Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Lexington, Georgia, United States

Best Buy / headphones

Jan 07, 2019

We love the products we've bought at Best Buy, but we recently went to the Nicholasville Road store in Lexington, KY, to try out some headphones. We were disappointed to learn that we couldn't try any of the headphones on. The salesperson told us that it was due to a sanitation concern...

Florence Scovel Jewelry / 2 silver monogram (k & g) cuff bracelets

Dec 26, 2018

Ordered merchandise. Have not recieved or word from company. Unless I have acceptable 2 silver monogram bracelets by Jan. 1, due date of my credit card, I will cancel the charge. From that point, Florence Covel can deal with Chase Bank. If company has any information for me, I can be...

Santander Consumer USA / ford fusion se

Dec 18, 2018

Purchased a 2015 Ford fusion SE, said my credit was bad and only had 2 cars on the lot that I could get and both were 2015 and I couldn't get anything older than that. They knew I couldn't get my car back because it was leaking antifreeze and I couldn't drive it. so I had to purchase one...

TJ Maxx / service

Nov 27, 2018

TJ Maxx in Lexington, Sc The manager will not allow employees to buy Rae Dunn merchandise. There is a group of women that wait outside for the store to open so they can get this stuff. The manager of the store is in contact with these women and informs them when the stuff comes in. The...

Fazolis System Management / front sales

Oct 25, 2018

I have been to fazolis many times throughout the past 3 years and each time i order the exact same thing. Today i went to fazolis on Nicholasville Road in Lexington Kentucky, where i have been before, and ordered the exact same thing that I had in the past. The order has always came out to...

Golden Corral / mistreatment

Oct 21, 2018

I go to Golden Corral most Sundays and lately I have been enjoying the new ice cream. The baker there is always nice and this Sunday I saw a manager in a yellow shirt talking to the employee that was making cotton candy harshly about the baker that works on sundays. She was complaining...

Circle K Stores / rude employee

Oct 20, 2018

Whoever works between 4-5 was very rude as my brother came to purchase a pack of Newports for me and he had forgotten his I.d..So I go in knowing I had mines and the employees never even acknowledged I was talking to them regardless if they couldn't give them to me they did not have to completely ignore me only to turn around and be sarcasticly rude!

Best Buy / sales and geek squad

Sep 25, 2018

DO NOT GO TO BEST BUY! Especially DO NOT use the Geek Squad!!! Should be named "Worst Buy, " I went in on Sunday, September 23. Everybody was really nice when they sold me a TV and Complete Geek (Freak) Squad service. Then I called the Freak Squad and asked for assistance on an app. I wa...

Zaxby's / employment with zaxbys

Sep 13, 2018

First I would like to say is the zaxbys I work at is not very tidy and clean at all we have roaches crawling around the walls in the back have dried on food on them the managers act like they don't care about there crew there's alot of gossip goes around the bathrooms are truly...

Enterprise Rental / poor customer service and overcharged

Aug 19, 2018

I have rented from enterprise many times and never had an issue until this past weekend. The manager at the bluegrass airport in ky is rude, and very dismissive. And when l spoke with the escalation dept about being charged $90 for a class change that we didn't do, the agents reason wa...

Kroger Euclid Ave Lexington Kentucky / store hours

Aug 12, 2018

I went into my local kroger this morning around 8am. I couldnt get to any of the items i needed because the stock crew had pallets in front of the groceries. This store closes each night around midnight and reopens i think at 6am. Totally unacceptable for this store not to have item...

Holiday Inn / room provided

Aug 06, 2018

I recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on 2255 Buena Vista Rd Lexington Ky. They originally had me located in room 216. I called down to the desk around 8pm complaining that it sounded like someone hitting on the walls. The person said he would look into it. I fell asleep and later...

2018 / products that were supposed to be held

Aug 05, 2018

I went into Ulta in Lexington, SC with my 14 year old at 4:30 on Saturday (8-5-18) to have her matched for foundation and powder and purchase a few other things. When we went to check out, we realized we had forgotten some gift cards. We were being checked out by a larger woman with blonde...

Speedway / cashier racism

Jul 03, 2018

I was recently at the speedway in Lexington Kentucky, on Richmond road, waiting in line when I overheard the cashier speaking to the woman in front of me. "Middle eastern [censored]". Being middle eastern, I took much offense to this and simply, couldn't understand how an employee could use such...

Pizza Hut / employees

Jun 27, 2018

We ordered 2 medium pan pizzas wings and bread sticks in a dinner box. They call us back to tell us that they were out of pan so we had to get something else. We asked for the large pan then. So they tell us we could get 1 pan and the rest of what we ordered instead of comping us since...

Circle K Stores / worker

Jun 14, 2018

Christian white whom ive never met before yeslled at me in a store full of people and threatned to call the police on me and wouldnt let me purches the drinks i jad alrrady made. When i asked her why what did i do she said"because your a theif amd a nasty person" i javr never been...

AN & Associates / flashdrive

May 20, 2018

I ordered a flash drive for my Android phone through mobstub on Facebook. The flash drive does not work. I have followed all instructions that were sent as well as a video. The first indication I had that it was faulty was there was no red light that turned on as shown in the video. I...

The Salvation Army USA / manager on duty

May 16, 2018

The Salvation Army store located at 2285 Versailles Road Lexington Kentucky phone number [protected]. Date May 16th 2018 at 4:08 p.m. I purchased two pictures for a total of $12.70 at the store call my mother after leaving the store and was informed that she did not have room for these...

Kroger / unable to serve me during work hours

May 12, 2018

This is not the first time it has happened. I have a 2 year old son that eats the lunch meat. This is now the third time I have gone to the deli at normal work hours and they closed early on me because they wanted to go home. The sign said the third they were short staffed, but there wa...

Dollar Tree / employee complaint

Apr 29, 2018

I was in a Dollar Tree store today in Lexington, KY at around 2:30 pm and witnessed a very unprofessional and unnerving situation between a Dollar Tree employee and I assume one of the managers. The manager was completely berating the employee, cursing and practically screaming at him...

Speedway / I am complaining about speedway not having coffee

Apr 27, 2018

Hi my name is Chris. It is Friday April 27th @ 2:30am. I stopped by Speedway on Georgetown Road in Lexington Kentucky to grab a cup of coffee before heading home. Well today there was no coffee made. I'm not sure if the guy that is working nights/ morning is new but speedway is known for... / id#1635315628672761invoice#ss1804060458388134

Apr 06, 2018

I made an online purchase on 4/5/18 and tried to cancel and they wouldn't I'm do to go on a cruise with my husband and the time frame that it will arrive I will be gone three days already and they charged it on my credit and I want it charged back to my credit card you can't speak with...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / service in lexington, ky

Jan 20, 2018

today we came to the Hamburg steak and shake and were seated by the manager. Three different staff members walked by during the course of about 15 minutes and did not ask if we had been helped. we waited another 5 minutes before our entire order was taken. No one apologized for us for our...

American Automobile Association / / roadside service - near-constant busy signal

Jan 06, 2018

I live in Boston and I've had to call Roadside Assistance twice in the last week due to a dead battery from the cold. On both occasions, dialing [protected] would repeatedly result in a busy signal after trying to get past the automated message that they would route my call after looking at...

Hostess Brands / hostess mini muffins

Jan 02, 2018

I bought 2 boxes last night at Kroger in Beamont Circle Lexington KY 1 box had an empty package in it the empty package was sealed just like it had neen missed. The other box had 2 packages stuck in the box edge or to the box packaging on the edge where the box is glued in which caused...

Playtika / slotomania app

Nov 23, 2017

Please note: you do not care anything about your customers by not providing a way to give feedback directly from the app! My complaint to you is about the amount of credits that I just lost on your games. I just won 330 million and now I only have 100 million credits. This is not my fault!...

The Salvation Army USA / service

Nov 22, 2017

The salvation army in Greenwood Mississippi social services representative needs a new representative. I went there for emergency assistance because I have 5 children and I'm just starting a new job. Yes I called as a last minute resort because I thought CMI was going to be able to assist...

Toshiba / model number 26l1350u flat screen tv

Nov 02, 2017

the tv has allot of bugs. I've always been a good patron buying strictly your tv's and electronics. the tv glitches all the time randomly changes channels on it's own even with no remote I tried with no battery. will not get certain channels when other tv's will. Ultimately i am dissatisfied with...

Sonic Drive-IN / manager

Nov 02, 2017

I eat at sonic several times per week.Tonight I ordered cheeseburger and car hop special to go. I got food home and the ticket was right but wrong food. I had to go back to sonic to return.Told car hop(sweet kid) that I would like to see manager Courtney C. That I thought I should be...

Windstream Communications / connection service

Sep 20, 2017

So at around 9:45 or 9:50 pm, my services just didnt work no more., plus this past Friday, I made a payment of 43.81 to keep my account current and now I recieve this. This is unacceptable and then ya'll want me to turn around and pay you guys another 43.81 on the 29th ? I dont understand...

General Motors / customer service, disrespect, unfairness

Sep 05, 2017

Purchased my car from freedom dodge I have been taking my car to rod Hatfield. Numerous times I have complained about hesitation and jerking. Nothing was found but now that I'm out of warranty they find the reason. Contacted gm and no help at all actually the senior rep was very rude and...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / our server was awful.

Aug 29, 2017

We were never given silverwear. We wait 15 minutes for drinks. Our waitress decided to stand next to us and draw attention to herself saying OMG this is disgusting while cleaning the table beside us while we were trying to eat. She was chatting about us and pointing to the cashier. She wa...

Dollar General / the whole store service was horrible

Aug 27, 2017

I went to the dollar general on 5536 plattsprings rd. They had 2 full lines and all the cashiers was cursing and talking rude and the manager I have a picture of her holding a girls baby because she was so cute. Instead of helping the cashiers figure out what they did wrong.. they rang me...

Sonic Drive-IN / everything

Aug 26, 2017

First we sat for a good 5 no idea before they actually took our order. And then I had to repeat it 4 times before she actually got it right. When we got to the window we sat for another 2 minutes before they took my card. As I was sitting there I observed the manager who was wearing...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / wrong food!

Aug 24, 2017

Went through the drive through at 970 ohio 97, lexington ohio. I ordered two 4 for 4 meals. We pulled up to pay and we're ignored, just sitting there waiting for someone to notice us. We got on the highway and both of our sandwiches had no lettuce, no tomato, and no mayonnaise. Our chicken nuggets we not crunchy but instead soggy. Worst experience.

Chipotle Mexican Grill / store open/no rice!

Aug 14, 2017

I stopped in at the Fayette Mall Chipotle in Lexington, KY, where I live, on August 14th, 2017. It was 8:35 PM. I ordered a burrito bowl to go. Upon ordering the man taking the order asked if brown rice was ok, because they didn't have any white rice. I told him no. Because I do not like...

Taco Bell / drug activity

Jul 25, 2017

I went to the taco bell located on winston rd store number 029866 lexington nc last night around8:45 9 o'clock, the worker was taking out the trash then a car pulls up then they both entered the workers car made a transaction right in front of the store and got out like nothing happened...

Shell / gas stolen from me after I paid

Jul 18, 2017

I came to the Shell gas station on the corner of Broadway and New Circle Rd in Lexington KY between 11:00 and 11:30..I paid $30.00 for gas and pulled off before pumping my gas .. another vehicle pulled behind me before I could turn around to get my gas.. the attendance knew another car did... / workers are rude

Jun 26, 2017

I live in Lexington KY and have visited the Rally's on Richmond Rd. The workers can be rude at times. My husband stopped by there on 6/26/17. When he pulled up to order he was told to look over the menu and would take his order in a second. After several minutes a car pulled up on the...

Sedgewick Claims Management / claims adjuster michele arnold

Jun 07, 2017

I was sent home from work May 26, 2017 didn't speak to compensation manager until June 1st, 2017 with my claim number and Claims adjuster hotline number to Sedgwick and name haven't spoken to claims adjuster Michele Arnold after calling every number I was given and online and after...