Burger Kingthe 2 for 1 deal on chicken sandwich

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It is in plain site that the Chicken sandwich is 2 for 6 dollars I went to the Federal Drive location last night and ordered two chicken sandwiches and a club sandwich. The cashier wrung up my total and I said the sandwiches are two for one. The manager came over and said we are not offering this on the chicken sandwiches and I said that is not what you are advertising. She said that deal stopped today and I said that is not what the sign says again she said we are not offering the discount. I bought the sandwiches and the salad on but she did not give me the discount and she had a nasty attitude as well. I had also wanted a smoothie strawberry banana and the cashier said we don't have that. It's advertised. It's like they are making it up as they go. I want my money refunded I go there almost every Friday night but won't be going back there. Awful service and attitude from the manager

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    I want to make a complaint on the Burger King on Federal Drive in Montgomery Alabama. I went in last night to buy supper. I ordered two chicken sandwiches and a club salad. When she rang me up, I said the chicken sandwiches are two for 6 dollars. She said let me check with the manager. The manager came out and said that special stopped today and I said that is not what is advertised. She said we don’t offer the 2 for 1 on the chicken sandwiches. Again I said its advertised two for 6 she ssid we are not offering that. I left with the food but I want the extra money back and trust me all my friends going to know how rude the attitude was. I had also asked for a bandanna strawberry smoothie and the cashier said we don’t offer that well it’s on the menu. I won’t go back there and if’s it’s advertised they should honor what’s advertised or take the signs down. The attitude of the manager and the statement we don’t offer that when it’s on the menu is awful service. Anyway I expect to hear from someone about this manner

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  • Zo
      Oct 20, 2019

    Your the one yelling at people on a Burger King website, so back uppp

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  •   Oct 21, 2019

    Where's it advertised? If they advertised it on the actual physical building then you have a case. If not then you must understand that promotions that the company put out are not always picked up by each franchise.

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