Burger Kingimpossible burger. refusal to accept coupon in burger king app. impolitely treating customer.

"Impossible Whopper coupon that is Impossible to redeem". My family and I routinely go to this Burger King for breakfast on Saturdays. After paying for breakfast today, I remember that I have a coupon in the Burger King App (obtained through T-Mobile) for an "Impossible Whopper" so I decided to order one to try. However, the lady (Pilar) at the restaurant refused to accept the coupon at the beginning and said she will only accept it on Tuesday (even though the coupon in the BK App clearly indicates that it is still valid for 2 more days)... she said this is her own rule! After she consulted with someone in the back room several times, she eventually accepted the coupon but the major problem I have is that I was treated like a homeless person asking for a hangout... just for using a coupon in the BK App! What a shame!

Sep 28, 2019

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