Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Crypto SA / not bad, but a little misleading

Jan 25, 2019

I can't say anything bad about this company. Maybe it's not perfect, but at least they have something to show and share, and probably have nothing to hide. So it's not really a complaint, just a review and advice for them. I looked through the website and found something not really fair. They...

Hungry Jack's Australia / grill masters double angus

Jan 18, 2019

I ordered a grill masters double angus smokey bbq when i got home i ended up only having 1 angus patty which i payed for a double not very happy with the service at all its not the first time my orders been wrong but is the first time im complaining as i feel ripped off to a point ill end...

Hungry Jack's Australia / port adelaide hungry jacks drive through

Jan 16, 2019

Went through port Adelaide drive through and was so disappointed and disgusted in the service I got and didn't get half my order again.!!! I'm a regular customer been goin to that store for years and it's been goin down heel with the time u wait the customer service you receive i...

Be2 / [protected] overcharded and cancellation.

Jan 05, 2019

06/01/2019 I received a message on my mobile for an offer of $19.00 for one month and after I found that an amount of $79.00 was deducted from my account. I do not want to pay this amount of money and want to cancel all payments and membership and receive a refund of my money taken from my...

Digichain Capital / be careful

Dec 27, 2018

Their website may be very confusing, especially for those who just started their cryptocurrency discovery. However, it's nothing special. It's bad enough that the website is confusing and filled with not very necessary information, it also doesn't provide something investors really need. SoI...

MBI-Probiller / unauthorised credit card charges

Dec 09, 2018

Why are you debiting my card, you have no authorisation from me? My name is Alex Muggridge my mobile number is [protected] ring me urgently! You have taken from my account on Friday 7 December 2018 $164.17 then again 146.14 and then again 145.05 that is a total of $455.90. Call me...

Hungry Jack's Australia / burgers

Dec 05, 2018

7:00 Wednesday, the 5th of December, I went out with my family to Hungry Jacks Newton, looking forward to a fast and tasty meal. The reality was that 2 of the 3 burgers we ordered came with an extra helping of mould, and the third eaten too fast to check. When we contacted the manager, we...

Virgin Australia Airlines / check in at adelaide airport

Nov 16, 2018

On the 7/11/2018 at 4.30am my husband and I checked in for our flight to Perth which left at 6.40am flight VA 713. The service counter was free from anyone lining up to check in so we decided to go to the counter instead of the self check-in machines. The woman at the counter asked me sternly...

Virgin Australia Airlines / changing / removing from scheduled flight

Nov 15, 2018

I wish to make a complaint this morning in regards to my connecting flight from Melbourne to Hobart today. I was on the 6.05 am flight VA204 from Adelaide to Melbourne. When we landed in Melbourne at 7.54am and just before disembarking from the plane, there was an announcement that passenger...

Malaysian Airlines Stolen items from Lost Baggage on flight MH136 / no resolution to my complaint nor a refund. enough ignoring this disappointment and resolve please

Nov 02, 2018

I have lodged a complaint once i had received my baggage and went to open it to find my surface pro missing. I live in both Australia and Thailand so the baggage i take with me is minimal and occasionally I have no need to open my bag immediately upon returning from one country to another...

Jetstar Airways / customer service

Oct 24, 2018

I missed my flight by 10 minutes today due to our car breaking in the Adelaide Hills and I had to catch the bus to the city and the the airport bus. I received an sms saying that the gates will be shutting at 3:07pm as my flight departs at 3:30pm. I had called Jetstar and the operator had...

Hungry Jack's Australia / hunger tamer boxes

Oct 11, 2018

Hi brought 2 hunger tamer boxes from hungry jacks noarlunga our bugers were cold and meat was burnt our chips were cold aswell and was given no drinks for the meal our frozen drinks were not all flavour like i requested the rest of the meal was acceptable im likely not to go back to thi...

Asendia Management SAS / unwanted product

Sep 28, 2018

I have received a product that I do not want and never did. You have taken money from my account and wish for it to be refunded. I have returned your product twice and I don't not want to receive any more so please STOP . Your company is very hard to track down as the postage bags have...

Malaysia Airlines / customer care worst service

Sep 25, 2018

I am complaining about service I Got from customer care agent. I called 48 hours before to change meal for my parents flight. When we booked flight agent told us you can change meal at Check -IN time. When we were doing check IN we could not found any question or columns related with meal...

Malaysia Airlines / customer service and ticketing

Sep 24, 2018

False advertising and making me pay excess fees on a promised booking . 2 months since acknowledged complaint - NO RESPONSE!!! Dear Malaysia Airlines This is over 5 weeks since my complaint. You promised to get back to me . I have not yet got a coherent or timely reply from you. Please inform...

Little Shop Folders / not being able to but a folder for little shops

Sep 06, 2018

I have tryed from the start to get a little shop folder for my daughter to put her little shops in and no coles stores have any and I am only after one and I rang and got told what stores has the second lot of folders but when I found out about this they were all gone again this is not...

Coles Supermarkets / coles mini promotion

Sep 05, 2018

This promotion cause so many problems to thousands of customers First of all not enough folders were available major mistake. Second coles stuff haven't handed minis to all customers wonder why? Coles is so huge company with so many loyal customers that have been treated unfairly can't believe...

Woolworths Australia / caffitaly coffee capsules, 2 bean strength

Aug 19, 2018

Have been buying the coffee capsules since they come into your store, unfortunately have been through 3 machines and 2 milk frothers in that time but that is not my concern in this instance. We are starting to get quite a few capsules that are not working properly. The taste of the coffee...

Colesonline St Clair / missing items, non substituted items, ban usual amount of milk I buy

Aug 11, 2018

It's happening in Largs North SA all the time, late deliveries, driver's with attitude, missing items all the time, items marked for substitution not replaced like coffee toilet paper, essential items, I purchase for a fortnight and for the past five years have been ordering 15 litre...

Miele / w1913 front loader washing machine

Aug 08, 2018

My Miele W1913 has F53 stopping the washer from operating.It is the third washing machine since 2014 when I started having trouble with them. I have to wait until next week for a technician to visit at a cost of $110 call out and $25 per 15 minutes plus parts! I will be without a washer for...

Malaysia Airlines / check in /bag check in

Aug 01, 2018

I had checked in online prior to the flight. Arrived 2.5hours early... I was asked if i jad checked in online. I said yes byt i dont have my boarding pass printed so i was directed to the check in line. Did not move in the line for 10 mins. Then i was re approached by your lovley team...

Harvey Norman / wine promotion with purchase

Jul 30, 2018

on the 07.07.18 I purchased 3 items that came with the offer of ‘Spend $399 or more on selected products in a single transaction and redeem from Wolf Blass a 12-bottle case of your choice of either: Wolf Blass Silver Label Spend $1500 or above on selected products in a single transaction...

CarTrawler / city transfer

Jul 29, 2018

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I received the information below by email 27/07/2008 after booking transfer via Emirates website and paying by Visa ** Email Subject: Booking Confirmation For Your Transfer - AU383755470 "Dear George Pantahos, Thank you for booking your transfer with...

Kogan Australia / refund

Jul 22, 2018

I purchased and paid for a television 4K Smart Television, through Kogan, paid $738 it was delivered to me some time back now. It worked for a very short time and then stopped, I contacted you and you got a repair man to come and have a look and the Television was taken away. A new Mother...

Gumtree / complaint about a misleading person

Jul 15, 2018

stephen bow replied to my ad on gumtree, said he was going to buy my rainwater tank. gave him my details and he gave me a time and day to make the transaction, but he never turned up, my whole day was wasted . he misleaded me and i want to take action against him, im sick and tired of...

LG / tv oled65b7v

Jul 12, 2018

My name is Ahmed, I live in Australia. Last January I bought LG TV OLED65B7V from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (the receipt attached). The salesman confirmed that there is one year international warranty to cover the device in Australia. Now when I try to tune the location settings, I can't...

Dan Murphy's / rude delivery guy

Jul 11, 2018

Order #[protected] delivered to my workplace for a staff event on the 12/07/2018, I got a phone call from the delivery guy from downstairs saying he had 5 cases of alcohol that he couldn't bring up the front steps so i told him there was actually a ramp just around the side of the building he...

Milk and Choco / clothing

Jul 10, 2018

Ordered 2 garments. The jumpsuit looked unlike the sales photo. The dress was received in the wrong size. They requested photos of the garments. I sent these and they replied almost immediately and acknowledged their error but then further emails have gone unanswered. They have not offered...

Coles Supermarkets / coles 4 leaf salad

Jul 05, 2018

Today 5/7/1/, I [censored]ed my finger on a 3 corner jack that was in the salad mix. I put my hand in the bag to get the salad out and felt a sharp [censored] on my finger. I emptied the contents of the bag and there was a 3 corner jack in amongst the salad mix. While the [censored] did hurt, I wa...

Ms Raymond Hill / phone flashing every second

Jun 15, 2018

My Alcatel U3 flashes every second. It is unbearable to use. Causes migraines. Easily the worst phone I've ever purchased. Please replace my faulty phone. Also, whoever designed the predictive text is a complete [censored]. Is chooses incorrect words every time and when I select the word I...

PrettyLittleThings / winter coat

Jun 14, 2018

Ordered an advertised "coat", it came made out of a "FELT" material, rough, hard almost military material, no lining, ugly horrible and at least 3 size smaller than a normal free sized garment. I've sent it back the next day on my own expense $15.60 and took one month when I got back partial...

Kmart Stores / kmart online website

Jun 12, 2018

I'm very disappointed in the website. I just spent a good 2 hours endlessly searching for children's clothing. Most of the items are out of stock. The items that I could find, I ordered, only to go to the checkout and be told an additional 13 items are not available online. It's been a...

Melrose Park petstock / dirty cage

Jun 08, 2018

I go to pet stock Melrose Park very often and "skittles" the bird cage (rainbow lorikeet) is always very filthy. I have questioned the staff a few times nicely and get dismissed he does that himself (rudely). Whilst I understand bird seed around is normal etc this is more than that with...

Coles Supermarkets / fruit for kids

Jun 06, 2018

I've posted this on the Coles Facebook page a couple months ago and am not happy it hasn't been dealt with. When you offer kids fruit, they should be ripe. The bananas there are anything but. Today I went to do some shopping and went to give my 1.5 year old a banana. Not only was there...

Qantas Airways / qantas staff

May 18, 2018

To who it may concern I would like to make a complaint about several of your staff members Lead member Russell Cord-Udy Russell came on a tour with my company (Bums On Seats Tours) Adelaide SA He booked with other staff members for a trip to the Barossa may 4th 2018 thru (Viator) I...

Bartley Website / charging monthly fee

May 13, 2018

Hi, I used the Bartley website for a Couple of days. I do not want to be charged again. I just saw in my account that I was charged $39.95. I would please kindly be refunded. It is not ok that you guys continue charging without checking with the customer. I'm looking forward hearing from you...

Woolworths Australia / meat/chicken kebabs

May 09, 2018

I purchased sweet and Smokey bbq chicken kebabs last saturday gone. I cooked up Monday night to find what looks to be the plastic that you find on clothing to hold the tags on with..? I do have photo's of what appeared to be place in my kebabs. package barcode number is [protected] PLU...

South Australia / dish wash sponge

May 05, 2018

Good afternoon. I ordered shopping from Woolworths at West Lakes on the 3rd May and purchased a dishwash handle pdm 1pk for $4.99. I have only lightly used it and the sponge is coming off already. I am disappointed that this has happened and have never experienced this with any other dish...

WestPac Banking Corporation / breaking fees for fixed loans

May 02, 2018

On 16/02/2017 I received details for breaking my fixed loan with WESTPAC (Ref: PS/SM/3910791/ZYA03) indicating a breaking cost of $ 12, 011.78 and a fee of $300. When I applied for breaking my second fixed loan 12 months later, WESTPAC informed me on 06/03/2018 that the breaking cost will...

Dan Murphy's / being refused to purchase alcohol and i’m 43

Apr 20, 2018

This morning i wanted to purchase a six pack of Midori at Dan Murphy's Pasadena. I had just done my shopping at Foodland Pasadena and my arms were full. My daughter placed the six pack on the counter for me and she was asked to produce ID. I said to the cashier i'm purchasing this not her...