Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States

Uniters / sofa

Dec 15, 2018

I reported a problem with my sofa, end table tipped over and put a huge hole in the side of it. Reported it to Uniters and they did absolutely nothing. Called Wayfair and they said it is a flawless process and of course they did nothing either. Biggest waste of money. Service sucks!!! The...

Paltalk / bullying

Oct 31, 2018

a memeber malcolm kemp mr_jollie is a sexafender hes been bullying me ive been defending my self over his drama in a room he has illigally banned me cause he dont want woman in the room mem for men only room owner is melvin525 ive icnored him in the room but it seems if i icnore him it...

Burger King / food quality

Sep 23, 2018

Prescott Valley, AZ location September 22, 2018 2 for $10 special Ordered the chicken tenders and the chicken fillet sandwich with fries and a drink for each person. Aside from the fries were lukewarm, the advertised picture presented on tv and the poster ads of both the chicken meals did...

America’s Best Western Inn / water damage/son fell in the water and hit his head/bugs in drawers

Sep 15, 2018

We stayed at this hotel. Woke up and took a bath with my kids. We drained the water and it flooded the whole bathroom outside of the bathroom out to the front door and into the room with the bed. My son tripped in the water and hit his head. As well as trash in drawers and bugs that...

Jack In The Box / commercials

Aug 28, 2018

This is not the first time they've done this they indicated Viagra on another commercial this is totally disgusting. Then you wonder where our children get what they get from I don't really care for Jack in the Box food and I will not support them because of the commercials that...

Stafford / mens briefs

Jul 25, 2018

I have been wearing your briefs since I was just a young lad. Never bought any other kind because they were the best. However, recently you have changed the elastic in them. They never used to roll over-but now the elastic is thinner and rolls over just like the cheap brands! If you cannot...

Taco Bell / taco supreme

Apr 28, 2018

Taco Supremes way under the standard. I worked at taco bell in North Attleboro MA in 1984, I remember making Taco Supreme's and the work Supreme was applicable, I think I remember the recipe, 2z meat, 1 pump of sour cream from the thing that looked like a caulking gun, 2z lettuce, 1z... / internet

Dec 06, 2017

I was kicked out of my yahoo. Account, someone from other locations than my known lagoon computer at home or any of my devises that wanted to reset my password, And yahoo wont let me in my account with all of my life's need things and now I'm locked out of my phone and Internet its been a...

Home Depot / home siding

Aug 06, 2017

Job#5706892 We had new windows and siding installed, date of contract 6/21/2011. We called Home Depot several times. Spoke to a Tracy. Our siding has been cut too short. One piece barely aligned with another piece. We have had the siding checked with a contractor and was told siding should...

Circle K / horrible management, threats, harassment

Apr 03, 2017

Okay, I may not have worked at circle k long, I lasted 5 days, but that was 5 days too long. I took this job because where I live employment is scarce. I couldn't find anything in my expertise, so I had to settle because money doesn't grow on trees. This job is the absolute WORST job I...

LetGo / recent commercial with the tornado

Feb 23, 2017

I do realize that it was produced in fun, but the commercial you are advertising your services does have an effect on those of us who have experienced a tornado first hand (Joplin tornado 5/22/2011). When I saw this commercial, it instantly put me back in the PTSD mode. It was not funny to... / auto renewal

Feb 21, 2017

I joined on Nov.21, 2016. I've had a horrible experience and went online to cancel on Feb.19th, 2017 before my subscription ended. I noticed it said it was canceled for May21st, 2017 so I called but no one was available. I called again today and they told me I had to cancel...

Central Highlands Real Estate Property Management Group / Michaela Windsor - Fraud

Jul 17, 2014

Central Highlands Real Estate Property Management Group in Prescott Valley Arizona, has an employee who works for them namedMichaela Windsor, who has been committing fraud against their clients. She boasted to local friends about the mistakes she makes in billing and overcharging customer...

David R. W. Withers AKA / Horrible Experience. Unethical. Avoid Doing Business.

Aug 29, 2013

I recently did business with David Withers and it was a horrible experience. He is extremely rude and he provides unethical business practices. I tried to work with him but he refused to work with me to resolve matters. He was very aggressive and threatened me many times. I am keeping...

Original Keyless / Didn't ship in-stock item for 73 days. Refuses to refund.

Jul 02, 2013

Do not feed the trolls! I ordered an item that was listed as in-stock and original keyless did not ship it for 73 days in violation of the federal trade commission mail and telephone order rule. I had thought the order was canceled because original keyless failed to respond to three...

Original Keyless / Key FOBS

Apr 26, 2013

Ordered two remote key FOBS for a Hyundai XG350L. The company posts that the FOBs are "new-like new-excellent condition". NO way...false advertisement!!! One button did not light up or function with the trunk on one of the FOBs. The other FOB the unlock button did not light or function not...

Sears Optical / delivery failure and refund hassle

Jul 19, 2012

Ordered and paid $$452.98 for eyeglasses on 6/18/12 at 3400 Gateway Blvd. in Prescott, AZ 86303; [protected]. After three weeks I was told frames were not available at lab, mailing ones from store to lab. A week later told had to come in to store and order different frames; (Chri...

Capwest Mortgage Overland Kansa / Rip off

Jul 12, 2012

After spending many weeks with this "lender", I was asked to prove where my bank funds came from. These funds had been in my banks for over 2 months. They wanted to know where the bank money came from. I provided documentation for the purchase of silver and gold coins over the years a...

tax refund checks / won't cash state or federal

Mar 08, 2012

when my wife and I went to Walmart to cash our federal and state tax refund check. walmart uses certegy check services and both were rejected. we called ceregy and the person we spoke to could not give us an answer for the decline. we were asked for a file of they had one of my wife or...

Pizza Hut / Pizza / too salty


All of a sudden, pizzas are very salty. When I complained to the store, they said they have no control over this. When I complained to the company, never got an answer

Original Keyless / Wrong Key - Restocking Fee


Even though I confirmed the remote would work with my year/make/model vehicle before ordering, they send me a well-used remote that does not even look like the one's the 2010 vehicles come with. Close, but not identical. Needless to say it would not work. Even the car dealer...

psu / Phoenix State University / fake scam not accredited university


i wll join a class law suit ? they got me for $ 500 This is a Locksmith Scam Alert. Please follow the links below. It starts with this amusing seemingly intelligent friendly fellow. Click this link. Please read all of the websites and totally indulge your...

Timber Play Deluxe Swingset / Unprofessional Behavior


February 10, 2010 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing with the hope that these issues will be addressed and I will get a response as to the result. I called the KMart store in Prescott Valley, AZ yesterday morning after seeing an ad in the local newspaper with swingsets on sale. I...

Original Keyless / You took my money where is my key fob.


I am writing this complaint to show how bad this company really is, and to give advice to others with the same problems. I should have read the reviews before ordering, is probbally what everyone who deals with this company will be saying. Here is the problem i had, and solved! I ordered...

Allied Cash Advance / Predatory Business Practices


Because of lowered work hours and mortgage problems, I was unable to pay on a $352.95 loan. They called back with ideas but I told them I still couldn't do it. On the last call, they said they were going to send it to collections. I said fine, I will deal with it there and when I had...

Fry's grocery stores / phyical abuse


Iam a disabled veteran and try to do my grocery shopping in the morning before it gets to hot. This is the third time in 4 months I have been phyically abused by a sacker at the Fry's Grecery store in Prescott Valley, AZ. The first time I let it go, the second time I called the store...

Cracker Barrell / getting fired


I got fired for eating a bowel of ice cream. Plus I was robbed of $35. Oo aweek for insurence I did not want!. Everone thinks oh cracker barrell nice people ;let me tell you about these nice people. They throw away so much food you would not believe it. I worked night maintnance there;...

Aamco / left my transmission 2 quarts low


I took my 2002 Explorer to AAMCO for a transmission fluid change on 2-18-09. Soon afterward, I found the transmission would disengage on a hard stop. I took the car back on 4-22-09 to check on what the problem may be, and AAMCO Customer Service Manager David Migdol told me to come back... / non consent/34.95 charge from my account


My name is Tracy G. Martin, and i was charged 34.95 without my consent.It was probably adult friend finder/or Fling.comI closed my account on [protected].I did not have automatic renewal for this as i was just wanting to try out the gold membership.I would like my money transferred back to...

Rent a Center / service


I have been a customer with rent a center for 3 1/2 years and have a fridge paid off and the whole time we had it, we had to send it in for service 5 or six times. the store did nothing to rectify this and we still had to send it back more. This last time that we sent it back it came back...

Original / Unauthorized billing

I placed an order 7/13/08 for a Subaru transmitter for around $43.00 . They sent an e-mail telling that it was shipped 7/17/07 and USPS did received an electronic notification that they were going to ship a package but never happened. Today is 7/28/08 and nothing has arrived. I've...

Original Keyless / Terrible company

I ordered 2 keyless entry remotes in the beginning of May and have not received this order 1 month later. I e-mailed company and received a similar canned response that others have received showing a signature confirmation # that was not listed on my original e-mailed shipping notice that...

Wells Fargo Accounts / bank reversed a credit and i'm overdrawn!


I used a $13000 balance transfer from American Express and deposited into my Wells Fargo Credit Line. On 12/20/2007 the funds showed on the Credit Line as "available". I used WF's online system to transfer that money to my WF Checking Account. Again, the funds showed as "available" in...