Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Adelanto, California, United States

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / ac unit

Sep 26, 2018

Filed a claim for my ac unit to be repaired, the contractor said the compressor needed to be replaced. when they came out to install it, it was the wrong one so they had to reorder which was supposed to take up to 3 weeks.. it's been over 2 months with no new compressor and no word from...

American Automobile Association / / aaa membership

Jul 09, 2018

I have been a AAA member for four years. For some reason, AAA decided to cancel my membership without an explanation to their reasoning. When asked for a reason, I was told that they can not provide a reason as to why they cancelled my account. I no longer want to do business with AAA and my...

LetGo / harassment

Dec 02, 2017

My ex keeps making fake letgo accounts and harassing me. I had to go file a restraining order yesterday and was granted one. Can you tell me if these accts were made under the email [protected]@gmail because I have court on Dec 22 and want to show the judge its him because I can't really prove its him because they are fake names. Please [protected]

Burger King / burger

Nov 29, 2017

On November 28, 2017 at 5:00 pm My mom, my brother, and I went to burger king and ordered 3 junior whoopers therefore the service was nice, but unfortunately the burger gave me food poison now my stomach is starting to hurt bad my mom and brother didn't get food poison but unfortunately I...

Del Taco / Rude service/racism

Sep 07, 2017

When I asked why Lorena at DelTaco location #1000 is always so rude to my wife and consistently forgets to give us items that we paid for, as well as ingredients ordered, she just said I'm sorry. I asked if it was because the color of my wife's skin. And her exact response was "Maybe." In...

Bank Mobile Vibe / my funds on my card

Sep 05, 2017

I went to check my balance from my mobile bank vibe app and it says that's $104 was taken from a purchase that I did not make. Not only the $104 every time I do make a purchase, I keep getting another random amount taken from my account. Like I'd purchase my book and I'd get charged a...

AVG / avg antivirus

Nov 16, 2016

I purchased AVG at Best Buy and was dissatisfied with the product. I contacted AVG [CASE NO. [protected]], and was told that I had to resolve the matter with Best Buy' Best Buy states that AVG is responsible for my refund since i activated the disc. i am tired of the run around. If AVG cannot... / website is down


I attended the National Grants Conference seminar and received a brochure that instructed me to go to and register for $500 in Visa gift cards, but the site redirects you to to print the vouchers that are needed to receive the $25 gift card. I printed...

Burger King / texture of bun


Spent $26.00 on seven burgers and drinks and fries, an trashed all but the drinks. Most of the time kids will eat anything fast food and not complain. But this time five kids, and two adults, all agreed the bun dough has changed, and thats like a good pizza dough changing its recipe...