Consumer Complaints & Reviews in La Grange, Illinois, United States

American Medical Association [AMA] / unethical behavior

Sep 15, 2018

Dr. Craig Kestenberg, Psychiatrist at Pillars/Community Nurse in Lagrange Illinois. [protected] 09/13/2018 The doctor refused to refill my prescriptions that he put me on, especially benzodiazapine/Xanax. Going through terrible withdrawals. He is responsible for me when prescribing...

I Love kickboxing - LaGrange IL / 10 classes - groupon

Jun 11, 2018

I got a 10 classes groupon, thinkin it was a good deal... But, at the end of the day they have make it my worst groupon purchase! Orientation day was fine... Until they try to sell you a membership... If you decline, that's when the nightmare starts. 1. They only let you go once a week...

The Dump / twin recliner love seat with center compartment

Apr 17, 2018

I purchased two of these loveseats and shortly about 1 month after using one it begin to rip and tear at the seams in the back. I bought the 5-year extended warranty sent pictures and explained the situation. I was told that since it was the seams that were ripping it wasn't under warranty...

Huggies / huggies lil movers

Jan 16, 2018

I'm gonna write Huggies & email to tell them how much their [censor] diapers suck that they should have stuck to making wipes only! Luvs are considered the "cheap" brand & they are a million times better then Huggies! They should be ashamed of themselves as a company calling...

Golden Corral / the food

Nov 20, 2017

[protected] Golden Corral 6129 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612 To whom it may concern: I was at a Golden Corral in October I been food poisoned twice at Golden Corral. One of these times was on a school trip to Spring Field. It was not fun going home on the bus with food...

Kohls / men's lee premium

Nov 19, 2017

2 pair of jeans were purchased this summer and on both pair the left rear pocket on the side ripped and the fabric shredded. And the pocket also. This has never happened The fabric had to be flawed for this to happen. My husband is retired so it's evident that. It doesn't have anything to...

Chipotle Mexican Grill / food

Jul 23, 2017

7/22/2017 La Grange IL Went to the restaurant like usually. Ordered a steak burrito. For that night and later this morning I've been sick. I called to let them know I got sick there, and they got immediately defensive. They asked for all sort of stuff like a report from a doctor and an...

Hooters of America / wrong order/bad service

Mar 19, 2017

Hooters of countryside LA grange, IL Date of service 3/18/17 @11:16 pm Server name on receipt Ana General manager: Scott My name: Elizabeth Silva Email: [protected] Phone number: [protected] My name is Elizabeth, I have been to this location quite a few times. Have been disappointed in...

Value City Furniture / Quality of furniture & warranty was voided because of personal damage (cigarette burn)

Jul 24, 2015

1 yr warranty on furniture, table & mirror. Purchaced in December. Reported problems last month (june) vaule city associate confirmed problems that i addressed & store told me they voided the warranty because of cigarette burn. I told them i dont want a new set of furniture. Just repaired...

walgreen drug / return policy


almost a month has passed since I returned 16.00 worth of merchandise..received a plastic card and was told my money was on it..went to the pharmacy to pick up my percripstion.that same money was on the plastic card..called a manager who claimed I had to wait longer before the...

Peggy Raddatz / Bad lawyer!


I hired her as my attorney for divorce and child custody. I paid her $2500 of the $3500 that she wanted as a retainer. She blew off 3 out of 4 court dates, didn't respond to opposing counsel's faxes or to mine so the matter could be taken care of. Long story short, all I...