Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Melbourne, Arkansas, Australia

Siimba / $1 Android Tablet Scam

Feb 22, 2015

Please be aware - Yahoo 7 is running another SCAM advert - this time for Siimba. You are told in the advert that you can get an Android Tablet for just $1.00. Beware !! Beware !! You are signing up for a $99.00 per month membership. This is the same scam as the $1 iPhone 6 that ran on Yahoo...

Air Asia / false/misleading advertising

Jan 08, 2015

After seeing a heavily advertised campaign in october for direct flights melbourne to bali from 26/12/14, against my better judgement, I decided to book for myself & my 2 children departing melbourne 10.00am 26/12/14 - arriving dps 13.45pm 26/12/14 and returning departing denpasar 8.45am...

Freight forwarding and logistics / Dodgy

Sep 23, 2014

Now here is a company that markets the customer experience and it is by far false advertising. Rude service, freight all over the warehouse, rats eating customers stock in bags to sell to the local market and our food supply Please people be careful! Simon Borg the director screaming down the phone when I asked why such a big $$ for 100kgs

Trading Capital partners / Scm company set up to defraud people

Mar 23, 2014

Trading Capital Partners appears to be a complete scam site set up to defraud people. Do not deal with these people without doing your homework. They have been reported on several sites as being a complete scam. be very careful dealing with them.

Tissot / warranty not honoured

Feb 27, 2014

My boyfriend bought me a new Tissot watch for Christmas and the pearl face shifted about 30 degrees after 14 months. It was purchased with a 2 year warranty and when we returned the watch they said that I'd hit it with a blunt instrument on purpose and it was not covered under...

Sean Johnson AIC International / Scam Company Scam Name

Dec 05, 2013

Information required on the real name of Sean Johnson from the scam company AIC International. Also details on Tony Butcher, Daniel Archer or Alex Clark. AIC International is a disgraceful scam company set up to rip people off See more details at Any information...

AIC International / Scam company run by criminals and liars

Dec 05, 2013

AIC International is a scam company run by liars, con men and criminals. They sell software that does not work as advertised then refuse to refund your money. Once they get to many complaints they shut down and start another company. They have started - Cosgrove International, Epicentre...

Cosgrove International / Software does not work - scam company

Dec 04, 2013

Cosgrove International is a scam company set up to sell AIC Internationals software and training that is a complete scam as shown by the many hundreds of complaints on the web. Check out to see what these criminals and con men are doing. Once a company get...

Guild Insurance / Insurance

Nov 02, 2013

Last year (2012) I rented my recently renovated house to a young professional family, recommended to me by Ray White Rockdale. I took out Honan Landlords Insurance (underwritten by the Guild Insurance) and paid the premium outright, directly to Honan’s. A couple of months later, the...