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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in New Albany, Indiana

Goodwill Industries of Southern Indiana / raising price on priced item

cindysl on Dec 24, 2018

I was in the New Albany, Indiana store and was purchasing 3 seasons of a DVD series. Two were priced and one did not have a price on it. Asked them to price not priced item . They did as requested but also raised price on one of the items that had a price on it already. Needless to say I...

The UPS Store / customer service representative and lost package

Martha Meek on Oct 3, 2018

Hello, I went to UPS Store on Charlestown Road in New Albany Indiana, store #5616 on August 21, 2018. I went to mail some music to a cello friend in Cairo Egypt. The man behind the counter didn't speak very good English and had a strong accent. He told me that I didn't need a tracking...

Big O Tires / employee

AmandaRam3018 on Sep 16, 2018

You have an employee in your new Albany Indiana area that brings vechicles that doesn't belong to him and gets parts for them. Also he does sell prescription pills to a Megan Doty on property. His name is Bumpy Nevins. He takes parts off property for these cars he is working on. Megan Doty...

American Red Cross / blood donation

Chesley Blackford on Sep 9, 2018

I recently participated in a blood drive at Northsise Christian Church in New Albany, IN on Saturday September 8th. The staff placed a blood pressure cuff on my arm for the blood drawal instead of a tourniquet. Once the needle was inserted, they let air out of the cuff. My blood had quit...

Save A Lot / attitude from the manager

Erica Jenkins on Jul 17, 2018

I was in the store late afternoon of July 17. When I entered I overheard the store manager and a young looking lady cashier talking about an incident with the store manager and another person. From the sound of it, the other individual was also an employee. The store manager proceeded to...

Home Depot New Albany, IN and Clarksville, IN / truck rentals

wytstalyn9 on Jul 2, 2018

Both of these home depot outlets only have 1 rental truck. That's one truck, each, to serve a whole town plus northern Louisville. That's absolutely absurd. All the Louisville stores have multiple trucks, and I realize Louisville is larger than Clarksville and New Albany, but people trying...

Pizza Hut / delivery service

Alexis Lashley on Mar 19, 2018

I ordered a Dinner Box from Pizza Hut in New Albany at 11:15 on 3/19/2018. I originally told them carry out then changed it to delivery at 12PM. I spoke to the manager and she had told me that it would be at my dorm in just 30 minutes. I had class at 1:15 and still hadn't received it...

White Castle Management / customer service

T. Romero on Mar 8, 2018

I went through the drive thru this morning. When I got my order, I was missing 2 items. When I told the employee at the window she didn't say a word, just got my items and handed them to me, not even in a bag, and no apology. When I drove off, I realized I didn't get my drink. The drive...

Kroger / extremely rude customer service.

Will70 on Mar 4, 2018

After a friend recommended the Kroger Marketplace on State Street in New Albany for Levi's jeans, I went there to check out the apparel section. The store was noticeably dead as I walked to the clothes. I located a few items I would like to try on for fit. I walked up front to ask about...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / milkshake

AJP1313 on Mar 1, 2018

So I ordered a birthday cake milkshake and first was brought a chocplate one with sprinkles on top. Then afterwards my second one which was suppose to be right was a banana one with sprinkles on top. I didn't bother to ask for another one as seeing what happened with th e first two. But I...