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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Santa Cruz, California

McDonald's / store closed early, associate was rude, and refused to give his name

Erica Grijalva on Sep 30, 2018

I came to location-Store #778 at 11:47pm on Saturday 9/29/18, and they refused to serve me. The restaurant was full of people, and an associate rudely yelled- We're closed, when I walked in. The store hours said open until midnight. I then asked his name, and he said rudely "WHY"- then I...

Western Dental Service at Ocean St. Santa Cruz / customer service

Julia Tani on Sep 15, 2018

I took my daughter to an appointment at 12:30 Sept.15th for cleaning, they made us wait an hour and all they did was took her X-ray and check up.The cleaning was not done. I also complain that some people who came later were called beore her, but this black lady works there gave me a rude...

Fox TV / football

Dennis Scrimo on Sep 11, 2018

I will no longer watch Football on your station ...or any other station.. I will stop until players are allowed to take a knee and are allowed to show what they think about our system of justice without being penalized. It has long been our way to look to our athletes with respect and...

Safeway Morrissey / the way you patrol your property

Youredisgusting on Sep 9, 2018

I am sick and tired of the campers, the drug dealers and want nots in the back of your location on Morrissey, in Santa Cruz. Your management's lack of managing the entire property is nauseous. I have way too many of your tractor trailers driving into the residential area, including during...

Milk and Choco / won't return emails for return of item

Feistygal on Aug 15, 2018

I received my item, believing I was ordering my items from USA, not Hong Kong/China. The item was not as described and they offered a 14 day refund/exchange. I have contacted them 10 times by email and they have not responded once. I will learn to Dona google search on each company that I...

Milk and Choco / no email reply for returns

Maddison Kate on Jul 24, 2018

I ordered 3 items from this company from the size guide provided. They items took a month to arrive and when they did they were way too small, meaning 3 or more sizes too small. I have now tried to contact their support email multiple times and have not yet had a reponse from them. I have...

Goodwill Industries International / management

Bradley Eason on Jul 17, 2018

An upper by the name of Amber tried to send home a coworker for him trying to do his job, she thought he was goofing off when he was trying to ask people what he should do next. She then told him if he has a problem with her he can leave and go home, thats unprofessional and should be...

Taco Bell / mobile orders

Alondra_0525 on May 30, 2018

I submitted a mobile order for this store only to come by and find it closed. The app wouldn't let me cancel my order and when I called the store they told me they would not be open for another hour and i could come back then and they could not cancel my order. I called Customer Service...

Fox TV / foolish cancellations

Janelle Andreasen Commons on May 18, 2018

How could you have canceled Lucifer, Brooklyn 99, Last Man on Earth, and The Mick???!!! You have literally canceled 4 out of the total 10 shows that I watch on network television. How could you be so insanely stupid?! I absolutely disagree with your politics but have continued to support...

Chicken Roasters / roasted chickens

Frances Rinaldo on Apr 28, 2018

To Whom It May Concern at Whole Foods: You are the only grocery store in the Santa Cruz-Scotts Valley area that sells organic ROASTED chickens. I love your roasted organic chickens and buy them when I am too lazy or too much in a hurry to roast one myself. The men at the chicken counter...