Burger Kingservice, food quality, accuracy

Ia Sep 27, 2019

On Thursday at 415 pm I went to my local Burger King. I waited in the drive thru as cars in the far lane were addressed and serviced while I sat and waited for five minutes. Then I pulled to the window and nicely told the manager that the speaker wasn't working properly. I ordered the double bacon king on a pretzel bun, two bacon double cheeseburgers, lg onion ring, chicken fries and a bacon king junior. My total was 24.01 which I paid. Then I was sent to the stop sign to wait another ten minutes while my food was being prepared. I rushed home and saw that my order was incorrect...I received a medium fries instead of onion rings...and the double bacon king was drowning in mayonnaise. It had so much mayonnaise that the bun was soaked through...just mush. The other burgers were stale and not hot like the bacon king burger. I know there could be staffing issues, but quality should be paramount especially when you pay a premium price to try a new item. I love Burger King and it is my favorite fast food burger chain but after yesterday the thought of that burger makes me sick. I thought you'd want to know.

Sincerely Kathleen cespedes

19580 Huber road nfm FL 33917.

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