Burger Kingrude managers/restaurant not being open

Ma Oct 21, 2019

Went in to the store to get Whopper deal that is on coupons that are mailed out. Informed cashier that we wanted extra lettuce and tomato for just one of the sandwiches because we asked for it the week before and did not get it. We had called in and let them know that we did not receive it and they said they would give it to us on our next visit. She said she could not do it that she would have to charge us for it. So we asked to speak with manager. The Manager on duty insisted on saying we would have to pay for it. My husband said but I called in because they did not give it to me last time I paid for it. She said well you didn't talk to me. Then said my husband was being irate and said she was not going to serve us at all because she had that right!! REALLY who wouldn't be getting a little irate over all of this hassle over a little bit of TOMATO & LETTUCE? You would think this stuff was gold to them. This is not the first time we have been treated rudely in this restaurant either.
Not only that the sign says drive thru OPEN 24 HOURS and I went there a couple of weeks ago at 5:00 in the morning and it was closed up solid!!! Not a soul in sight. That's a great way to do business. I will NEVER EVER go to this Burger King again!!! Seems to me that all they hire are Mexicans and they treat anyone who is white with disrespect. Is this not America and isn't the logo for Burger King " Have it your way?" I bet I don't get a response to this complaint either.

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