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Papara / children powerful water gun/ toys/ party toys / outdoor games / swimming pool toys / beach games / beach toys/christmas gift

May 3, 2018

Order No is: [protected] Never get my water gun after order/payment in March till now May 2018. Message the seller 3 time but yet to get any reply from them. Purchase Description Cart no. : [protected] Payment Date : Mar 21, 2018 Customer Name : Peter Gu Weng Khuen Purchase List Shop...

Chin Hooi Ling / parcel not receive

Apr 28, 2018

Hi team, good day! I am collecting my parcel ER282959021MY di EziBox @ Shell Sri Hartamas At 4:55pm, 28/4/2018. It show my parcel locate at A9 but the compartment A9 dinnot open at all, then I try to open it but It didn't work.. then I received the message say item picked up. :( Please check...

Diapers will not stay attached / diapers

Apr 22, 2018

New born diapers box cost me almost 40 $ im very upset this I have had this happen more than oncw ans had to disgaurd the diapers unusable as I said its expensive to keep wasting money it doesnt happen very often this is the second time. I bought them at my local Walmart and some at price...

YMCA Daycare / daycare

Apr 18, 2018

2 times now I've went to pick up and there was food all over tables and floor. I mean alot, kids are sleeping, most are some are milling around or sitting in or next to food on the floor. My grandson had peed his pants so much his shoes were wet. Pants were cold so it had been awhile...

Go Au Pair / nanny/au pair services

Apr 12, 2018

Do not use this agency, or any other Au Pair agency. They are immigration schemes that put families and children in harm's way. When our Au Pair arrived all she could think about from the moment we picked her up from the airport was getting on a train to go see her "friend" who turned out...

Old Elf Toy Store / a lie about buying

Apr 6, 2018

Old Elf Toy StoreOn 13.10.2017 I ordered through "Old elf toy Store" ( on aliexpress order number [protected]. I ordered two toys of roulette dogs and they were sent not working. I paid $ 14.26. I sent the seller a video showing the problem and he said he would send...

Fazilah / don't received any card

Apr 4, 2018

Hai, I got sms from pos malaysia due unsuccesful delivery for order [protected] no tracking er219919158my at time 8.32pm, due that non of postman came to delivery the item, but I received this sms at other number [protected]. Non of postman come to my house and this are third time they...

Disney Channel / quality of content

Apr 2, 2018

Disney channel was the last good kids station and now the shows they are coming out with are trashy and they sre not suited for children to watch. I do not appreciate these shows that have refrences to bad things and teach my kids bad things, kids look up to these shows and do what they...

Nancy Swinnen Santo Daime Ayahuasca UK / under investigation by uk social services for involvement in administering substances to children

Mar 6, 2018

Nancy Swinnen the director of the Eternal Heart Centre or the Santo Daime Church UK was investigated in 2017 by East Devon Social Services. Because she along with other leaders including a Mr Adrian Freedman were involved in administering the Ayahuasca hallucinogen to children and babie...

Mobile Co DHR / workers paid by abuser to keep quiet

Mar 3, 2018

Mobile Co DHRIs anyone else having issues with Mobile County DHR. Been complaining and showing pics of bruises cuts on my daughter since last june. My daughter even told them how being locked in room no food or water. Beat on. Cuts. Reached out also to Child advocate center. No call back. Can someone...

Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc. / huggies simply clean wipes

Feb 10, 2018

I noticed my 2 year Olds bottom was becoming very raw, red, and scratched he was in alot of noticable pain as well. Only after only using these wipes 3 times. I started researching to see what it could be. I came across many videos and complaints of tiny pieces of glass and/or small...

Tomorrow More / flashing colorful led star master star sky light star

Feb 9, 2018

I order the product on 12/19/2017 and today is 02/09/2018 and I have not received the product yet, The delivery date was change from 1/11/18/ to 1/30/18 to 2/05/18 the tracking # is [protected] and order # is 5a386fe1ead1a2799421c1bb. It says that the order is closed that it was shipped, The... / fraud company

Feb 3, 2018

Took money as token advance amount. They promised they will give us care taker in 2 days They didnt pick the calls from then and tell multiple reasons via only chat. Its been a month our money is not given back nor maid. Very rash speaking, no respect to women also nor our money, they are...

Mitchell Family / commercials on tv land

Jan 28, 2018

First, let me say I enjoyed most of the programs on your channel. My complaint has to do with the commercials played during family time. I keep my grandchildren and they like Andy Griffith. However, the commercials for the show "Teachers" and one about endometriosis is very inappropriate...

Goodwill, Guadalupe and Rural, Tempe, Arizona / customer snatching an item from my cart while I was paying for it.

Jan 28, 2018

1/27/2018, 50% off Saturday. I saw the large ride-on toy I wanted in the toy area. (I buy toys for children in a couple of local domestic violence shelters.) I was a bit surprised to still see the toy, because I did not get to the store early on sales day. However, no children or adults were...

Shariful Alam / original syma x5c (upgrade version) rc drone

Jan 10, 2018

My cancelled order no - [protected]. I cancelled this order around 1 and half month back but still i did not get the refund. I am a regular overseas buyer of Ali Express. But this type of long delay hurts me. I buy from but their refunding process is very very fast. Expect the same...

Mobil Station -Halsted and Division in Chicago / customer service/lost of money

Jan 7, 2018

Darlene Brox 3001 South King Drive#601 Chicago, Illinois 60616 Dear Sir, I attempted to purchase lottery tickets on the morning of January 04, 2018 at approximately 6:40 AM from the station located in Chicago at Division and Halsted (1234 West Division). The machine accepted the $5.00...

Monty Gardiner / lol dolls

Jan 7, 2018

I ordered 8 Lol dolls for my girls when the arrived and opened they we all fakes. There are screws in the back, which real lols dont have, there eyes look like they have been pantes buy a 3 year old. If this is the mercandise your selling. Fake lols, passing the off as real. Im sure the...

Jenny Marie Macantan / avent nipple 0+ flow

Dec 16, 2017

I am very disappointed regarding how your delivery man treated me in a very flippant way, he was so rude and told me that I am disturbing him! c'mon it's your job to deliver the items I ordered because you are the courier in the first place I want you to conduct an investigation on how...

Julie Duckwitz / monkey fingerlings

Dec 14, 2017

Order number CNN7U8Q32 ordered three fingerlings back in November and only received one (blue) missing purple and black. Please advise ASAP. Was expecting them for my grandkids Christmas presents. Tried to call the number given and no answer. Hope this isn't a scam!! Concerned because my...

Magic Toy Truck / product not received.

Dec 14, 2017

Order #97933 was ordered on 11/7/2017 for two UFO magic balls. Accord ing shipping it was delivered to Lakewood Ohio front desk on 12/7 No name indicated. This is not my address. I have sent e-mails to Rama who previously provided me with tracking number. I sent e=mails indicated Lakewood...

Chengian SW, Dongguen, China / happy monkey /scam

Dec 12, 2017

I ordered. on November 13, 2017, the following: light blue fingerlings monkey mini smart interactive sensor finger lings baby toy. Today, December 12, 2017, I received an envelope from China with the following: Happy Monkey - Baby Monkey. The package has been smashed and in terrible...

Mary Verlaine G. Arnado / items not received (2pcs. heap sits)

Dec 1, 2017

Mary Verlaine G. Arnadoi ordered the items last Nov. 19, 2017 thru anned.tan (the seller) and when i received the package for LBC integrated delivery boy worth 1, 108 on Nov. 28 at 5:40pm aftter i paidit, i doubted the weight because its lighter than expected. when i opened 2pcs of HEAP SITS were NOT there but...

Jen Home / xbox1

Nov 26, 2017

I wanna know why it's advertise for 229.99 in the shoppers flyer but victoria bc and nanimo bc don't have a single one. Seems like false advertising. Doesn't state selected store. So frustrating. Is like feed back on this please. As seem to happen alot. I will be contact consumer affair...

Lazada Southeast Asia/ Lazada Vietnam / wonlex gw400s child watch not working as described. irresponsible company!!!

Nov 25, 2017

Product no working as described. I contacted Lazada many times but got almost the same reply: nobody knew a thing about my case. Lazada VN even sent me to the seller for complaint. They eventually agreed to work with seller and would send me a new product no later than 14 days. I only got...

Child Protective Services / family suffers because workers are too behind on their work

Oct 19, 2017

Ok I finished everything in my case plan even took extra classes never missed a single visit not even a dirty drug test an because my worker is behind in his work an never made it out to look at my home for me to get 24 hour visits my kids an I are forced to suffer longer I was told until...

Markus Persson / minecraft

Oct 15, 2017

If you have played with this addictive game you experienced the meaningless and recurrent happening in this game, every thing is in the walls roofs and ground, boring and confusion maker scene in a very very bad graphic created game. I warn all parents and policy makers about its sexual...

Ga Child Support / funds paid on behalf of non custodial parent

Sep 11, 2017

A payment was posted to the GA child support website 9/5/2017 for my child by the non custodial parent and it was processed eft/edi normally put as direct deposit. I have yet to receive my funds for my daughter and highly upset. Why was there an eft put on a money order payment. I'm...

Revisoker / an17g05q4908-e00pp2

Aug 23, 2017

Hello I bought a product from this site: the payment was transferred to them through PayPal. And there is a payment confirmation from July 5 Product not sent. I do not know why. I sent several messages on the company's website. I did not get any response. I also opened a complaint at PayPal...

Zoe Smalley / tommie tipped sports bottle

Aug 9, 2017

Zoe SmalleyI use these bottles every day for my little boy. He's very particular about the fact he will not use a different kind of cup and owing to his additional needs they are a lifeline. He used them as a comfort as well as a source of fluid. Since Tommee tippee have changed the way the valve...

Shenzhen UG Battery Co., Ltd. / goods not received after payment

Jul 31, 2017

Shenzhen UG Battery Co., Ltd.Dear Sir/Madam, Here is my story: I was looking a kids toy by and Ms. Betty Zhang (+[protected]) and their boss Guangzhong Tian (+[protected]) found a perfect opportunity to rob me. They talk very nicely, in the beginning, offers a very competitive or lower than a market...

New Oasis / massage

Jul 26, 2017

I went to this massage spa which is nearby and what I thought was a massage spot is actually a sex prostitution ring... I paid the $60 for my full body massage and as I turned on my back the Asian woman proceeded to touch my genital area. At first I was in shock or thought maybe she didn't...

Jennifer Derry / never received the item that I paid for

Jul 8, 2017

I ordered a Elmo Fishing Fun bath toy from Jennifer Derry. I sent her a message on May 28, 2017 telling her I was interested in this item. I heard from her on the 29th saying that yes I could buy the item and I would need to send her 20 dollars for shipment. I responded and said ok I would...

Poly Party / mobile disco dj hire

Jun 21, 2017

We had our son's kids party with Poly party last week [protected]. Everything was perfect and as we expected. The DJ was excelent performer and he gave us a special party. The problem was that they didn't have POS for payment. That moment when we had to pay for this amazing party, we couldn't pay...

Sytan / pos prepaid ep360561235my

Jun 20, 2017

Item send on 15/jun/17. Until today still not yet reach the receiver. And online tracking info not up to date, showing item arrive delivery facility from date 16/6/17. Where is my item now? I am keep calling service center [protected], nobody answer my call, repeatedly listen to advertisement only. Where should I refer to? What is my item status now?

Crocodike Creek / children's puzzle

Jun 18, 2017

I went to your target store in dorchester ma today and purchased 3 children's puzzles for my daughters birthday. When she opened one of the boxes, it was empty. Puzzle was missing from box. This happened on June 18, 2017 The store is located in Dorchester, MA 02124 My name is Kimberly...

Louise Whitehead / Marvel heroes collectable discs

May 18, 2017

My 20 month grandson was chocking on a disk that he put into his mouth. Luckily I was I was right beside him at the time and was able to remove the disk. I would hate to think if I had been driving at the time. I read the packaging thinking the disks were for children older than 3, but it...

Bcp / SKY 2338

Apr 16, 2017

I purchase a child's ride on rechargeable car bcp # sky 2338 on 04/11/2017 and received it on 04/14/2014. I assembled the car and has attempted to charge it for two days with a negative result need help and someone to talk to on the battery connection for charging the ride on car I need to...

Parent / ost program at east providence ri

Apr 12, 2017

Good afternoon, > I am writing as a concerned parent of > my child who attends the Myron Francis OST program in East > Providence. As you can imagine I am friends with many other > parents at this site as well at the other sites. With that > in mind, it was brought to my attention by another...

Canadian Television / Children and teen shows

Mar 15, 2017

As a viewer of all channels on our canadian televisions. Why are you allowing broadcasters to cater to adults. It is pathetic that I cannot turn on the tv for the children and nothing is there for them to watch. If there is by chance a show I want for them to see, I have to pay extra for...