Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Pittsburg, California, United States

Netspend Corporation / prepaid account

Jan 21, 2019

I am very upset. Last week, i went to go use my card and couldn't. I called and they said, we closed your account. I said why? I just used my card and they said for your security we closed your account and you are no longer eligible for any Netspend card even though it was a Paypal Prepaid...

Authors Press / book publishing

Jan 09, 2019

This company is a vanity publishers. On no account should you accept any offer to publish your manuscript with them. They will take your money and do nothing. I entered into a deal with them where they charged me $1000.00 to publish my book. They promised reviews, press releases, exposure... / my service

Nov 20, 2018

I have been a sprint customer for 18+ years and have decided to take my business to Tmobile as soon as my contract expires. I was offered a promotion to add a new line of service in Sept.2018, and sprint would pay the bill for the new line until 1/2020. I agreed to the promotion and...

Sonic Drive-IN / customer service

Oct 14, 2018

The employees at this location were slow, careless, and unfriendly! There were male employees that had their pants sagging below their butts and a couple of them were pulling them up multiple times as they were walking in and out of the building. From the time I ordered my food through the...

Motel 6 / being charged for a

Oct 13, 2018

On 10/02/18 I Dymond Hodges booked a stay during that time of stay at 2201 Loveridge Rd Pittsburg CA 94509. Durng my time of stay I was awakened to the room next to me domestic violence and sercret affair issues that not only started inside the their room to also outside their room so the...

DirecTV AT&T Services / tech / installation

Sep 24, 2018

I have been trying since August 9th of 2018 to get my DirecTV AT&T services installed to say it has been a nightmare is an understatement. I ordered service August 9th my original schedule date for service was August 24th that appointment was missed with no phone call from a...

Wells Fargo / my direct deposit

Sep 21, 2018

Today I supposed to be able to withdraw funds but I finds out that its not in my open account but my payroll sent it to the old account which was closed. because I forgot to give them my new account my payroll ended up depositing it to my old and closed account. My biggest frustration is I...

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen / service

Aug 22, 2018

The cashier Leandra Cohr who served me this Aug 22 at 1283 E Leland road in Pittsburg Ca was so rude, she throw the plate in my face when I told her she was rude I almost called police. She was impatient because it took me a while to order because I'm not familiar with the menu. I wa...

Sonic Drive-IN / service

Jul 30, 2018

on 7/26/2018 at 10:45 pm.Pittsburg, TX 75686 Ordered a simple chocolate shake. Patiently waited until 11pm. Pushed the button and was told "we are closed". I asked what happened to my milkshake. They brought out a melted one. Gee Thanks! I understand these things happen, but I felt pretty...

Fingerhut / payments and credit card protection

May 18, 2018

Hello, my name is Robert Robinson. I have had a Fingerhut account for years. I never missed a payment, nor was I ever late until I lost my job in 2015 and subsequently became disabled in 2016. I sent all pertanent documentation to a women named Sandy or Sandra and Necole Foster for...

Long John Silver's / food chicken and shrimp

Mar 23, 2018

Hello Today I visited your location on Railroad Ave, Pittsburg, CA 94565. I ordered 1- shrimp and chicken dinner and 1 chicken plank dinner. When I pulled up the cashier was laughing about a customers previous complaint. I asked for target sauce she handed me one packet and laughed. When I...

Albertsons/Safeway / entire store

Mar 18, 2018

The store at 660 Bailey Road in Bay Point CA is the worst store in Contra Costa County. This store has expired food on the shelves, very un healthy conditions, poor attitude employees, way to long of lines at anytime of day, bums and thugs smoking weed on the store grounds harassing...

WinCo Foods / bakery department

Oct 27, 2017

I have been a client of this store for many years now, last week I made an order for cupcakes at 7am, the person who took my order was named Elizabeth (bakery manager). When I went to go pick up my order, as always, my order was not ready. I have had many bad experiences for many month...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / grilled chicken not available

Jul 25, 2017

Hello, I was just going to get dinner for my family and we are in the middle of remodeling our house. I decided that because were trying to go low-carb that we would try your grilled chicken and I was going to get a family size bucket with green beans as a side. I went to the KFC in...

Dollar Tree / towing issue

Jul 20, 2017

At 680 Bailey Road, Pittsburg, CA. 94565 Dollar Tree shares the same parking lot as Safeway at 660 Bailey Road, Pittsburg, CA. 94565. Safeway has started a program to tow cars that have been parked longer than 1 hour, but there is no posted warning. This effects your customers too. I visited...

Safeway / unethical behavior towing customers cars

Jul 20, 2017

I am a customer of Safeway and they had Arrowhead Towing tow my car, because they claim there is a 1 hour parking limit. Which is not posted anywhere. I also visited the Dollar Tree and Burger King so I did not hear the page they claim they made in Safeway that I needed to move my...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / customer service and missing food

Jul 07, 2017

Pittsburg California railroad avenue KFC location. I am sure this is not the first complaint received from a customer. So today is the last time ever I try to go to this KFC, I have had issue after issue with this KFC... it is beyond me how they stay open and where do I begin? To start...

Motel 6 / my stay at motel 6, about one of their maid server and one of the workers at the front desk

Jun 30, 2017

On june30, 2017 I check in a motel 6 in Pittsburgh ca, around 2am'ish, 3am I was confirm that I wouldn't be checking out at 12noon, not only that I was charge like 90'something dollars, 12noon came knock at the door check out time or are you staying another night, I call the front asking...

Hertz / car rental

Jun 09, 2017

I always rent from hertz I picked up my rental it's was dirty and smelled of smoke which by the way wasn't the first time this has happened, !I told the rental agent to mark it on the check out sheet when I brought the rental back I cleaned the car throughly washed it vacuumed it as I...

Corporate Fleet Sales / wrongly denied purchase

Apr 22, 2017

On 4/19/17 I believe I was wrongly denied the purchase of a car (Vin # 1G6KD57Y66U139771, Stock # 702451). On 4/17/17 I spoke with Denise Earl at this Dealership about this Vehicle & my interest in Purchasing this Vehicle. She was told I was not in Town (Visiting my Son & Family in...

Wish / 3 rings

Dec 21, 2016

I have not gotten my 3 orders for rings. Then one company keeps sending emails stating they have a question to ask me when I go to answer the question a message comes up and says:error 404. I dont what this is about but now im angry. I ordered a red stoned ring, a white stone ring and a...

RushCard / prepaid debit card

Oct 18, 2015

Problem 1 - missing direct deposit from 10/15 Problem 2 - overcharged $100 at gas station (actual charge $38.10) Problem 3 - duplicate charges that already posted 10/9 now showing up again as "pending" Problem 4 - recurring transactions withdrawn and paid but not showing up in my balance...

McAfee antivirus / will not restore my antivirus

Oct 18, 2014

Back in April or May of this year i purchased a McAfee Antivirus for one year at 49.99. It last until approximately mid July and than told me my subscription is running out. I called the 888 number and spoke with someone with a very thick accent ( Indian) . They put someone on the phone...

ATT Uverse / uverse internet rep liars!!!

Jan 18, 2012

Called ATT Rep to inquired about ATT Uverse Internet Service on 12/28/11. Rep told me it cost 14.95 a month and the modem is free. I was told that this was not a promo rate, later on I found out it was. Not to mention all additional fee they've added on my bill that I was not told...

Foods Co / selling expierd meat

Jun 09, 2011


Webroot / unauthorized charge

Feb 21, 2011

a couple years ago my computer was repaired by a serive tech for viruses and he used webroot and charged it on my account and all suddent now I am being charged $43.65 which is claiming for renewel fee which for a computer I dont even own anymore...but what can you do this is America

tv travel / scam


I receive a call from ron carrico on 5/13/10 he toll me taht I can maney by selling travel packege the cost was only $240 he toll me they were assosiated with all the mmayor hotel in the world its sound like good idea & it was a %100 por cent money back guranty the next day I gat another...

711 / horrible customer service


Everyday i go to the same 711 and not be racist but only indians work there! Each one of them are rude they dont greet anyone with a smile and they seem upset t be at work! When i place my items on the counter they grab them scan it and toss it back to the counter with any thing (dounut...

McDonalds / food & service


Apples in Happy Meal were expired. I advised the person working and was very Rudely told that they were ONLY expired by one day. (the woman was an older east Indian woman) I told her it did not matter how long they had been expired, it was against health department regulations to serve any...

WinCo Foods / couldent buy beer. not following ca law

My husband and I had a bad experience at Winco Foods. We just finished our grocery shopping and went to check out. I told the checker we also have a case of Budwieser beer. The checker told us she needs to see all of our I.Ds including our friends I.D who is only 20. Mind u hes not a...

WinCo Foods / green mold


I want to place in a complaint regarding Yoplait & Winco Foods. I bought a Yoplait yogurt on 05/19/09 went straight home & placed it in my fridge same night. Then on 05/22/09 put it in my Managers fridge at work. Around noon opened the sealed Yogurt in front of my supervisor& staff while I...

Target Stores / bad employment

This complaint spans several weeks. My employer is closing, and Target sent a representative to talk to us about going there when the store closes. The rep they sent was the head of thier Human Rescources department. They had arranged a "job fair" in our store to tell us about working at...

Blue Hippo / Scam artist


My mother law is now a Blue hippo customer and she is has a order for a Dell Intel Dual Core Processor E2180 that she is paying a total of $1, 943, 00 dollars total for a computer that has only 1GB of memory 160GB of hard drive . Those of you who have knowledge with computers THAT'S...