Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Marion, Iowa

Marion Village Trailer Park / return of my deposit check

Dec 15, 2018

I recently moved out of my trailer that I was renting on November 1st 2018. I was told I was going to be getting my check within 30 days. I then called the office to find out why I had not received my deposit check refund and was told that Brandy had signed off on the check and that it wa...

McDonald's / messed up order

Aug 5, 2018

6th Street location Marion, Iowa 52302 8/5/18 Ordered. Went to window to pay. Waited 2 min. Cashier cashed me out with a mouthful of food. I ordered 2 hamburgers with no pickle, extra onion. Received 2 hamburgers with extra pickle and no onion. It was printed correctly on both the...

Furniture Row / delivery & bed frame put together

Mar 24, 2018

I ordered two full size beds from Furniture Row Marion, IA. They called scheduled delivery, Porter Moving delivered & put beds together. The beds were not put together correctly & I had to provide tools. I called Marion, IA Furniture Row & spike to manager & was told that following...

Southern Motion / quality brings shame to "american made" products

Oct 20, 2015

We purchased a Southern Motion reclining sofa and love seat set three years ago. We were lured into purchasing the Southern Motion set because we strongly believe in buying American made products and supporting local retailers instead of the big box stores. After two years the material on...

Berthel Fisher Company / Inheritance Scam

May 26, 2015

Anthony Bauer, “financial advisor, ” SIP Wealth Management in Minneapolis and of Berthel Fisher, violated his ethical and legal responsibilities as the “financial advisor” to our deceased father, Dale Sheets, for whom he set up various financial instruments. As soon...

Green Acres Self Storage / Paid for climate controlled storage/ everything was wet and moldy when I opened my unit


I paid nearly $200 a month to store all of my belongings in a "climate controlled" unit at Green Acres storage in Marion, Iowa. When I went to retrieve my property, they were covered with red and black mold and dripping wet. The company admitted to pushing snow against an outside door...

SofaMart / horrible sofas


I bought the New Yorker sofa from the Marion, IA, store on 7/7/2007 ($677.76 total). After a few months of use, the cushions began to break down to the point that the couch was impossible to sit on comfortably. It looked years old, and I was not satisfied with the quality of the purchase...