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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Skokie, Illinois

Starbucks Coffee / old orchard, skokie, il

Spinner30 on Aug 7, 2018

August 7, 2018 12:05 pm This Starbucks location is dirty, windows are filthy and the barista for the third time in a row made my Grande Vanilla Skim Misto incorrectly. It tasted terrible. I am done with Starbucks. The quality is not keeping up with the prices. These employees spend more...

The Hair Transplant Experts Skokie / dr. stephen kashian practicing bad medicine

Senior Survivor on Jun 11, 2018

This review has been long overdue. I visited the The Hair Transplant Experts of Skokie with great hopes. The result was a great disappointment. In my initial consultation, I was informed of the best course of action to take. What procedure was recommended for best results, and the cost. I...

The Cheesecake Factory / wait staff saying "no problem"

alh5456 on Mar 23, 2018

I am a frequent customer at the Skokie, IL location. I swear, if one more wait person says "No problem" to me after I say "Thank you, " I'm going to rip their throat out. PLEASE instruct your personnel nationwide NEVER to insult the customers with this chirpy put-down EVER again. Even...

TRIO Oakton Community College / administrative assistant

Ggggghnjbv on Feb 23, 2018

Annette Prince, who is the TRIO administrative assistant at Oakton Community College and lives in Mount Prospect, is abusing and bullying Oakton students on school ground and outside of the school premises, in addition to using them as a scapegoat and retaliating on them due to her bipolar...

Northshore Hospital Pediatric Appointment Line / changing patient's appointment without customer's approval

Hhjjkk on Dec 23, 2017

People call phone number 847-663-8163 to schedule date and time for appointment based on the available slots. However, their appointment is constantly changed without their knowledge or permission. When people go to their scheduled appointment, they are either told that their appointment...

ForYourParty / not happy

Deborah Fields on Nov 24, 2017

I am very disappointed because I didn't get what I wanted. I ordered Flavors in the pink color, but for some reason, I received the blue ones. Why? Why did they let it happen? Not that the blue color is bad, but I wanted to get what I ordered and paid for and in that case yes, the blue...

The Hair Transplant Experts / dr. stephen kashian preventable medical errors warning

KashianWarning on Nov 19, 2017

As a former patient who survived this dangerous doctor, I can speak to the facts of his dangerous medicine and his exposed online reputation. Dr. Stephen M. Kashian poisoned me (and others) by recklessly prescribing me dangerous Lorazepem for simple stress, the same drug used by...

Laura David or Davis Medical Assistant / pediatrics in north shore hospital on woods drive

For laura david on Oct 31, 2017

Laura David or Davis is bipolar medical assistant working at North shore hospital who is allegedly canceling appointments for babies with documented disability. Refusing services or taking services away from babies with documented disabilities is called disability discrimination because...

Panera Bread / rapid pick up was all wrong

Wanda Walters on Sep 25, 2017

I placed an order through the rapid pick up for a Turkey egg white avocado spinach sandwich with extra spinach. What I received was a turkey egg white no avocado and easy spinach. This sandwich is very expensive for it to be wrong. My receipt was correct so why was my sandwich wrong. Very...

Panera Bread / hair in my food

A23 on Sep 16, 2017

I picked up food before work so I had lunch on my break. As I was eating almost half way through my salad I found a hair in it. I was so disgusted and disappointed. I always have my hair up and away from my face at work so I knew it wasn't mine, plus it was a different color from mine. I...