Burger Kingrefund

Ja Oct 08, 2019

I placed an order through the app on 9/23. Arrived at the Panola Rd location in Lithonia. I waiting in the drive thru only to be told that they can not make any fries products. I told them that I placed an order through the app and asked what I could do. I was not offered a substitute but was told I needed to request a refund through the app. I contacted the app on 9/22 and I was referred to Customer Care 8663942493. I contacted them on 9/27 and a case was created. I have not heard a response. I was not provided a direct email/contact number/a name of someone to speak or even a turn around time for these type of issues. I was told to wait, again. I would love to hear from someone that can actually assist with me being compensated for an order that I paid for and did not receive from Burger King.

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