Burger Kingcomplaint

De Sep 29, 2019

The Survey Code is [protected]-090631 There was not restaurant number on the very limited receipt I received, perhaps by design?

I sat in the drive through lane for a couple of minutes with one car in front of me at the speaker. I rolled down my window eventually and noticed there was no conversation taking place so I pulled around and walked inside.

There I stood for a few more minutes but, having just come from church, I was attempting to be patient. I am not guessing that you ran out of bacon.

While I was waiting one of the ladies behind the counter was impatiently encouraging the kitchen hurry and she mentioned "we are going on 7.5 minutes".

I don't think that was directed at my order but it could have been.

What I am writing about is that my supposed Bacon Egg & Cheese sandwich did seem to be missing bacon. I did taste a faint hint of bacon in one bite but I am reasonably certain you are either using bacon bits now...and very few of those...or you ran out of bacon and didn't bother to share that with me.

Had I know one of my sandwiches would have been lacking bacon I would have had 2 Sausage Egg & Cheese sandwiches.

You owe me some time but mostly another sandwich...and encourage your employees to level with your client's when they find themselves in this situation...don't just let them stand around for 5-10 minutes after you have taken their money. You are SUPPOSED to be FAST FOOD.

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