Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Owosso, Michigan, United States

Nike / kaeperneck-a poor choice

Sep 04, 2018

I have been a long time user of your products from "Head to toe" but was so upset by your choice of Colin Kaeperneck that I felt insulted personally. As a result, I have gone through my closet and dresser drawers and collected all of my NIke items, including footwear, and will donate them...

L'oreal Paris Hair Color / loreal paris superior preference fade-defying color shine system 6a light ash brown

Feb 21, 2018

Today I went to Walmart and purchased this product 2/21/18. I have followed the directions precisely and it has come out at my roots and the front of my hair all brass! I wanted to tone down my dark brown hair and got this, very disappointed! It seemed to have not even touched around my...

Live Nation Merchandise / unauthorized credit card charge

Aug 24, 2017

August 21st 2017. A misc charge of $27.77 appeared on my account. I have no idea what the charge is for. My bank can't tell me anything other then it is a live nation merch charge. I have no order number or and confirmation emails. So I would like to know if you can tell me what thi...

Netflix / f is for family

Jul 12, 2017

I am a practicing Catholic and if you proceed to bash my faith on your platform I will have no other option other to ban your company and then I will also mention this to all my Christian friends, along with a note my the local papers editor recommending Netflix be boycotted. Also, I find sex...

Tracfone / cell phone service

Jan 19, 2017

tracfone sells simm kits that are suppose to work in your unlocked android cell phones and I purchases one at Walmart and it worked for awhile until they lost a tower here and now it is to far away for the att tower and then they want you to go purchase a T-Mobile kit after already paying...

Child Protective Services / liars

Oct 25, 2013

Child Protective Services in Shiawassee Co Michigan are UNREAL. They flat out LIE, than get mad when people catch on their lies. They try to remove children who are happy at home and are not being neglected. They write hearsay as evidence. They interview 3 year old children, who are way too young.

Hanes / seams coming unstiched

Sep 28, 2011

Purchased two 3 packs of boxer breifs w/ comfort waistband and after first wash one pair started to fall apart, after the 2nd wash two more pair same condition the sewing on the legs and crotch was coming out contacted Hanes, they replied very fast wanted to know some numbers that were on...

Kroger / age discrimination

Aug 20, 2011

Around 20 employees were suspended over using coupons on purchases. Some keep their jobs but the employees with senority 29 yra and 42 yrs were let go! Previously the older employee was asked by a Kroger manager why he wouldnt just quit and retire. He endured years of harrassment some...

Child Protective Services / not protecting my 3 1/2 yr old child from brying exploited online by her mother


Three weeks ago I found pictures of my 3 and a half year old daughter on my ex-girlfriend (her mother's) yahoo album. She was in the bathroom on top of the toilet completely naked with her arms behind her and her pelvis pushed forward in an obvious pose for whoever took the picture...

Verizon / monopoly


There is a land line phone monopoly in Michigan. FCC has no control of telecommunications here. It is ran by the state. Only Verizon services the area I live in. And when you have a cell phone, Verizon does not set up enough towers to communicate in the Rural areas of Michigan. I want a...

Burger King / another bad commercial


I think taht the ideaology behind showing the "King" breaking and entering into McDonalds Headquarters to steal the original Egg McMuffin was about as inappropriate as it gets. As I have read the other complaints about he sexual suggestions behind the Sponge Bob commercial, i think that...

young chevrolet cadillac owosso / Poor service


I purchased a vehicle with this dealer in july of this year. I have had a significant problem with repairs and it's only been 7 months. I have went through the steps of addressing my concerns with the dealer manager, General motors and now the attorney general. The management were...

Charter Communications. / overcharged


Well i called charter and order their service for 69.97 Well first bill was over 198 and second was 224.oo And every time i called they told me i was paying in advance well it 2 years later and still getting charged high bills even try to cancel took in black box. And they ask me to stay...

Young Chevrolet Cadillac / Service Department


On 11/20/2008 I took my 2001 Chevy to Young Chevrolet for check up for loss of coolant (invoice # CTCS434458), truck has past histroy of repair for replaced gaskets and loos of coolant. Also light for engine check up was on. Electrical problem of horn & tow haul repair. No problem with the...

AARP / non qualified tax people!


Filed taxes e-file with aarp told I could not e-file stimulus check. filed around the first week of February because i could not e-file i have to wait until july 11 for check. The people you have do taxes should be trained a little better this guy took almost 1/2 hr just to file thi...