Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corporation / exchanging clothes

644 plantation dr Raleigh NC, United States Review updated:

Hello my name is Trish Martinez, on April 6th 2019 I went into a Burlington coat factory location to exchange a workout outfit I purchased due to it not fitting me. I was in line and proceeded to the next sales rep to make my exchange, she was very nice. However there was a lady by the name of Rosa Bautista standing next to her asking her to inspect merchandise, without hesitation she pointed to something in clothes and accused me of wearing them and that it was my sweat that was on clothes. I told her absolutely not and confirmed that I did try on clothes but never used them because they didn't fit. This lady had the worst attitude and said no to return she assumed I wanted my money back but I corrected her and told her I wasn't looking for my money back, I was willing to exchange. She then proceeded to accuse me of wearing the clothes. Finally I got fed up and told the cashier to ring me up for the new merchandise and that I would handle my return at another location. I have been in the customer service industry for a little over a decade and have never been treated like that. I will never again come to this location. ROSA Bautista is a nasty person who should not be in leadership.

Apr 6, 2019

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