Burger Kingemployees

Vo Sep 29, 2019

Went to burger king today. The drive thru just to order took them 20 min to take my order. They always make you park to get your food. They have you pull around the building and two vehicles sped thru mad because they take so long to take your order. They lost business. Well I park in a parking spot and the lady that brought me my food refused to walk across the parking lot to give me my food. She came out yelling at me saying that employees arent allowed to walk across the parking lot. That I had to get my ass out of my own car to get my own food. She kept on and on told her she lost my business. I was going to report her so hopefully her job also. I told her I was not parking where she wanted me to because its unsafe and as pissed as people get waiting that I dont need someone hitting my car with my kids in the car with me. I walked across the parking lot and got my food. Beaver dam wi burger king has went to hell and hasnt even been open a yr.

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