Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Lafayette, Louisiana, United States

National Football League [NFL] / the saints / rams officiating

Jan 22, 2019

Looks like the referees team won. Also looks like referees need to have their eyes examined before the game. They could have caused themselves harm in New Orleans not making calls like they didn't. Maybe the NFL shouldn't have sent refs fro Sothern California to officiate this game. It...

YellowPages / address book cover image

Jan 18, 2019

I received my address book and was disturbed to see the cover image. It is a photo of a local statue of Confederate General Mouton. The city of Lafayette is actually in debates with local groups on moving the statue. It is in very bad taste to choose a image that perpetuate racist ideology...

Ulta Beauty / manager

Dec 05, 2018

Each time I go into Ulta, the manager at Ulta on Louisiana Ave. in Lafayette, Louisiana is a RUDE and unfriendly woman!! It's like I DREAD going inside every time I walk in and see her face. She doesn't leave you alone for anything and I can't even concentrate on what I am there for...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona women's jones combat block heel zip boots

Nov 04, 2018

I love these shoes but I just bought a pair last week and the inside bottom is already coming out so I'm sad that they are already falling apart. It makes it extremely uncomfortable to walk I'm because the plush part is coming undone so my foot is in contact with the hard stuff underneath...

Albertsons / grocery

Oct 18, 2018

I recently when to the Albertsons in Lafayette, LA off Johnston street. This isn't the first time this has happened but the shelves must not be stocked correctly. This most recent visit from a few days ago, I've already returned home after shopping and I've found that my dry goods have...

Green Dot Corporation / I had purchased a green dot money pack and it never loaded on my main card it was for $500 dollars.

Oct 07, 2018

Purches date: september 27, 2018 time: 2:29 location : lafayette, la. 70501 store location: dollar general. Person who bought the card: ricky joseph olivier jr. Card type: money pak. #xxx-xxx-[protected] is the last 8 is card number that costermer got for $500 dollars. Now there was a refund...

Dollar General / unethical behavior towards customer

Sep 29, 2018

Dollar General store #01940. September 29, 2018 903 N. University Ave. 9:57 PM Lafayette, LA [protected] reference number [protected] [protected] I arrived at the store about 9:05PM and the lady at the register was polite. I proceeded to go look at all the clearance boxes/bin...

Olive Garden / kitchen manager/food

Sep 17, 2018

I was in Lafayette this weekend and took my kids and their girlfriends out for a birthday dinner at you restaurant. My oldest son ordered the steak Gorgonzola medium rare and the entire table received our food and he was still waiting. When his plate finally arrived at the table it was the...

Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation / salon manager

Sep 15, 2018

Latrice the salon manager is very unprofessional, rude very nasty attitude. What kind of manager talks about the customers with employees . She is not professional and not in the position to run a salon!!! Please get some one professional enough and polite to run the salon or we will not...

Nike / marketing strategy

Sep 03, 2018

I am extremely upset that Nike would make Colin kapernick the face of Nike. He is terrible. He has no respect for this country and what the flag stands for. I will boycott Nike and will spread the word. Our country is free because of the men and women who fought for that freedom. I've...

Moni / Brinks Security / refuses to stop billing me and cancel service

Aug 13, 2018

Since July 1st 2018 I have been attempting to get Brinks to acknowledge my cancellation of service, but to date the only response I have received here was from an Abraham C claiming that the way I have been treated is not how the company operates and that he will reach out to me to assist...

Checkers and Rally's / manager and employee smoking marijuana

Aug 03, 2018

I drive in to Checkers and I see the manager in the blue shirt names Tiara Davis and Meghan smoking marijuana outside sitting down with no regard to the fact that I'm at the order speaker. They take their time coming in to prepare my order and when I drove up to pay they wreaked of...

Hub City Ford / refuse to fix car

Jul 31, 2018

Hi My name is Darrell Felix on June 9 2018 I brought my car to Ford to get fixed for a busted oil filter but turns out I had to replace the transmission and the engine or motor but they have the check for the estimate from the insurance company go auto and refusing to fix my car they left...

Church's Chicken Restaurant / mrs esmelrada/ my shift leader; tries to get me fired, but since i’ve been working I haven’t signed or gotten any write ups.

Jul 27, 2018

It all started Sunday. When I missed my first day of work July 22, 2018. I was texted by one of our current shift leaders late that night which is very unprofessional and she states, call mrs Jackie your off the schedule... so I reply back to her saying that my next scheduled day to come...

Sonic Drive-IN / unsanitary employee

Jul 13, 2018

My family and I ordered 4 shakes. When we drove around to the window witness the employee grabbing the cherries with his bare hands and put the cherries and cherry juice on top our shakes than wiping his hand on his pants and doing it again until he had cherries on all 4 shakes. When the...

Build-A-Bear Workshop / pay your age day. very upset kids.

Jul 12, 2018

Good Afternoon, 7/12/2018 My girls were so excited about going to Build a Bear this morning. Now they are just cranky, hungry, and aggravated after having to wait 5 hours in line only to leave it empty handed. My mother brought them for the Pay your Age Day event. She arrived in line at...

Burger King / molded bread in breakfast ordered from burger king

Jun 13, 2018

On Tuesday May 22nd, I ordered breakfast from Burger King at 2256 Ambassador Caffrey Parkway, Lafayette La. with mold on the bread. I was told that someone was going to contact me about this matter, but never did. So it seems to me that serving molded bread is not much of an issue to...

Family Dollar Store # 01714 / the manager charles an assistant manager kenosha burke smoke. marijuana on the job

May 29, 2018

The manager Charles an assistant manager Kenosha Burke. Smoke marijuana on the job... Kenosha Burke uses. Her kids urine to pass. Her drug tests. Kenosha Burke and her cousin are employed at the same store and Charles hired. the c ousins. Knowing they are cousins. Kenosha and Diamond Daigle...

Alamo Rent A Car / car rental

May 23, 2018

I have always rented my cars from Alamo even when you guys messed up in the past, because people make mistakes, but to have me rent a car and approve it, then nonchalantly turn around, call me up hours before pick up to say you are completely out of cars is absurd. You knew before I...

Applebee's Restaurants / found plastic in my salad

May 22, 2018

I ordered a few items to go when I got it I ate the salad and found a piece of plastic in it this is disgusting! I am filing a law suit upon you guys! This just makes me sick to my stomach! I am so scared to know what else was in that food or kitchen while they prepared it. I am a valuable...

Dillard's / racial profiling

Apr 06, 2018

On 4-5-2018 my daughter and I went to go shopping in the lafayette store. We walked in the kids section to get some items for my grand kids. Haley who works in that department. Was talking about another customer to another customer stating that black people and mexicans only come in the...

Pizza Hut / food delivery, customer service

Apr 04, 2018

I recieved my food from a delivery. I called at 10:15 no one answered the call and I called mulitiple times and constantly was put on hold. My order was completely wrong. And this is the second time this has happened. All I was offered was a 10$ credit and not a refund. No one picks up the...

All Personally Yours / money

Mar 04, 2018

I go to wallmart buy money order cozi cant deposit on my account online than i go back to wallmart to cash my money back but they say need pasport.after i give my pasport they say cant coz must have id or pasport US.i still cant cash my money order! I say you can ask the lady that i buy...

Rooms To Go / sectional sofa set

Feb 01, 2018

I am disappointed that I've purchased a sofa set along with a protection plan and when I finally need to use it, I am told that I don't have the plan that I thought I'd purchased. I purchase a black leather sofa set and they're telling me that I purchase the food and beverage plan. If I...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / undelivered package

Dec 06, 2017

1za4y358yw10257709 this package has not been delivered is not at the customer pick up center either ups phone app is inaccurate with it's information then they tell me the driver "franie" has the package and it will be delivered today and not at the service center for pickup because...

Taco Bell / taco bell drive thru

Nov 21, 2017

I have had more than one order messed one going threw the drive thru and this last time is just about enough. I always spend over $35 dollars and they seem to always mess my order up or Im missing things and I live a little ways so its not easy for me to turn around and go back. This i...

Walmart Stores / cashing a check

Nov 07, 2017

11/07/2017 Ref # [protected] I went to walmart to cash a check written from a loan company Republic Finance and the check bank was Wells Fargo and the check was declined. Certegy sent me a letter letting me know that everything was taken care of and I can continue cashing check well thi...

Family Dollar Stores / store manager

Nov 07, 2017

I visited family dollar on Louisiana ave looking to buy a few grocery items. I walked to the first isle and as I turned the isle the manager told me I needed to bring my purse to the front counter for the cashier to hold. Mind you, I have never been in this store before and my first time I...

Family Dollar Stores / store manager charles wright. store 1714, location 107 carmel avenue

Nov 02, 2017

On 10/02/2017 @13:00:36 store manager Charles wright opened a bag of chips ate a few which were supposed to be disposed of due to low quality. Knowing company policy this is called for immediate termination due to theft. Also he has had relations with his former employee whom he reside...

Ulta / ulta salon in lafayette, la

Oct 28, 2017

I am very irate with ulta salon!!! I was being responsible and called the ulta salon (3215 louisiana ave # 104, lafayette, la, 70501) At 12:18 pm today and spoke with catina who was actually the one scheduled to do my hair and makeup. I told her I was traveling from baton rouge and would be...

Toyota / melting dashboard of my 2009 toyota camry

Oct 18, 2017

I own a 2009 Toyota Camry. The dashboard is melting, shiny and pieces are coming chipping off. When the sun is shining down and you are trying to see in either the wind shield or back glass there is a glare that makes it dangerous. I have attached pictures showing the glare. When I try to...

Petco / fish

Oct 17, 2017

I went into my local store and attempted to purchase 5 female cherry barbs. I was questioned as to how large my tank was. When I told her I had a 55 gallon planted tank she then told that 5 cherry barbs were too many for my tank and she could not sell them to me. When I attempted to...

Whataburger / food-service

Oct 15, 2017

Burger was made wrong and I could not eat it ( allergic to mustard) and on top of that it was cold. Was told they were out of rootbeer then sweet tea, then tea. No reciept with my change. Not an experiance I was looking for after working 14 hrs. Now going to bed hungry and very upset. If...

Golden Corral / unprofessional behavior

Oct 13, 2017

Visit Date: 10/13/2017 Visit Time: 3:45PM I have a complaint about the general manager at the Lafayette, Louisiana Golden Corral.It was witness by my wife & 2 other Golden Corral employees I ordered 2 senior citizen early bird specials & 2 beverages that are included & come with them, i...

Burger King / credit card machine and shake machine

Oct 07, 2017

I went in a about a month ago to get a shake and was told that here credit card machine was not working. I said ok and went to the bank down the road from them to get cash. I went today Oct 7 to get a shake for my elderly mother who lives in the nursery home near by. I was told that the...

Stein Mart / item priced wrong

Sep 25, 2017

I was at the Stein Mart in Lafayette, LA on Saturday Sept. 23. I was browsing some items on the 50% off rack. I found an item that I wanted to purchase, so I took it to the register. The item scanned at regular price, but on the tag there was a red line marked through the regular with a...

Hyundai Motor America / hyundai sonata

Sep 03, 2017

Hello, I purchased my Hyundai Sonata on 8/2/17. On 8/14/17 the paint on my front bumber began to peel in 2 places. I immediately went to the dealer with the car and was told that there was nothing they could do and they gave me the number to a local body shop. I went to the shop and wa...

Burger King / laziness.

Aug 22, 2017

I'm In the drive thru and there are only two people there. They made me wait in the front of the store for 15 min. I walked inside (no customers) workers are chatting on the sides in the kitchen. I asked one worker about my order and he immediately turns around and fixes my fries and put...

La Quinta Inns & Suites / poor management #0221

Jul 26, 2017

I have 70 photos in my phone of different things going on at this location. They have a lot of drugs & prostitution going on at this location., housekeepers work 9.25-10 hours with only a 30 minute lunch not sure but doesn't seem fair.. She gives 20-22 rooms a day and threaten...

Dollar General / employee

Jul 06, 2017

Went to dollar general on 7/6/17 around 1:30pm to get a can of cat food. As I went to check out a lady with curly hair asked the cashier "Stacy" if she could return or exchange without a receipt because her daughter chewed it u. Stacy called Karlie over and karlie told the lady she stole...