Burger Kingno service at 9:15pm

Ch Sep 30, 2019

We arrived at 9:15pm on a Saturday evening to the travel plaza on 76W PA Turnpike only find out that Burger King appeared to be open but when I an another woman approached we were told that Burger King is on break.. We clearly see 2 employees there.. so I ask how long is the break.. The girl said 30 minutes.. I say.. That's crazy.. I ask for the store number to which no one knows it.. then another lady appears from the back and says oh no, were open, we just only take cash.. The other employee says no I already cleaned up the whole back. the girl at the register who says she's the manager says no we are open for cash only. I ask again for her store number since she claimed to be the manager.. she also didn't have that information.. I said forget it and left.. totally unacceptable to me.. If your going to be in a 24 rest stop you need to have some 24 hour options.. This was totally unacceptable to have employees being paid 3 of them and no one willing to take my order..

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