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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Pueblo, Colorado | Page 8

Jeromy Suazo / robbed our home

christinasanchez05 on Mar 6, 2014

Jeromy Suazo is someone that is known in Pueblo as a trouble maker. He is known to deal drugs and even steal. I never thought they he would do those things to me. I have known him for a very long time and let him in my home. One day I left him by himself in my home because I had to leave...

Toby Rael / Stole 1,250 From Me

sarahwasplayed on Jan 13, 2014

I wanted to tell everyone that Toby Rael of Pueblo scammed me out of 1, 250 dollars. I have known him for over six years including his brother Todd Rael. He asked for money last summer to pain his Chevy truck because he didn't have any. He told me a huge sob story about how he never...

Salvatore C Torres / Scammed Me For 500 And Ran

sarahwasplayed on Jan 13, 2014

I wanted to let everyone know that Salvatore C Torres of Pueblo Colorado ripped me off for a total of $500.00. This was a matter that occured many years ago back when he was still practicing bail bonds. During this time, I needed to arrange bond for a case that I was involved in. I planned...

Viva Terra / They are a scam!

Marieva on Jan 6, 2014

On the left is what I ordered and on the right is what I received. The shape, material, and manufacturing process are not what is described on the website. The product is fully misrepresented on their website and is actually made in China. Moreover, the platter already has cracks in it and...

Eddie Briscoe / Stole 4K Of Our Money

Purplenurple on Dec 18, 2013

Eddie Briscoe (Edgar) is someone that I trusted and really thought was my friend. I known him for over 8 years and we used to do everything together. I would lend him money through the years and he would eventually pay me back or barter it off with me. I was really good friends with hi...

Raymond Anthony Ybarra / Deadbeat Dad/Cheater

tlemons on Sep 10, 2013

This guy is a crook. I trusted Raymond Anthony Ybarra (birthdate) July 9, 1982 and he turned around and ruined my life. He is currently with Amanda Ybarra and cheated on her with me. I hope someone will show her what this ### has done to me. Now I have a child without the support of a...

Mark Dean Archuleta / Robbed Our Home

tlemons on Sep 10, 2013

I trusted Mark Dean Archuleta and that he was a legit guy. He is from Pueblo Colorado and seemed like a nice person. One day I needed to leave to the hospital and trusted Mark so I left him behind. When I came home later the home was locked up but our tv, stereo, money jar was stolen. When...

James Sims / Stealing Money

McLovin81 on Jul 14, 2013

I paid James Sims to do some small contract work for me. We agreed for him to work on my yard along with trimming my trees. He only showed up once and picked up a few sticks. He started smoking cigarettes in front of my lawn for a few hours then he left and I never heard from him again. He...

Eric Lee Santistevan / Sexual Molester

THEWARNING on Jun 5, 2013

We hired Eric to do regular work on our home and even work on our vehicles that we owned. One of our neighbors alerted me about Eric and mentioned that he was arrested many times before. Come to find out, he has a scary past of getting arrested for a sex related crime against a child. He...


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