of lies stating that I haven't turned in my section 8 Package when I've done everything they have asked and what I didn't bring they gave me...

NYCHA / constant apartment flooding problems

Mar 24, 2012

NYCHA has failed to repair a constant flooding problem in our apartment. It gets flooded every week. All belongings have been damaged due to the excess of water coming from apartment 3C. This problem has been reported to the management office many times, but nothing has been done to stop the...

Money / fraud

Mar 15, 2012

This company offered me a loan with great % rates but was a secured loan. I paid and western unioned my money as asked, they then called back said my loan was re evaluated and asked for more money, after I realized I had bein taken it was to late to stop the wire transfer, when I called...

Photos2network / Recruits women for prostitution

Jan 12, 2012

They lead women to hotels video tape them and try to make them have sex with them. It a false business used to has sex with women. Corinthian Beary set women up to get raped.

Secret Shopper / scam/fraud

Oct 16, 2011

I was recently a victim of Fraud via Mail. On Oct 10th, 2011 I received a job opportunity offer to work as a mistery shopper. In the contract agreement it clearly stated my job description..salary.. shopping bonus.. available funds for training assignments.. The available funds covered by a...

Datavis / Restocking Fee Assessed for Defective Merchandise Returns

Oct 05, 2011

DataVis is the worst for defective merchandise returns. You will spend hours waiting if you call them. They make you call them to get RMA# and will make you pay for your own shipping. Then they will enforce 15% restocking fee even when the item is clearly defective. If you contact them to...

Hilton New York Fashion District/Highgate Hotels / Harrassment

Sep 24, 2011

To whom it may concern: I am good room attendant - I do job well. I have been subject of harrassment by HR, 7Housekeeping department. We do not have a Union. Managers/ supervisor do not support employees to do their good job, instead going to the rooms to Sabotage (a deliberate action...

ALWAYS VIGILANT / Before you waste* your money, Just read this first

Jul 16, 2011

Before you decide to call this company for a "job", just read this FIRST. This company is named as Always Vigilant OR they could be called AAIS Security Incorporated OR Urban Dynamics Inc ... they have changed their name several times. Please read this... this "job" will cost you over 1/2 a...

New century travel Inc / Bus delays and no notice or refund

Jun 12, 2011

Numerous customers purchased bus tickets online from NYC to Dc. The tickets were for select dates and times which were confirmed by the company. When we arrived they advised they cancelled all the early bus schedules and we would all have to wait 2.5 hrs. No emails, notice on their website...