Burger Kingservice and threatening attitude

Js Sep 28, 2019

About 3 weeks ago I waited about 8 minutes to order an Impossible Whopper in the drive thru - just to order - and then another 5 minutes at the window. Additionally, I was treated rudely by the server at the window. She flung my card back at me followed by my food. I asked for the manager and she said that she was the manager. I said that she was rude and she said she had to cover the drive through and front end. I said there's nobody (customers) here. There was one car in the parking lot. She chewed me out. I went home and called the phone number on the receipt and complained and I also completed the online survey. I have never heard from Burger King. I went back today about 1:00 and the same girl was at the window. But this time, another employee was standing behind her and yelled "You have [censored] attitude", pointed her finger and lunged at me! I said "pardon me?" and the manager said "nothing". Whew! I am so tempted to file some kind of report - but what? Either way, I'm out $7.76 because I'm not eating my burger or drinking my coffee; who knows what those angry people put on it. I've written BK corporate, wonder if I'll get a response this time. Their new motto should be "Burger King - home of impossible service."

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