Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Florida City, Florida, United States / motorola turbo 2 phone

Jan 27, 2019

I am really disappointed in the lack of costumer service here, I received 20 motorola phones that turns out are used and refurbished! No one is calling me back or emailing me and I need to RETURN them asap...this has cost me a lot of money and I am not happy at all! [protected], [protected]...

BJ's Wholesale Club / customer service

Oct 18, 2018

Hi my name is Veronica Canales On Saturday October 13, 2018. I went to sign up for a membership and this was my first time signing up everything was good until I went to the register 4 and the lady was really rude towards us she had a nasty attitude telling us not to put the water on top...

Avmed / lack of customer service

Oct 17, 2018

very bad service takes for ever to get a rep. The rep took fo ever to get my info He could not even provide. fax number for Dr to get authorization. Had to look it up, than put me on hold to ask someone for it! Never came back on the line. I spent three days previously trying to get...

Bagger Bags / faring, rear fender and bags.

Sep 12, 2018

Horrible quality. 1 the faring was so gapped there was no way to fix it. There was no brackets to mount on my bike. When I called they told me the 2 alligator clamps were the mounting beakers. When I received the box it was ripped and chips on the faring. 2 the rear fender was so warped...

Home Shopping Network / customer service policy

Aug 30, 2018

The company is charging me a second time for a product, the first one I did not receive. I received a letter today stating that that are satisfied that UPS did successfully deliver the first package to my home on August 3, 2018 and that a signature was required. I call s UPS and have them...

eLoans / losns

Aug 23, 2018

Well today we where looking for a loan for a car when we ran in to eloans we thought it.was perfect for are family trying to get a car fast! Well after talking to them I thought everything they where telling me was decent then they start asking me to buy gift cards "buy $100 Google play...

Pallavi Chhelavda - Vastu Feng Shui World / vastu

Aug 19, 2018

She is a big fraud, we own salon businesses in NY, we saw her ad and decided to call her, she asked us 1000 dollars for one location and she asked us for traveling expense, we agreed . Next day she asked her to pick her up from New Jersey, my wife and I drove to NJ from Long Island to pick...

LGI Homes / plumbing problems and vices of constructions.

Aug 10, 2018

NEW HOUSE WAS BOUGHT IN OCTUBER, 2017 the company made the mistake by building it by pulling the elevation of the house below the required level .Which already caused us problems with the pipes of the house, because of the mistake made, the company installed a pump that supposedly was for...

CozyKey Vacation Rentals and / 4760 blue diamond street, kissimmee, fl 34746

Jul 31, 2018

Hi Just sent the email below to a representative of CozyKey. We feel we have been misled by them and by your website also. Please help us to be upgraded ASAP as we are extremely upset and cannot start to enjoy our holiday until this matter is resolved. Regards Roisin, Gary...

Wordans / up to date working phone number

Jul 29, 2018

This is an up to date working contact number for them [protected]... I was having no luck with the order i placed at first either. Every number listed online for them isnt the right one but the phone number on my bank statement for them did work.[protected]... I placed my order july 13th... / polo shirts

Jul 14, 2018

I have been waiting for my package since April 15 2018 and today is July 14 2018. There is no one i can reach. Please avoid this company. It is 2018 and this still happens. Take you money elsewhere. All they do is update the link that they provide after every month. The customer email they...

exotic animals monkey / monkey

Jul 11, 2018

hi my boyfriend was trying to buy me a capuchin monkey and the guy Rick is claiming how good he was doing this .he was looking for 1200.dollars ok we gave him 600 . then he said he was shipping her but now someone else got involved in the scam and he was delivering her from airport but now...

Lennox Cartel / jizzle_films

Jun 28, 2018

A video of me (a minor ) was used without my permission in one of his music videos I woke up around 7 this morning and seen the video which I dislike I asked Mr. Cartel can he please remove me from the video because I did not A. Get a message asking me if I would like to be in the video ...

Merrill Lynch / 401k

Jun 04, 2018

I called Merrill Lynch on 6-4-18 @ 5:10 pm spoke to a representative about my 401 k plan she stated her name was tambria I had questions about withdrawing money due to hardship.. she asked a few questions I gave her answers I then asked if I can get out of 401k she stated no I with no...

Neal Communities of Southwest Florida, LLC / unethical behavior... does not refund deposit

May 23, 2018

I flew in from out of state into Ft. Myers, Florida to look at a home on May 6, 2018. On May 7, 2018 (without a lawyer present), it was just myself and a Neal Communities Rep. I gave them a $5, 000 deposit. I proceeded o initial and sign off on a Home Purchase Agreement. I did this without...

Economy Car Rentals / rent car

May 18, 2018

We rented a car on March 26 to be pick up on March 27th, 2018 in the Dominican Republic. We were to pick up the car at 10am 3/27/18. When we arrived (15ppl) with kids included after traveling all night, they told us they did not have cars available. They told us come back but we were at...

Starbucks / hot chocolate

May 03, 2018

Fist I waited for a few minutes then I was bypassed then I watched as she made four drinks while mine just sat on the machine. I asked for extra hot. Was not hot at all. No whip cream no drizzle of chocolate. People very rude did not talk at all. This was the worst hot chocolate I have...

Hotwire / I booked a hot rate 3 star hotel. what I got is nothing more than 1 star. 3 m2 room

Apr 30, 2018

I booked a 3 star hotrate hotel in London UK directly from the London train station. The hotel's name was Hotel 65. When I went to the hotel, they gave me a room that is hardly 3 m2 with the bed included. Totally dirty, warn-out carpets, wall, bed-frame etc. I was shocked. I learned from...

Northstar / fictitious fraudulent scam company

Mar 15, 2018

Hello. Northstar is a Fictitious Fraudulent Company established by a man named Grant Hamilton Glasier designed to scam. He has established dozens of similar fictitious companies whose sole purpose is to embezzle, obtain, or otherwise flat out steal money from unsuspecting or vulnerable...

Puppy Spot / buyer beware! major rip off of clients! a word from the breeder.

Jan 26, 2018

I am a dog breeder that had worked with Puppy Spot for a few years. while I as a breeder work myself to the bone to produce healthy puppies, ethically, long 18 hour days, sleepless nights, no vaccations, catering to every client request and having no free time for anything, Puppy Spot... / shipping service

Dec 27, 2017

These people failed to deliver an item shipped to Thailand, then claimed it never arrived in my suite when I complained. I got UPS to provide a POD. Then they changed story and said it did arrive and was shipped. Took me weeks to sort out - they wouldn't compensate me, caused me exce...

Bayview Loans Servicing / unethical credit reportings

Dec 14, 2017

Never signed a loan (Note) with bayview loans, however, was reported by this agency to 3 credit bureaus - damaging credit for 7yrs, causing stress and hardship on foreclosed families. Political figures of higher powers needs to step in and remove reporting from credit bureaus of bayview...

Cay Boutique / monogrammed towels

Dec 08, 2017

I placed an order thru Groupon for Monogrammed towels on October 13, 2017 and still have no merchandise on December 8, 2017. Contacted CAY BOUTIQUE several times and no response (I have kept all my e mails), Contacted Groupon 3x's and they have answered once. Still no product. I have e...

Venus Fashion / clothing

Nov 06, 2017

the day 06/11/2017 im put a order number..#[protected] im buy 4 pieces of clothes im pay $118.97 dlls. but when this order arrive to my house the piece Y46032-S-BK is broken and J78112-S-NVWH is so big for me.. so I send to back whit the labels and all the instrucctions theyre told me, , and...

Carnival Cruise Lines / itinerary was changed 5 minutes after we left the port!

Sep 11, 2017

Our cruise Itinerary was changed just when we left the port! The cruise know about this switch before we boarded. But failed to mention this. So we could make a decision to abandon the cruise. Instead the cruise did a scam by knowing full well that ship was changing course to to hurricane...

Puzon Law / their service

Aug 24, 2017

After getting a call from a guy named Steven about my up coming foreclosed on my home he told me that they the law firm could save my home but they needed 875.00 dollars to begin the paper work after let them take it out of my bank account and me sending them all of the paper back all of...

St Marks / freightliner air conditioner

Aug 23, 2017

I initially took my truck to get the air conditioner fixed at the Freightliner in NJ. After four days and $1, 300 later it was supposed to be fixed. However two weeks later it broke again while in Georgia and I took it back to Freightliner. They charged me $600 to diagnose the problem they...

Puppyspot / guarantee breach contract three weeks ago I purchased a golden from puppy spot

Jul 23, 2017

Three weeks ago I purchased a golden from puppy spot I paid $2, 950 for the dog $399 for shipping. They guaranteed the dog was from a breeder and guaranteed 100% from nose to tail period 2 days later I took it to my vet as for the per requirements found my vet said the dog head crystal...

Allivet / extremely poor customer service. order never handled

Jul 21, 2017

I placed my first order two weeks ago with Allivet and the order has still not been processed. I was supposed to get the medications for my puppy within 5-10 business days. I contacted them via email and their support service ticket system several times - still no answer from them. Today...

Assurant Solutions / stolen ring

Jun 19, 2017

First off let me say this even when I was trying to submit my claim thru fax which is such a pain the neck I tried to send it but it seemed like they kept disconnecting the call it would not make it to the second page I thought it was just my phone line I went to several places just to fax...

Coach / manager at florida city, florida 5/21/17

May 29, 2017

My daughter was going off to college and I wanted to purchase a particular purse which was a brown saddle bag from the Disney X collection. I phoned the store in Florida City to assure they had the product and they did, I drove 3 hours and bought multiple items and the saleslady confirmed that...

Liv Luv Shop / business by deception / still no in stock order!

Apr 24, 2017

I ordered "in stock" t-shirts on April 1, 2017 and they charged my credit on 4/1/17 order # 164531 and still waiting on my order. They went so far as giving me what I believe to be a bogus usps tracking number with a promise date and of course it didn't show and now its lost? Shocking! I have...

Hobby Lobby / customer and employee relations

Apr 18, 2017

As a soon to be former employee I just want to clarify how the store works, and why you notice that almost every employee is miserable and bitter. 1. Hobby lobby pays decent for part-time, good for full time. 2. Training is non - existent, unless a manager takes a liking to you. This is a...

TracFone / service

Mar 29, 2017

i was in larado Texas and purchased a trakfone from wal mart . got it activated was was doing great untill i was going eastbound on I-10 to Houston where there was NO SERVICE..i was an OTR truck driver @ the time, and it was an everyday thing.the first chance i got when i was on home time...

MagicJack / fraud from "magicjack" representative.

Feb 03, 2017

On 02/16/2016 I was getting a phone call from MagicJack company said "we have a promotion going on for 5 years contract." His name was Mark Lucent that was what he told me and I noted it. He gave me a phone number to contact him if I have any question or problem. He asked me my credit card... / representatives & manager discrepancies

Jan 12, 2017

To whom it may concern: Re: booking id [protected] Reporting: deplorable customer service Hello, I want to start by saying this situation is going on right now. I'm not reporting something that happened months, ago, even days ago. This happened yesterday and still the ridiculous incompetence...

Telefonica Latina / Bad business

Jan 04, 2017

I signed up with them a few years ago (I want to say 2007)... I was told i had to pay $20 to open the service account with them and once i cancelled i would be refunded. After several years, i called on the summer of 2016 to cancel because thanks to whatsapp i didn't need the service...

Avoya Travel / Crise & booking

Jun 25, 2016

■■■■■ avoid avoya travel■■■■ A separated mom of 3. I scheduled a cruise for last year 2015 as a graduation present to my daughter. I made a $750 deposit. I emailed my avoya rep at the time to cancel my cruise or push it back to a later date. She informed me this would bring a penalty of $250...

Duglands German Shepherds /

Apr 29, 2016

As a breeder who worked with puppiesdirect/purebred breeders for many years I would caution any breeders thinking of getting involved with them. They make more money than the breeder does and when puppy gets sick on flight they expect the breeder to pay all compensation. Unless you plan to...

Summer Bay Resort / If its a scam

Apr 18, 2016

on 16th of feb 2016 got a message to look into was a promotion deal for this resort just had to ring with in so many seconds. then they answered was saying it was just a promotion to promote the resort. (florida sunshine holiday) Itinerary is orlando florida hotel with resort amenities 6...