Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Orange Park, Florida, United States

614 Drysdale Dr / house

Jan 24, 2019

Recommendation from the inspection report page 11 of 30 need spouting around the exterior portion of the house. The problem with standing water on the lawn has been a problem the day i moved in on March 31, 2017 a matter of fact when i moved in the lawn was practically a swam. Can someone...

LetGo / I phone 8 plus

Nov 24, 2018

I was robbed of $200 from a Tyree Jordan account, yesterday on November 23rd his number is [protected] (this is the number of the product/phone that was supposed to be sold to me) and another number of [protected]. My desirable resolutions would be for my money back so a money return...

Nissan Motor Company / 2014 nissan altima

Oct 22, 2018

My 2014 Nissan low beam headlights have progressively gotten worse, to a point they barely work. We have replaced the bulbs twice to no avail. We Have been told there is a manufacturer defect with the mirrors in the lens? After some research, realize others are having the same problem...

Toyota Motor Corporation / keith peirson toyota (sales man doc)

Oct 15, 2018

About one year ago I moved from Southern California to north Florida and traded in my Scion tC and financed a Toyota 86. I had the sales man "Doc" who financed me at 3.9% because I qualified for the loyalty program. I had recently moved and started a new job so I didn't have work history...

SmartStyle / haircut

Oct 14, 2018

My daughters haircut is HORRIBLE! Beside being WAY shorter than asked it is completely uneven and after pointing it it was told I was making the stylist nervous and she proceeded to cut it shorter still leaving it uneven. I was charged 15 and still tipped 5 and have to pay again to have it...

Motel 6 / customer service, facilites poorly maintained!

Oct 04, 2018

After driving for 19 hours. I arrived at approximately 4 am. I needed some much-needed rest! The representative was courteous at first. Said she had one non-smoking room (rm 259), however, it smelled like smoke. She said I could wait for an hour or so and maybe she would have a room. Here...

Dish Network / / credit report mark from dish network

Sep 24, 2018

I had Dish Network for 9 years, was never late on my bill, once. I moved in July of 2016 and put a hold on my service. I actually called to disconnect and they convinced me to keep my service and to put it on hold. Once I moved I found there were trees in my view for the satellites so I...

Dish Network / / contracted driver

Aug 05, 2018

Dish driver, #68652 (on the side of the van) licence plate number Florida IJQ P23. The driver ran a stop sign in the Oakleaf Town Center in Jacksonville, Fl and almost hit me with my children in the vehicle. I honked my horn and he flipped me off. I would like this reported and something...

Wawa / customer service

Jul 23, 2018

I went into the local wawa store to buy ice and cigarettes, the clerk told me she would not sell them to me. She was very rude in her tone and body language, I asked why, she said another person had tried to buy the same brand but had no id, I had no idea what that has to do with me but I...

General Motors Corporation / pint chipping on my 2017 silverado

Jul 06, 2018

I purchased a new 2017 Chevy Silverado May 31, 2017. The first month I had it I noticed the paint on the hood was chipped even though I have a hood protector installed. Since then it I have had several other chips in the paint. I went online and noticed there are several other customer...

Whataburger / honey butter chicken biscuit

Jun 26, 2018

More like honey butter chicken nugget biscuit... Dissatisfied left hungrier than when I ordered.. Lady answered the phone and informed me that they wouldn't replace it cause all the chicken in the store was small and would be the same thing... Really... What ever happened to good coustomer...

CiCi's Pizza / food, employees, hygiene, language

Jun 23, 2018

I visited cicis pizza on blanding Blvd in Orange Park Florida and I will it was gross that 2 employees where smoking next to the front door and cursing when my children pretty loud when my kid's walked by to enter the food was cold and tasted like crap one employee picked up pizza off one...

Burger King / I am complaining about product and services

Jun 10, 2018

me and my went to burger king #11437 on 6-9-18 at5:02 p.m . my wife order a bacon king and it wasn't done right when the sandwich out the second time it was the wrong sandwich. staff said they would make a new sandwich we waited over 30 mins for my wife sandwich and it was not made at all...

Carrabbas / got order wrong and reorder wrong again on takeout

Apr 07, 2018

Husband called Blanding st Carrabbas 32073 for dinner.We were told can't deliver even though they have delivered here before. They say cut off is 103rd st and we live 1/2 mile from 103rd. Placed order to go. He ordered a chicken parmesan dinner which comes with a salad and he ordered a house...

Victoria's Secret / manager needs customer service skills

Mar 01, 2018

Hi, I normally LOVE your products, but I had a bra tear beyond repair after only 2 months of wear. I can wear one for up to 3-4 years easily. I took it into the nearest store (Orange Park, FL on 3/1/18) and spoke with the manager, explaining what was wrong. Even though she wasn't rude, she...

Dollar General / customer service

Jan 08, 2018

I was at the Kingsley Ave location, in Orange Park FL. There was a woman stocking and a young man at the register. I am familiar with the woman who was stocking and she also has worked drive through, at a local McDonald's. She is very Moody. The young man was talking to an older gentleman...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / ups expedited shipping

Dec 09, 2017

I ordered product on either Monday or Tuesday, paid $30 EXTRA dollars on top of my already expensive item for 2 day expedited delivery. It arrive in Jacksonville (I live right there) and on Wednesday. No delivery. Thursday. Still no delivery... Freaking Friday and now Saturday... No...

Marriott / unethical and racist behavior in attitude, unwilling to serve until after complaint made by phone

Dec 04, 2017

11/29/17, I arrived at Courtyard, a hotel I have stayed at over 6-8 times this year along with this chain in other cities until gaining Gold status from Silver. I arrived at 1230 looking to stay one night, people there know my name and greet me due to the regularity. The African American...

Wells Fargo / fraud and investigation

Oct 15, 2017

This complaint... to who it may concern is for your fraud and investigation claim area.. One of your employees name Jordan on Sunday, October 14 about 9 o'clock... Jordan was getting a little loud with me and getting upset... because I wasn't listening, which I am was the customer kind of...

Anheuser-Busch Companies / michelob light in the bottle (roach inside the bottle)

Sep 12, 2017

On the evening of Saturday 9/9/17 my wife was drinking a Mich Light from an 18 pack we had purchased earlier that day at Publix in Orange Park, FL. While taking a drink from the bottle a roach from inside the bottle entered her mouth. She is not happy!!! I have the bottle and the roach in...

M.D.C. Holdings / Richmond American Homes / windows disconnected from frame and leaking, multiple faulty plugs, bad inside framing

Sep 06, 2017

Our home was built as a ready to move in home. We purchased the home in 2014. The home is so cheaply built. This has been the biggest and most costly mistake of our life. The cuts of the inside molding for the doors is horrible. The cuts were to short and wood filler was used left rough...

Karate America / fake charges

Aug 31, 2017

Money hungry a main portion of each session is attempting to get kids to sell the program to their friends. They charge and charge and charge and nothing learned except to stay away. I paid cash for something and they are still chasing me saying unpaid. I had receipt to show them and they...

Dell / laptop

Aug 09, 2017

I purchased a Dell laptop and less than 9 days later the laptop crashed. I was not able to reset the device. I called tech support and was advised " you did something to the computer that's why is malfunctioning." I advised the associate I barely used it. He then begin to tell me how much...

7-Eleven / service/ free coffee

Aug 06, 2017

We had two different cell phones with free coffee. The clerk rang up both free coffees on both phones at the same time. Even though we had two free coffee's on 2 different phones, the clerk said we had to pay $2.12? Then she rang it up again and we still had to pay now $1.06. We complained...

Rooms To Go / couch

Jul 31, 2017

I purchased a couch from rooms to go last year. Since then I have had to call them two times to come out and repair a tear in the couch. They came out and sowed the tear but the stitch came out both times. Now I have a tear about 4 inches wide and when I called to let them know there's no...

Rooms To Go / brenton court sectional

Jun 25, 2017

U brought this sectional 3 months ago I have had issues with the chase and the folding of the pillow I called rooms to they sent someone to replace it is still the same way. On top of that the legs are plastic. 1 month after I purchased the sectional it went on sale I called and was told...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / employee language

Jun 18, 2017

On Saturday, I visited Steak N Shake on Wells Rd in Orange Park along with my 3 children for milkshakes. As we where seated, I heard an employee (young lady with a pink shirt) say to another employee " [censor] that" "I don't have time for this [censor] job". Not only...

Geico Auto Insurance / claims adjusters - tony hernandez

Apr 21, 2017

Claim Number: [protected]-0101-288 Accident Date: March 24, 2017 Policy Number : Local Claims Adjuster - Brian Charpiat settled the claim of the accident and total payoff our car. Mr. Charpiat gave a payoff check to me and stated that the funds for the check would not be available for at...

Shell / product I paid for

Apr 03, 2017

I came to your gas station and paid $10 on pump 4. Used my Winn Dixie card and got .25 off a gallon bringing my cost to $1.98 a gallon. The pump said 5.028 gallons. I have 17 miles to E on my car. There is no freaking way 5 gallons is 17 miles. This is not the first time I have put $10 in...

Home Depot / my generator

Apr 02, 2017

Home Depot called me for me to pick up my generator that they could not fix because they said they don't work on my brand gen which they should of told me before they sent it to Atlanta Georgia which that place was a joke.When I came down to the store to pick up my gen it had scratches all...

Pep Boys / rude staff

Mar 01, 2017

My wife was treated rudely by pep boys employees at the Blanding Blvd. orange park Florida location. When she told me I was shocked to say the least. I will never go back there and have also told all my co-workers, neighbors and friends to boycott this business for their lack of common courtesy. ...

Geico / full coverage auto insurance

Jan 23, 2017

Worst insurance company. In an auto accident, brand new car. 14 or 30 days to add it to my policy, depending on who you ask. Well within the timeframe, it's going on 3 weeks and I have yet to hear back about my car being covered. By law it is but by Geico it takes several people to...

Red Lobster / service/product

Jul 15, 2016

My experience at Red Lobster today was terrible! The restaurant was basically empty, however, we were stuffed in a little table with a waitress with no experience. We begged her for bread. We asked simple questions about the menu and she was unable to answer anything. The meals were fine...

Coggin Buick GMC of Orange Park / Miserable & petty

Sep 09, 2015

8/24/15 On August 24th., 2015 I went to Coggin Buick GMC of Orange Park to view a White Crew Cab 2015 Z71. Anthony Ferraro was available to show me the vehicle and answer my questions. After the purchase I met with Mr. David Marzullo who set up my OnStar service and reviewed the feature...

Enhanced Recovery Corp (ERC) / Inconsiderate Employees

Sep 09, 2015

I am a resident of the apartment complex behind the ERC location in Orange Park, Florida. There are so many LOUD, rude, and just plain weird people that work there. I have to walk my children past that building to get to the school bus stop, there is no sidewalk and the employees of ERC...

Rooms To Go Outlet / bad delivery my new furniture being dented

Sep 07, 2015

I had a terrible experience with delivery with the movers of room to go outlet. they came in to delivery my furniture however, I receive them dented an scratch. Then they could not put the mirror dessert because they did not the right tools so they ask me to go to home depot and they will...

TUG - Timeshare Users Group / My e-mail address associated with a scam by TUG

Mar 14, 2015

Before joining TUG to try and rent a timeshare week, you should read what happened to me and proceed with caution. I joined TUG (Timeshare Users Group) on February 19th, 2015 in order to list a timeshare week I was attempting to rent. I posted a week to rent at Wyndham Vacation Resort...

Audible / fraud for &free trial& offer

Nov 04, 2014

I found a $14.95 per month charge on my bank account that I did not purchase anything from Audible for. I tried contacting them on multiple occasions and contacting my bank to see what it was. No one at the bank could stop the charges. I finally got through the 1-888 number which wa...

Coast Dental / Massive fraud

Apr 29, 2014


Collins Property Managers / Poor Service

Apr 26, 2014

DO NOT DO BUSINESS with MIKE COLLINS MILITARY FAMILIES, THINK ABOUT THIS BEFORE DOING BUSSINESS WITH MIKE COLLINS PROPERTY MANAGERS AND REALTY SERVICES. You daily devote your life to defending the constitution, values which make this country great. You often times even risk your life doing...