Burger Kingfood and service

Ro Oct 17, 2019

My hubby and i live on SS. We only usually go out 1 time a month I'm a vegetarian so I like the new Impossible Whopper. We went to the brand new store in Mesa and there was only 1 customer ahead of us. There was only one person a young girl taking orders. 20 min later we received our food I asked for no onion or lettuce. It was on the order receipt I opened up the whopper and it was covered in onions! So I sent it back 20 min later I got another one. By now there were 4 people in the lobby who were angry about their orders. The girl was giving orders to the wrong people and it was taking forever for people to get their orders you would think this company would hire people who knew what they were doing especially in a new store. I may never go to a Burger King again!

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