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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Pueblo, Colorado | Page 7

Michael Lance Sierra / burglarized home stole 5,000

nomorebackingdown on Apr 4, 2015

Mike Sierra was someone that I trusted. I was a bit too late with reading the past negative reviews about him or I would have thought twice about letting him inside my home. I knew Mike for the past 5 years and we always got along. He did a few small tattoos on my body and we were friend...

Salvation Army / financial help with electric bill

meglee on Mar 5, 2015

This year had been a bit hard on my family as far as finances and utility bills. I was informed that I could fill out an application for help at my local salvation army, which I did and provided all the documents requested . this was the first time I had ever spied or asked for help with...

Mark Archuleta / Robbed Us For 1000

alicetorres on Feb 23, 2015

I had trusted Mark Archuleta since I've known him for 10+ years. He would come over many times and I assumed he was like family. One day I had to leave and pick up my car from the mechanic and asked Mark to keep an eye on my home since movers were coming. I was gone for a total of 25...

Toby Rael / Gave Me Hepatitis From A Dirty Tattoo Needle

willierobbins44 on Feb 23, 2015

I went to Toby Rael because a friend of mine said that he wouldn't charge too much to get my tattoo done. I just wanted a simple flower as my first tattoo and most shops here wanted to charge a few hundred dollars. I really wished that I spent the extra money on a professional shop...

Salvadore C Torres / Scammed Our Family For 1,000

salisabadguy on Feb 19, 2015

I wanted to warn everyone about Salvadore C Torres. He also has the mispelling of Salvatore C Torres and resides in Pueblo Colorado. He is a former boxer, bailbondsman, and a body builder. He has went to an all time low and scammed my family. He said that he still does bail bonds on the...

Michael Lance Sierra / theft of 2,000

wewontbackdown on Feb 15, 2015

Michael Lance Sierra shouldn't be trusted. I knew Mike for only two years from getting tattoos from him. He seemed like a stand up guy through the entire time. He would travel from Pueblo to Denver. One day he pulled me aside and said he needed to talk. He was struggling really bad for...

Toby Rael / Robbed Our Home

christineknows on Feb 3, 2015

Toby C Rael robbed our home last January with his twin brother Todd Rael. I invited Toby over to my house to do a tattoo on my lower leg. He brought over his brother Todd for company. I left to get my leg ready with shaving and putting on shorts. When I returned back to my living room I...

Salvador C Torres / Stole 1250 From Previous Bond

craignowsnow on Jan 18, 2015

I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know what type of person Salvadore C Torres is. He was a previous bail bond agent and took 1250 dollars from me when I really needed him. I was in a legal bind and needed to arrange a bond. Salvadore said he would bond me out for 1250 and just...

Black Hills Energy / gas being turned off

sg87 on Nov 28, 2014

Called the gas Black Hills Energy because I smelled gas in my kitchen thinking they would help. Apparently I was wrong. Technician came by and said I had to lock up my dog before he entered my house. It took about 5 minutes which took too long because he said he had another house he needed...

Toby Rael / took our rent payment

christinasanchez05 on Mar 6, 2014

Toby Rael is someone that has a bad reputation as it is. He has multiple complaints online for stealing. His brother Todd Rael looks exactly like him and is a known thief as well. I had given Toby and Todd a ride across town to their home. I stopped at the gas station to get snacks for my...