Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Gurnee, Illinois, United States

Automatic Data Processing [ADP] / payroll

Jan 09, 2019

ADP sales rep (which we never heard from again after signing on the dotted line) sold us on the fact that they were familiar with prevailing wages and construction work. I am here to report that they know nothing about either. They do not understand prevailing wages and they do not...

Baymont Inn & Suites / sleeping conditions.

Dec 19, 2018

My family and I stayed in a room 219 on Saturday night the 12-15-18. We noticed the door latch was broken (see picture) and did feel unsafe while spending the night but we were already settled. That Sunday am we did notice a large brown/red stain on the mattress (see pictures) it also had...

Children's Place / did receive promotion going on $20 for every $20 you spent

Dec 15, 2018

I when to children's place in gurnee mills in Illinois and they had the promotion for every $20 you spent you get $20 in cash money I see other cashier giving all customers who spent more then $20 when it was my turn to pay I spend $72 but like the cashier was so rude to me he just gave me...

Lenscrafters / employee was touching themselves and shoes before touching peoples glasses

Sep 22, 2018

Hello, I was at lens Crafters store number 807in Gurnee Mills, Gurnee il today from 11:13-1:03 waiting on family to receive eye Care. As I was waiting I watched as the employee's talked bad about each customer coming in. Not only that the larger African American women who was helping...

Macy's / customer service gurnee, il

Aug 06, 2018

I bought 6 items to give as gifts for my 3 friends from out of town. I was planning to give them 2 boxes of Frangos (16oz/45ct) each. I requested the employee for 3 small plastic bags so I can show my friends that I bought them from Macy's. The manager/supervisor named Marissa who wa... / bad service

Aug 03, 2018

Hi, Several months ago in April, 2018 I purchased $10.00 card on line to call my family in Europe. I tried calling right after purchasing the card and never been able to connect. Since than I did not Try to use the card again. I just noticed on my bank account that

Thorntons / service

Jun 01, 2018

The bathrooms in the Thortons on Green Bay road and Grand Ave in Gurnee Illinois are disgusting. The lady working this morning said there wasn't time to clean them. I've gone there three times and the staff and place hasn't been very clean. Won't be back there again not very friendly and...

RIU Hotels & Resorts / customer service

May 10, 2018

To Whom it May Concern: We just visited your resort from May 1 - May 8. We stayed in room 4057. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a vow renewal on the beach on May 3. (Stephanie was great and extremely punctual.) I normally do not send complaint emails but there were a few...

The Salvation Army USA / cashier issue

Mar 14, 2018

Hello-- I visited the Gurnee IL location on Grand Ave last night around 530pm Central time. The cashier that checked me out gave me my total which was 10 dollars and some change. She asked if I had the change and when I gave her a 10 dollar bill and the exact change she said Thank You. I...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / meal

Dec 26, 2017

I went through the drive thru and ordered a Garlic double steak burger meal, I wanted a shake with the order but was told I would have to wait 25 minutes fora shake so I decided to just get a soda. Then After waiting a total 40 minutes in the drive thru i was finally at the window to pay...

Torrid / poor customer service, in store shopping

Dec 23, 2017

The sales associates were too busy talking with friends to assist buying customers. I walked around the store with an arm full of clothes, and not once was I asked if I needed any assistance or needed to have items placed in a dressing room. Once I was ready to check out, I had to wait for...

Home Depot / ryobi flyer dated 11/2/17 - 1/24/18

Nov 14, 2017

Went to purchase the ryobi 18v hammer drill for $149 as advertised, flyer states choose from these tools and more total value up to $119. Associate helped me find the 18v airstrike 18ga brad nailer i was looking for which came up to $99 and I was told this is not included in the deal at...

Buffalo Wild Wings / hta. cheated out of funds

Aug 04, 2017

Our organization did a fundraiser there and was cheated out of money. For 6 weeks we had tons of business there for graduation etc. We were there for graduation parties for 5 hours and 5 different classes came in all using our services. The cashier did not enter code after hta information...

Bob Rohrman Auto Group / dealership failure to stand behind used vehicle and fraudulent claims.

Jul 12, 2017

used truck vehicle purchase : June 24, 2017 have been in contact with dealership numerous times regarding this vehicle’s true mechanical status, fraudulent claims of decent/good mechanical order and undisclosed major repairs that your staff falsely reassured us, your customers of. We...

Subway Gurnee / subway service

Jun 13, 2017

I visit this subway in 5350 Grand Ave, Gurnee, IL regularly. When I came in last week, there was this new young white guy with glasses that I never seen before, who was working there, he was laughing by the restroom and I overheard him telling to a co-worker of his of how sometimes spit...

Jewel-Osco / jack fruit

May 25, 2017

I bought a jack fruit at the gurnee, grand avenue location on sunday may 21 morning. I paid around $ 10.00 for it (It was on the smaller size and the cost was 77 cents per pound) It got rotten very quickly (On monday itself and I had to throw it out. Unfortunately I could not return it to...

Red Lobster / unethical behavior

May 24, 2017

On 5/23/17, around 4:30 p.m, I arrived at Red Lobster with a senior friend, prior to being seated he proceeded to a booth I asked the hostess/server, if he could provide a booth with more light and a window therefore he responded by saying ( I don't care if you sit of the floor... )I wa...

Steak 'n Shake / jasmimin

Mar 13, 2017

I was recently in this weekend with my family sitting at a booth near where the food is handed out at and this light skin heavyset pretty women went up to the counter and asked for a cup of chili and I heard that the lady told her to get it herself and this is not the first time that I...

Smart Circle / north chicago marketing branch - gurnee il

Feb 12, 2017

I answered an ad for a customer service/marketing rep position. Little did I know it was a smart circle subsidiary and the following weeks would be terrible. I had been looking for jobs through temp agencies with not a lot of luck for months. I decided to apply to some places upfront and the...

Luna Carpet / carpet installation

Sep 17, 2016

On September 3, 2016 Luna installed carpet in my home (4 bedrooms, stairs, hallway, living room. After they left and I was putting things back in order I found a floor vent from the master bedroom on the shelf in another bedroom. I called Luna at 10:14pm on September 4th and left a...

Kohl's / service

Jan 05, 2016

I went to Kohl's in Gurnee, IL to use Kohl's cash that was going to expire the next day. I went to the cashier with the item I wanted to purchase and gave the cashier the coupon which the remaining balance of $8 was printed. She checked the balance and said "There is nothing in...

Baymont Inn & Suites / rude staff, bad management

Oct 25, 2015

Baymont inn in Gurnee Illinois. I booked a room for 4 about 2 months prior to our stay. I had called the baymont a week before our arrival to confirm that cash payment would be fine and I was told that it would be fine but they still needed a credit card to hold the reservation and I wa... / their brush was bad-quality

Jul 08, 2015

I will never again purchase from the website I have ordered brush from them, but it was awful. I received the brush, but all hairs were falling out from it. I decided to contact the seller, because it showed that the products were bad and inappropriate for the...

Forever 21 / lost and damaged items. never received

Aug 21, 2014

Wow, I ordered 7 items and ups lost them in transit and forever 21 acted ad if it was my fault. They sent me an affidavit form which I filled out in PDF and printed then hand signed my signature, after that I received "error" after "error" message claiming that I'm filling it out...

Macy's / pretty much stealing

May 23, 2014

I was offered a credit card at macy's, and went ahead and decided to take advantage of it. Huge mistake! I tried to pay it three different times, issues with their server, the could not take my payment once, and they flat out did not cash my check the second time. They have been slapping...

Westgate Townhomes / JULENE KIRSCH

May 01, 2013

This cruel woman has made the property value sink and has made many people miserable due to her alcoholism and abuse. She has destroyed yards, cars, killed pets, tried to hurt children, been violent to innocent victims, performed crude sexual acts in public, been verbally abusive, mentally...

Value City Furniture / Lemon Couch

Dec 05, 2012

My family purchased our very first couch together at VCF in Gurnee. The sales person was great.A few months later, we noticed that the couch cushions had gone bad, which was odd because we did not sit on the couch that often. We were basically sitting on wood. Because we purchased a 7 year...

Banfield / customer service

Oct 22, 2012

At check in staff are using personal cells and texting making customers wait. Then techs try and sell you invasive procedures even if you already pay for wellness plan then act rude to you if you don't consent to get the procedure, then receptionist checked me out but didn't...

Value City Furniture / wrong order

Sep 14, 2012

Well where do I begin first off my parents deciding to go get furniture at value city was the worst thing they have done. They purchased a dining table and also purchased the extended protection plan. Long story short they messed up our order because they're store had the wrong...

Menards / poor quality

Jan 19, 2012

Menards steel entry doors have a wood edge and cost almost twice as much as a better quality steel edge door that you could purchase from a local building supply company . To add insult to injury, when the door arrived, there was almost a 1/2" between the door edge and the frame strike...

Global Discovery Vacations - Poor Customer Service / poor poor customer service

May 16, 2011

Please save your money and frustration. My husband and I joined Global Discovery Vacations recently. Their pitch is "Where would you like to go?" we have a book of over 4, 000 listing of timeshares which are in the pool of potential places to reserve. Since it's just my husband and I...

Steak 'n Shake / foodservice

Apr 23, 2011

i had walked in around 9pm and had placed a order which was a tripple with cheese no fries at the counter and i had seen a white maled which was described as the maneger of the store cutting condiments, he had scratched his lower body part which was descusful to see him do that while they...

Sleep Number / bed is a rip off

Mar 29, 2011

no customer service after you purchase the bed which you wouldn't need if the product wasn't such a piece off junk. Stay away save your money everything people posted is true just a lumpy air bag awful since the beginning total fraud!!

Woodlake Apartments / Bad Hot water heater


I have lived here at Woodlake Apartment homes for 1 1/2 years. The furnace is a hot water furnace and the heat comes from the hot water heater. The first winter (Illinois) here I noticed that I did not have any hot water for anything but the furnace to heat the apartment. No shower...

Six Flags Great America / harrassment and discrimination


i was enjoying a great day in six flags Halloween fest on 10/30/2010 wit my girl friend and her family until i was harassed and embarrassed in front of the public. it all started when we went to a haunted house around 7:30pm . it was a small pathway to walk through and it was dark. my...

Six Flags Gurnee / water park


Dear Sir/Madam, I went with my family to six flags gurnee we rode 40 miles to get there when we went to water park there people life gaurd said one of us can't have ride in water ride becasue I don't have bathing suit even I was in my shorts. I could not have ride with my family my...

AMLI at Osprey Lake / Move-in / Move-out Scam


Their move-in process is designed to be very laid back. During the initial walkthrough with the leasing agent, she acted as though she was told to not say anything, and to not spot out any damage if I missed anything in the report. The AMLI employee did not spot out that there were already...

Hearthware Home Products NuWave Oven / online order system duplicated my order


I tried ordering Online, and quit midway and before I gave any approval. When I went back in the ordering system attempted to resume right where I left off. I left the website and cleared the cookies. When I went back to the ir wesite it started at te begining entering the same...

SC KIOSKS INC inside SAM'S CLUB / Cell Phones - Retailers can chrge


7/20/09 I bought 3 sprint phones at the Kiosks station located inside of Sam's Club on Grand Ave in Gurnee, IL. Yuri (Kiosks rep) strongly encouraged me to buy the phones now & get insurance on the phones. I paid $125.20 for ins coverage on one of the Blackberry phones. I returned to...

Gurnee Dodge Inc. / Failure to provide title to vehicle per contract

On July 23, 2008, I purchased a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan from Gurnee Dodge Inc. that had been advertised on Ebay. The Ebay site where Gurnee Dodge had this van for sale (this is how I learned of the vehicle) stated the following: "There is a $150 documentary fee added on all our auction...