Burger Kingunprofessional and poor attitude towards customer

Bl Oct 04, 2019

This morning, Friday, October 4, 2019 at 10:03 am, as I do every morning, I stopped by Burger King to buy my coffee, 4 sugars, 4 creams, and my cheese croissant. As usual, I always take a sip of the coffee and I noticed that there was no sugar neither cream in it. So I stay on the drive-through window until the girl who was attending the drive-through came back. I explained to her about the missing cream and sugar in the coffee, she said she was giving me the products for me to fix the coffee. I told her that the cup was filled up to the top and by adding the cream and sugar I will spill the coffee all over me and inside the car. So, instead of taking back the coffee and put it into the trash and give me a new cup with what I asked for she asked me to pour half of the coffee into the ground and the other girl came and gave me the sugar and cream. I am sure this is not the way these girls were trained to do. This is a lack of respect for the customer and shows that both girls did not follow Burger King's policies on behalf of the customer. This Burger King is full of teenagers that are no interested in rendering good service to customers, and it looks that the morning shift manager allows them to do everything they want including taking their sweet time to assist customers with their orders. I have no idea is this Burger King is a franchise or is a corporate managed facility, however, it does not matter, either way, your employees are unrespectful, have no consideration towards customers, and their lack of customer service skills are outstanding. This is how a business once very profitable turns to be a disaster, and it's employees' attitude and lack of customer service skills will sooner or later affect the profits of the company.
It is a shame due that the location of this Burger King is excellent as well as their menu, however, big and profitable businesses have fallen from higher, so be careful and before any disaster knock on your doors, take the bull by the horns and not by the tail, and take care fo this matter for your own good.

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