Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Stockbridge, Georgia, United States

C&J Clark International / the customer confused to let me return the shoes

Nov 26, 2018

I bought clarks shoes in outlet yesterday. But today they are even cheaper. I want to return it and but then buy again so I can get the money back, but they refused my requirement. There's return policy on the back of receipt. It's said if you are not satisfied with the purchase you bought...

Dollar General / new store in stockbridge, ga east atlanta road

Aug 14, 2018

Our area was thrilled when the Stockbridge store opened on E. Atlanta Road. It is the only store close to quite a few neighborhoods and is very convenient. Since the opening, the store has gone completely downhill. My husband and I are no longer going to use that store and we were spending...

Publix Bakery Eagles Landing Pkwy / cookie cake

Aug 11, 2018

The cookie was not decorated very well for the size of the cookie. It didn't have enough icing for the size of the cake and it didn't look like anyone took much care in decorating it. When I called to ask if they could add anything to it they said they were unable to do anything once the...

Kroger / customer service

Aug 08, 2018

I frequently visit this particular location 3618 Hwy 138 SE, Stockbridge, GA 30281 and no matter what day it is there is a custiner service associate with a nasty attitude I have to deal with at the money center. I was there today at 7:25 cashing my check she has cashed my check a couple...

IHOP Restaurants / service

Jul 17, 2018

I arrive at store #480 st approximately 10:30pm only to not only be neglected and ungreeted until I asked what was going on. but once someone did speak to us she told us that although the restaurant was empty we would have to wait anywhere from 30 to 45mins. To follow, we sat and watched...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / dental services

Jul 08, 2018

My complaint involves the Eagles Landing Parkway Office in Stockbridge, Georgia and centers on the following: 1. Front office needs to be replaced with individuals who can pretend, at least, to enjoy their job. They need to understand that they represent a brand, which is Great...

Waffle House / special treatment

May 31, 2018

I have been a dedicate employee of Waffle House 1057 for five years. I've seen a lot throughout the time I've been here. But nothing compares to what's been going on these last couple of months. There are two particular employees that have a friendship/relationship with the area manager...

IHOP Restaurants / customer service

Apr 14, 2018

I just left IHOP. I went to the IHOP in Stockbridge Georgia and my experience started great, our server Jessica greeted us and took our drink order. She allowed us A few minutes to look over the menu before placing our food order. A few more tables had come in about 10/15mins later after...

Green Dot Account / my green dot account

Apr 10, 2018

I really need to speak to someone about my card in money. I have no idea on whats going on with my account i been with green dot since 2009 I will never do anything to put myself in situation where I have to face the law. I have bills that need to be paid in I need you all to release my...

Sonic Drive-IN / sorry food served

Feb 16, 2018

This is worst experience I have ever had with any hamburger joint in my whole life. My wife got two burgers and the meat would not be good jerky let alone be classified a burger. I spent 13 dollars and got nothing for it except the trash and what ever eats the trash. I will never spend...

IHOP Restaurants / favoritism

Feb 01, 2018

Hello my name is Maurice Davis I was recently an employee for IHOP in Stockbridge Georgia. I want to address the fact that I was never respected and treated unfairly do to favoritism. I was let go from my job just for being homeless for one month. I came on as a cook in which I am well...

General Motors / 2011 chevrolet impala stabilitrak traction control problem

Jan 02, 2018

Good morning, My name is Freida Peary and I am a owner of an 2011 Chevrolet Impala on 12/31/2017 my Stabilitrak Service Light came on as well as the Reduce Engine Power Light on my vehicle. The car started to jerk and the speed was reduced down to 20 miles an hour, therefore the vehicle...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / customer service unethical /racial profiling

Dec 02, 2017

Me and my wife visited store #G135104 to purchase a family 8 piece meal I saw an ad for a $20.00 fill up family size, I inquired weather we could replace the mashed potatoes for wedges, I was roughly told no it was not possible by the cashier, so I said give me a few minutes and take the...

U-Haul / refusal to accept a cash deposit for a $38 local rental

Oct 03, 2017

I have rented several trucks from uhaul in the last few weeks and have simply paid a $100 deposit for the rental and received a cash refund for the difference. However, this past Saturday-10/01, I attempted to rent a truck for a short, local move ($38) and the dealer not only refused to...

Kroger / customer service

Aug 01, 2017

It was one of my first times visiting this Kroger in Stockbridge and a few of my friends and even parents warned me about a very rude young lady. When I entered the store I saw nothing but lovely faces but towards th end when I came to the cashier, coincidentally I think I came across her...

Rapid Fulfillment / the gladiator flashlights.

May 18, 2017

I did not order two flash lights. I tried entering my credit card info, and it was denied. I had the money in my account. So I used another card that was approved. So I`m assuming that the first order went through without me knowing. Now I`ve sent other emails in reference, to this issue...

Empire Today / wood floor installation

May 05, 2017

I had wood floors installed in my home by Empire today on 4/7/17. A couple weeks later my wood floor buckled & bubbled. I contacted Empire and they sent the contractors back out to inspect the floor. The moisture reading in the area of the bubbling was measuring at 78% they claimed that...

EpicDeal / wallet iphone case

Apr 28, 2017

I have did everything to try to get my order the post office don't have is I did get my order it's been two months now I would like my order or my money Back now my order was a water/ iPhone case / my order # is 289223 /2572790, I was folded to call this #. [protected] you try calling it...

Burger King / the people working there/ rude service

Apr 27, 2017

I went through the line my father ordered​ 2 Whoppers with cheese, no meals?? Got the receipt it was 80¢ shy of $10. They didn't give us fries and a soda.. my father said to go in and get it. I asked her if I could get fries and a soda and she said I didn't ask for the Whopper meal.. which...

RGIS / Inventory

Apr 26, 2017

Dist #322 in Stockbridge, GA has the most unprofessional drug users I have ever seen. The lead manager has no teeth and said she was leaving work to drink and left it on the supervisor. The drivers have been seen drinking and buying alcohol and drugs in company van. The employees are...

Affordable Dental / Lower partial denture

Mar 18, 2017

Went to affordable dental in George 138 Stockbridge ga I bought the metal castings partical denture from the frost day this thing was crooked they tell me to remove one tooth I went to my dentist to removed it they took the impression I waited 3 weeks to get the denture from day one it wa...

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) / misplaced car loan payments

Jan 23, 2017

During October I needed an extension on my car loan payment. A week later I was able to make 2 payments. After a couple of weeks I noticed that my balance didn't decrease. After a teller had no results with her investigation she directed me to the customer service number. They were unable...

Office Depot / hp notebook 14-as151nr

Jan 23, 2017

I purchased the product and it worked for about 2 months before the programs started crashing. When I bought the product I was told with the protection plan I purchased with it if anything happen to it that I would be able to exchange or receive a refund towards a new one. When I returned...

Dollar General / customer service

Jan 16, 2017

Good Afternoon, I recently visited store number 13019 in Stockbridge, Ga. On January 16, 2017. After I got home I discovered that all of my items were not given to me. I live about 15 miles from the store in question and would like to be able to pick my purchaseed item up from a location...

Lowe's Home Improvement / samsung dryer

Oct 01, 2016

I called in on 9/4 about my Samsung dryer. It is 10/1 and my dryer is yet to be fixed. Lowes has been giving me the run around. I purchased an extended warranty and they hired a company that isn't capable of fixing anything. The first technician said the power supply board was out and it...

Affordable Dentures / new dentures

Apr 19, 2016

Hello I was so excited when I finally came up with the money to get my top denture replaced & get a bottom one for the first time. My daughter is getting married in September & I just want to be able to smile in the photos. I just thought it would be as easy as the first time I got my...

Just Brakes / Came in for oil change and tire rotation, left with brake problems.

Oct 11, 2015

Do not trust this store. They create problems to make money. They put me and my family safety on the line along with everyone else on the road. on Oct 10 2015, I brought my Altima in for a oil change and tire rotation. They did there inspection and the mechanic suggests an coolant flush...

Outback Steakhouse / service and food

Jul 26, 2015

I go here twice a month. This time, my wife and I ordered an outback special 9 oz and 12 oz. After taking our order and waiting 20 mins, the server came back and said they were out of of the 9oz and my wife wouldn't be able to get the special for Wed, Sun. So, she changed the order to...

Certegy Check Services / walmart money gram money order

Dec 23, 2012

Walmart needs to rethink the company they do business with. I had a friend to send me a certified Walmart money order for Christmas for my daughter. I received the Walmart money order, took it to Walmart in Stockbridge, Georgia on Henry County Blvd. to cash it. They would not even cash...

Walmart - Customer Svc. Needs Improvement / wrong price on item - not honored!!!

Oct 16, 2012

Walmart - Stockbridge, GA -- Store # 3402 - Customer Svc. Needs Improvement: While shopping at this walmart store on Saturday, Oct 13 2012, I needed an electronic tooth brush set, so I picked a 3 piece Oral-B set product # [protected] which was stocked with a price of $9.97...However...

Guaranty Bank aka Best Bank / NSF

Jun 17, 2012

Over the past week I have been having an overdraft issue with the bank; when I opened the account up I signed up for overdraft protection. I have never had issues with this account since I opened it. This bank has offered me little to no assistance with resolving this issue. I know by law...

Garden Ridge / Return

Jan 07, 2012

My husband and I bought a dining room table on 1/6/12. When we got it home, it was scratched badly on the table. My husband took it back with the receipt. They would not do an even exchange. They said he needed my debit card which he did not have. They agreed to put the credit on his debit...

Carmax / no air in hot summer

Aug 01, 2011

Bought a Dodge pick up truck, on 5th day A/C stopped working. I brought truck directly from work in to service nd was considering turning it back in on their 5 day return policy. Agent in Service department stated needed an appointment to bring it in and it would still be under warranty in...

Skin Care by Entra / Restaline eye injections

Mar 31, 2011

He ruined my face for good. Beware. I would never do this again.

BrandsMart USA / rudeness of salesfloor employees

Feb 05, 2011

The salespeople were extremely rude, the acted like they couldn't be bothered. If you didn't want to buy what they suggested they turned their backs and went on to the next person like your money was no longer important to them, or better yet you as the customer were no longer...

Chase Morgan Bank / inhumane treatment from manager

Jan 27, 2011

My husband was treated very poorly by the manager; Sheval Hill-Bennett. He came in with a simple question and she just begin yelling at him like he was a child. She did not even allow him to finish his sentences when she would cut him off. My mother in law who is an elderly accompanied him...

Pain Consultants of Atlanta, Stockbridge / mistreated, humiliated, uncaring


My mother passed away 11/27/10. I telephoned to let someone know and cancel her next appt. I asked if I could speak to someone at the Stockbridge office to personally let them know about my mom. They (Teresa) answered the phone and wanted to know if I was a doctor and that line was for...

Massage Envy / cancellation policy


I joined the Massage Envy membership plan in 2008. I accumulated several hours of massages over the past two years. I used most of them; however, several of the hours I did not use. I decided to cancel my membership because my husband was being sent overseas and I was joining him for the...

Brandsmart/sony / warranty not covered


I was told I was buying a warranty for a 1 time bulb replacement on a Sony DLP KDSA2000. The bulb went out 12/25/2009 and the warranty out 12/01/2009. Warrentech states they can not do anything and to call Brandsmart. I called them several times without resolve. I am so disappointed in all...

ADP TotalPay Card / Payroll Deposit


My weekly payroll goes is added to the ADP TotalPay Card. I get paid after midnight Thursday. They sent me an email on Thursday stating that per my request my account is closed. I called them and they stated that once an account is closed they can not reactivate. Which is fine but they did...